Rebirth of the Tech Madman

The crash of a plane caused the fall of a large number of elites who participated in a famous forum. Their memories were compressed to the extreme by the huge energy that broke out in an instant. With the incomplete soul of an IT engineer, they crossed to the parallel time and sp.... Read more

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~ End of this testimonial ~ season finale Chapter 1079 Poke the bubble again and let you lose all your credit

Chapter 1078 Teach Wall Street Reason Chapter 1077 The bubble won't burst yet, poked, won't burst Chapter 1076 Tang Na's moving reason Chapter 1075 The last feast on the Super Bowl Chapter 1074 Dad served it, you want to take it all Chapter 1073 Read more about history, always introspect and do it for yourself Chapter 1072 Dow 36,000 points are nothing Chapter 1071 Sony died in despair Chapter 1070 Wall Street Controls HP

Chapter 1069 You said that the timeout is not a timeout Chapter 1068 The terrifying U.S.-Canada blackout Chapter 1067 A new excuse for Zheru Software

Chapter 1066 But I can make him not be president Chapter 1065 Oil will rise boldly Chapter 1064 The most proud of is to bring you out Chapter 1063 Just can make money out of you Chapter 1062 Go ahead and launch cloud services Chapter 1061 XP assembly number rushed to 10,000 points Chapter 1060 Dare to short-selling Zheru Software Company Chapter 1059 The movie is of course Tang’s weapon Chapter 1058 Do you want to be the governor now?

Chapter 1057 California joins the antitrust camp Chapter 1056 The betrayal of the new governor of California Chapter 1055 Unpredictable antitrust alliance Chapter 1054 One echo and zero response of XP concept Chapter 1053 IPod is amazingly available Chapter 1052 Look at this market is still alive Chapter 1051 Greedy An Ran is looking for death Chapter 1050 It is not easy for Gates to refuse Chapter 1049 Expose the tax bill to scare you Chapter 1048 Facing difficulties and expanding Bank of America Chapter 1047 Do you know that you have offended people? Chapter 1046 Elected the most important person of this century

Chapter 1045 My dad was so domineering when he was young Chapter 1044 Miracle day Chapter 1043 Russia's breach of contract can not pit me Chapter 1042 This financial turmoil should be over Chapter 1041 The first phone of the Iridium system Chapter 1040 Yahoo listing Chapter 1039 Receiving Polygram's layout of digital music Chapter 1038 The Vice President of the United States Suddenly Attacked Chapter 1037 Tang's richest man appeared in court to testify Chapter 1036 Forced Java to change its name Chapter 1035 Those who deserve to be caught will be caught Chapter 1034 Don's position and energy

Chapter 1033 Skyeye Project and Hurricane Rescue Chapter 1032 windows ninety-eight is over Chapter 1031 This pot is from a Russian hacker Chapter 1030 Chernobyl virus rages Chapter 1029 Web 2. Zero-sum search engine Chapter 1028 Next Governor of California Chapter 1027 Twenty states of the Ministry of Justice Chapter 1026 This is hereditary ability Chapter 1025 Tang, standing at the top of the wave of mergers and acquisitions Chapter 1024 What role did the richest man in Tang play? Chapter 1023 When the Big Mac merger is in progress Chapter 1022 Blocked by website

Chapter 1022 Command the younger brother to seize power Chapter 1021 Tang Tycoon's miracle to Hollywood Chapter 1020 America Online's ultimate expansion Chapter 1019 0 million Zheng broke the news to see who doesn't care Chapter 1018 The president and the richest man have many scandals Chapter 1017 Intelligence war by the trash can Chapter 1016 This is called responsibility Chapter 1015 Tang's richest man teaches the way of unity Chapter 1014 Take daughter as mortgage Chapter 1013 Then continue to talk about the bullshit Chapter 1012 United States of America v. Tang Monopoly Chapter 1011 It's best not to touch Xiangjiang

Chapter 1010 Southeast Asia financial crisis is coming Chapter 1009 The sun never sets, the end of the empire Chapter 1008 The Asian financial turmoil has just begun Chapter 1007 The big ship set sail as scheduled Chapter 1006 Streaming and online sales Chapter 1005 Silicon Valley 1 is busy Chapter 1004 The new world's strongest super is in place Chapter 1003 Billion dollar club Chapter 1002 Changing times Chapter 1001 The richest man in Tang reaps the honor of various countries Chapter 1000 The world's strongest man boss of the century Chapter 999 Everyone please raise your hands

Chapter 998 A touch of peach from the White House Chapter 997 5Yue Business School opens Chapter 996 Spare tires for risk diversification Chapter 995 Apple only loves Tang's richest man Chapter 994 Argument 1 sentence is not **** and who listens to it Chapter 993 For whom Chapter 992 Help change circles Chapter 991 Netscape files antitrust complaint Chapter 990 How high is Tang's programming skills Chapter 989 Take 1 and a half stir fry 1 stir fry Chapter 988 Will help apply for Guinness Chapter 987 Recklessly help save money

Chapter 986 Those who dare to stop the road... Chapter 985 No one else can do it, Tang Neng can do it Chapter 984 A circle that everyone knows about in business school Chapter 983 Cheer for COMDEX to come to China for the first time Chapter 982 Tang’s richest man’s appetite is hard to guess Chapter 981 WiFi is about to enter the first year Chapter 980 Copper interconnect and WiFi Chapter 979 If you say it goes up, you will go up, or it will go down Chapter 978 Tang said this is NOISE Chapter 977 Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Chapter 976 Philosopher engineer is a tuo Chapter 975 The era of media monopoly begins

Chapter 974 Internet tariffs enter the monthly subscription system Chapter 973 Do you dare to be tough when a cloned sheep is born? Chapter 972 Digital nerve and the Matrix Chapter 971 The mysterious bitcoin comes quietly Chapter 970 Tang IT and the Internet Chapter 969 The internet crashes next year Chapter 968 Network decentralization and P two P Chapter 967 Sixty-four people flew into the home of ordinary 0 surname Chapter 966 How many browsers are there on the market Chapter 965 Confusing market share Chapter 964 Can create opportunities Chapter 963 Trans-Asian Railway

Chapter 962 0 million is not a great man Chapter 961 10 years of social experiment results Chapter 960 That's your housework Chapter 959 Have mad cow disease Chapter 958 What are you doing in Xiangjiang? Chapter 957 The tech stock frenzy has officially begun Chapter 956 Donated 10 billion Chapter 955 Man-machine war Chapter 954 Do you want to increase the price Chapter 953 Don't use me as a bargaining chip Chapter 952 Establish young global leaders Chapter 951 1 gang of snobs

Chapter 950 The 50th anniversary of the end of the 2 battle mode Chapter 949 I know what you want Chapter 948 The first computer animation feature film Chapter 947 Wall Street is not happy Chapter 946 Just happy today Chapter 945 Alliance of Java and Netscape Chapter 944 Alliance of NC and Netscape Chapter 943 He has one set of houses Chapter 942 ICQ officially launched Chapter 941 Service me equals service correctness Chapter 940 The waves caused by the aircraft carrier Chapter 939 One dollar and one billion

Chapter 938 Tang's richest man's mansion opened Chapter 937 See off dumplings and noodles Chapter 936 Tang's richest man and "The Road to the Future" Chapter 935 Drink 1 glass of tequila Chapter 934 The United States is also afraid of harming pond fish Chapter 933 Do not coax children to play games Chapter 932 What is fighting for is the platform Chapter 931 The smoke of the browser war Chapter 930 Internet house.COM is open Chapter 929 I just fancy the aircraft carrier Chapter 928 Rockefeller Center bought the bird Chapter 927 The richest man Tang is biased towards Intel

Chapter 926 PC is dead and NC is standing Chapter 925 Serve the shady of the superior Chapter 924 This letter is sweeping the world Chapter 923 The richest man in Tang said to have i Chapter 922 Blew a big bubble Chapter 921 Took a deep breath Chapter 920 Capital's ambitions never end Chapter 919 Oscars are permanently held Chapter 918 Zheru reorganizes and prepares to go public Chapter 917 Fangyuan computer to computerize Chapter 916 There are states, there are federations, and there are Tang ~ Sorry, please take another day of sick leave.

Chapter 915 A rift is inevitable under the interests Chapter 914 It’s just an entertainment movie. Chapter 913 Attend the APEC summit Chapter 912 Three D acceleration begins to debut Chapter 911 This slap Tang's richest man back Chapter 910 Layout smart grid ~ Take leave today Chapter 909 The 64-bit CPU battle Chapter 908 Internet business backbone network takes shape Chapter 907 The world's first genetically modified rooster Chapter 906 No matter how talented you are, you can’t escape Chapter 905 The richest man in Tang received a mail bomb

Chapter 904 One wave of the balance is far away Chapter 903 Cut the meat of the world's major players Chapter 902 What is the 0 year bug Chapter 901 Blocked too hard to hold back internal injuries Chapter 900 Turn on Tang Cannon Mode Chapter 899 This Hong Kong Governor is very dereliction of duty Chapter 898 Face issues after the project Chapter 897 Get rid of Microsoft Chapter 896 Paramount battle Chapter 895 No one can refuse Tang Daheng Chapter 894 Fund known as the President's Club Chapter 893 Inuzi's stubbornness still asks Haihan

Chapter 892 Time is on Tang's richest man's side Chapter 891 5th generation Fangyuan personal computer launched Chapter 890 It's too dirty Chapter 889 The Tendency of Tang's Richest Man in the Last Stage Chapter 888 Just let him be that man Chapter 887 The richest man in Tang said it was White Week 3 Chapter 886 Dare Britain be angry? Chapter 885 As long as you know Chapter 884 1 positive 1 odd sweep across Europe ~ Sorry for asking for leave today Chapter 883 I can be the richest on my own Chapter 882 Isn't it cool to let the richest man Tang suffer?

Chapter 881 Give awards to your own women ~ Asked for leave, just got home, drank dizzy. Chapter 880 The next governor challenges Tang's richest man Chapter 879 who am I Chapter 878 To unite Chapter 877 Determined to innovate and decisively occupy the pit Chapter 876 Up and down, east and west, north and south Chapter 875 AOL listing Chapter 874 Invisible hand Chapter 873 Down's Law Chapter 872 Negotiations with giants shaking the industry Chapter 871 Gore Act of 1991

Chapter 870 The world's No. 1 high-tech mansion Chapter 869 You lose me and get Softbank in place Chapter 868 For Ba Ying? Season г?/a> Chapter 867 Notebook global manufacturing base Chapter 866 New White Lady is all over Greater China Chapter 865 The meager power of the richest man in Tang Dynasty Chapter 864 If you want face, wait for next year Chapter 863 Sorry i'm busy lately Chapter 862 Freedom does not mean free Chapter 861 The richest man in Tang is always willing to help others Chapter 860 IT in the global recession Chapter 859 The invention of the sons of the richest man

Chapter 858 AOL squeezed into U.S. busy Chapter 857 Oil warfare, media warfare, network warfare Chapter 856 This year's Hollywood is completely surnamed Tang ~ Ask for leave today. Chapter 855 Scenery scandal surrounds Tang's richest man Chapter 854 Online Services in the First Year of the World Wide Web Chapter 853 Gate of Europe Chapter 852 You can sell it to me Chapter 851 Blitz of the world's richest man Chapter 850 That's my kind, just rush to me Chapter 849 The unavoidable title of the world's richest man Chapter 848 Sorry for shocking everyone

Chapter 847 5 often **** Tang's richest man Chapter 846 Philosophy training certification Huiguangpuzhao Chapter 845 High-tech leaders are here Chapter 844 New map, new prestige, new mission Chapter 843 I have a long way to go Chapter 842 Prototype of Xiangjiang Electronic Banking System Chapter 841 Little Dragon Girl VS Little Superman Chapter 840 You are cutting off people and money Chapter 839 Don't bite if it's a dog Chapter 838 I haven't come to give birth for over a year Chapter 836 It’s not just a question of money Chapter 833 Was released

Chapter 836 You treat me as blind Chapter 835 3 presidents and 1 join in Chapter 834 A chaos caused by the World Wide Web Chapter 833 Blocked Chapter 834 A chaos caused by the World Wide Web Chapter 835 3 presidents and 1 join in Chapter 833 Thank you Tang Shoufu for saving IBM Chapter 832 Hollywood is resurrected Chapter 831 Sitting on the high-speed rail to attend the Oscars Chapter 830 The battle for Internet leadership Chapter 829 You can rest assured that the WWW standard is free Chapter 828 Start with HTML and browser

Chapter 827 Don IT's loyal dog and famous car Chapter 826 Defection or night run Chapter 825 What do you want Chapter 824 Wait for me to come back to start the internet age Chapter 823 It can only be compared to this Chapter 822 Behind the big deal Chapter 821 What a big show Chapter 820 Your time has come Chapter 819 Billion report Chapter 818 Please call him Don Earth Chapter 817 Buy it and earn it crazy Chapter 816 The richest man in Tang was knocked down by the yen again

Chapter 815 Who let you guys? Chapter 814 RB can say no Chapter 814 Japan can say no Chapter 813 Toshiba begging for mercy Chapter 812 Tang's richest man tears the crown prince of 2 countries Chapter 811 The richest man and his bodyguards Chapter 810 The richest man's mind is hard to understand Chapter 809 Those big projects that may cross borders Chapter 808 It's another year when Hong Kong sister Chapter 807 The wave of frenzied acquisitions Chapter 806 The water is deep, you have to think 3 times Chapter 805 To pass Tang Huan's 1st level

Chapter 804 The main battlefield in the future is software Chapter 803 Worries about panic buying Chapter 802 Garde Italian French 4 Golden Flower Style Chapter 801 There are so many opportunities to get it back Chapter 800 Money is not as big as a fist Chapter 799 Dare to blow up my ship is not that simple Chapter 798 Tell him that he who knows the times is Junjie Chapter 797 2. Five D technology is officially commercialized Chapter 796 Enlightenment Internet Application Chapter 795 It’s not just about winning Chapter 794 History is created like this Chapter 793 Tang Daheng's personal preference

Chapter 792 Hollywood tycoon finally reached out Chapter 791 One G capacity hard drive Chapter 790 Tang Huan's name Jobs's flicker Chapter 789 The underdogs Chapter 788 Who says the memory market Chapter 787 Built a small Xiangjiang Chapter 786 Let them feel the cold Chapter 785 The end of an era Chapter 784 This is a kind of confidence Chapter 783 1 extravagant experiment Chapter 782 Madman's simulation city game Chapter 781 The big net is falling

Chapter 780 I heard that you can play stocks when you are 6 Chapter 779 HSBC was kicked out of Hong Kong by the richest man Tang Chapter 778 How to fill in the blanks left Chapter 777 Taking the initiative to withdraw is very different from being driven away Chapter 776 Here is the joint and the other side is splitting Chapter 775 1 dead end if you don't lose money and avoid disasters Chapter 774 I don't mean anything else, I can't buy it Chapter 773 You got shaved Chapter 772 Took mine and sent it back to me Chapter 771 The most unlikely run Chapter 770 Want the financial model of Tang’s richest man Chapter 769 Tang's richest man is making money or losing money

Chapter 768 Who can survive the global stock market crash Chapter 767 Omen of 2 consecutive 3 Chapter 766 Will it be the next IBM Chapter 765 Are you going to follow the computer? Chapter 764 Entering Hollywood is just around the corner Chapter 763 The former monopolist wants anti-monopoly Chapter 762 Who else can let go Chapter 761 Xiangjiang began to fight the richest man Chapter 760 Shuangshu and pedicle swept the world Chapter 759 The ultimate move of bone dismantling experts Chapter 758 Super rights issue over RMB 0 billion Chapter 757 Tang Huan's acting skills are called 1 good

Chapter 756 Media Asia Taiwan celebration without momentum 2 Chapter 755 The enemy's offense becomes an assist Chapter 754 Wait and see, the arrogance didn't end well Chapter 753 The triumphant bone dismantling expert Chapter 752 Technical experiments in CERN Chapter 751 Meet the new governor in advance Chapter 750 Fangyuan company's market value breaks 0 billion Chapter 749 Worried that Microsoft has no use value Chapter 748 You should protect the site first Chapter 7447 Promote global memory price increases Chapter 7446 New supercomputers and stock market crashes Chapter 7445 RISC and workstations are flourishing

Chapter 744 Bargain sale Chapter 743 MCI is sad Chapter 742 Who said it's almost meaningless Chapter 741 Forced the Governor to death Chapter 740 From 30 million to 1.2.5 billion Chapter 739 This is the ultimate battle for personal computers Chapter 738 The White Samurai of Bank of America Chapter 737 Yen knocked down the richest man in Tang Chapter 736 Persuade people to move Chapter 735 The black whistle has a long history Chapter 734 100 million a day Chapter 733 Welcome to the foundry era

Chapter 732 Typhoon with weird path Chapter 731 It's really hard to please Chapter 730 Ignore and disregard rumors Chapter 729 Let's do it again Chapter 728 I dare to come to my backyard Chapter 727 Really interested Chapter 726 VCD release starts from Hong Kong films Chapter 725 Good cards can't be wasted Chapter 724 The parent company can't keep it Chapter 723 Unavoidable Chapter 722 Ambition of the local tyrant Chapter 721 I really don't know how high the sky is

Chapter 720 Just treat the plot of the movie as a reality Chapter 719 This year seems to be an award year Chapter 718 PDA in high-speed rail travel Chapter 717 Whoever approve of me will support whoever Chapter 716 How many people's cheese moved Chapter 715 Tang Jinzhou does not want to build California high-speed rail Chapter 714 Video game gold rush revival Chapter 713 PeopleSoft's listing surpasses Microsoft Chapter 712 Have fun and relax Chapter 711 Is it Hong Kong dollar or US dollar Chapter 710 You have the ability to stay in Xiangjiang Chapter 709 The power of HSBC

Chapter 708 Tit-for-tat beauty pageant Chapter 707 6 Uncle goes into the pit when he is unconscious Chapter 706 Is there any Hollywood level? Chapter 705 The pioneering "The True Colors of a Hero" Chapter 704 Started to sell Tai Chi elements again Chapter 703 Shuiqian King 8 fights if you want to fight Chapter 702 People are doing the monitoring that the sky is watching Chapter 701 Don't look for me if you are not sincere Chapter 700 The best middleman in the world Chapter 699 Okay, if you make some, then sprinkle some Chapter 698 Multi-display technology and TV wall Chapter 697 Europe that can't be calm

Chapter 696 The transformation of wealth on people Chapter 695 Hoarding technology to prepare for the Internet era Chapter 694 This VCD is not the other VCD (continued) Chapter 693 This VCD is not that VCD Chapter 692 Computer anti-virus software is available Chapter 691 This order is no longer needed, wait and see Chapter 690 Pacific Telecom was attacked Chapter 689 Microsoft is also going public Chapter 688 Important orders in 2 areas Chapter 687 0 people will be established after receiving the prize Chapter 686 Thinking book and creative book Chapter 685 The already formed laptop

Chapter 684 Computer Principles in the Blockbuster Chapter 683 Fire is not only 3 countries, but also 8 hexagrams Chapter 682 The secret of the rescue Chapter 681 Prepare a poison for the old guy Chapter 680 Xiangjiang Civil Aviation Industry Chapter 679 Give you a good future Chapter 678 "The Times" Secret Chapter 677 The richest man's digital social experiment Chapter 676 Head of state reception specifications Chapter 675 The troubles of local wealthy HSBC Chapter 674 Then spend 100 million to buy a peace of mind Chapter 673 Hong Kong Open

Chapter 672 The women's army is not idle either Chapter 671 Promote money without delay Chapter 670 Give away the best foreign language film award Chapter 659 Competition in the field of biological sciences Chapter 658 Signal of the richest pigeon Chapter 657 I don’t need it myself and don’t give it to others Chapter 656 National Technology Award and FBI Survey Chapter 655 Focus on the workstation field Chapter 654 "Jingwu Hero" with mature style Chapter 653 DNA identification technology Chapter 652 The celebrity effect of Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger Chapter 651 The legendary fifty-four club

Chapter 650 Can IBM keep its star? Chapter 649 Business Opportunities in Information Leakage Panic Chapter 648 PC compatible machine war Chapter 647 The power of 100,000 USD membership Chapter 646 Knowledge gap and OCPC plan Chapter 645 The mighty LiveAid Chapter 644 Back to the future history joke Chapter 643 This is the energy of a tycoon Chapter 642 Uncertainty in the personal computer industry Chapter 641 The ripple effect of new product launches Chapter 640 CeBIT appointment and 6 sigma Chapter 639 The youngest grand slam winner is born

Chapter 638 Xiangjiang Charity Event Started Chapter 637 Wisdom Port sister and big-name emcee Chapter 636 Progress in corporate law and corporate vitality Chapter 636 Progress in corporate law and corporate vitality Chapter 635 LCD commercial technology breakthrough Chapter 634 Big project of the Wang family Chapter 633 Treasure Island Semiconductor Industry Yuliang Controversy Chapter 632 Classical music and dance combination Chapter 632 Classical music and dance combination Chapter 631 The new computer age is coming Chapter 630 Broken Fangyuan's personal computer Chapter 629 The industry is too big to take the initiative to deliver

Chapter 628 Miss Chinese Universe Chapter 627 Move closer quietly and moderately Chapter 626 After all, it works for me Chapter 625 Theater interests under real estate hegemony Chapter 624 Luxury in a ski resort Chapter 623 Are you here to sign or date Chapter 622 Intel's opinion is not important Chapter 621 The gearbox role of Yanle Group Chapter 620 Jobs' birthday party Chapter 619 IBM trouble Chapter 618 Fangyuan Computer's market value ranks 1st in the world Chapter 617 These big long legs are awesome

Chapter 616 Luxury toys can be made Chapter 615 Popular for charity this year Chapter 614 Digital Karaoke Chapter 613 Symphony of Lights New Year's Eve Activities Chapter 612 NHK Red and White Songs Fight Chapter 611 Launch of Media Asia 1 satellite Chapter 610 RCA Chapter 609 Media Asia Satellite Company Chapter 608 Three-country theme of picking peaches directly Chapter 607 Two D acceleration and "Three Kingdoms" Chapter 606 Thirty-two personal computers kicked off Chapter 605 DreamWorks has a world-class blockbuster

Chapter 604 Don't give me awards Chapter 603 You know my condition Chapter 602 French rose bloom Chapter 601 The movie's hot lines become a declaration Chapter 600 The big bad omen can't go Chapter 599 There is no Hallyu yet Chapter 598 The beginning of the rise of computer animation Chapter 597 Everyone can understand it Chapter 596 Chinese film with its own connotation Chapter 595 2 scarcity and 1 penetration Chapter 594 A fanatical combination of technology and art Chapter 593 Digital video initiated from the high-end

Chapter 592 The attraction of Tang's kindergarten Chapter 591 U.S. game console market is recovering Chapter 590 Observe 1 character Chapter 589 Chinese Elite Association Chapter 588 Olympic torch relay Chapter 587 European online service market Chapter 587 The Soviet Union cannot be withdrawn at this point Chapter 585 Cinderella inspirational fairy tale Chapter 584 1 billion applause and White House performance Chapter 583 Precautions for computer security Chapter 582 Artificial Intelligence and Symantec Chapter 581 I need to be certified if I want to enter my site

Chapter 580 The road to Microsoft's operating system Chapter 579 The difference between duty and favor Chapter 578 The uproar from the Semiconductor Alliance Chapter 577 Sony Betamax admits defeat Chapter 576 Appreciation of the yen and clues to privatization Chapter 575 Recommendations for the transfer of semiconductor production capacity Chapter 574 Leading position in the industry Chapter 573 Integrated home entertainment system Chapter 572 Time to teach Sony a lesson Chapter 571 Follow my standards Chapter 570 The battle for supercomputer ranking Chapter 569 Shadows in the light

Chapter 568 1 village, 1 product, 1 county, 1 industry Chapter 567 Localized management and human society Chapter 566 Project outsourcing and intellectual output Chapter 565 The honeymoon period of major power relations Chapter 564 Lan Kwai Fong and electronic music Chapter 563 The Hong Kong Film Industry Association was established Chapter 562 Entertainment tycoons who fight but never break Chapter 561 Self-contained computer special effects Chapter 560 Fabless design and foundry Chapter 559 Governing a big country is like cooking small fresh food Chapter 558 1 million USD 1 membership card Chapter 557 Online services and AOL

Chapter 556 Draw money from Murdoch's bottom Chapter 555 10 Letters and the New Economic Order Chapter 554 Hong Kong Telecom and the stock market are positive Chapter 553 The world is as big as you can Chapter 552 Can the rumors be more professional? Chapter 551 Apple on the road to death Chapter 550 IBM-PC/AT stumbles Chapter 549 This is the war game Chapter 548 There is a feeling called wonderful Chapter 547 Reminiscing about the end of the year Chapter 546 Several important big business Chapter 545 Computer direct sales model

Chapter 544 Advertising wonderful products flashy Chapter 543 The greatest commercial Chapter 542 Anti-mainstream Steve Jobs Chapter 541 "Hu Hua Qing Qing" was stuck Chapter 540 Huang Feihong and Aunt 13 Chapter 539 Media Asia MV channel is online Chapter 538 The joy of children and daughters Chapter 537 The grievances in the game of the rich Chapter 536 The World Speaking Power of Xiangjiang Movies Chapter 535 Xiangjiang Club and ?? Ρ? /a> Chapter 534 The extraordinary Xinzha brother Chapter 533 Controversy over Hong Kong Cinemas

Chapter 532 Marathon and Guinness Records Chapter 531 The sensational effect of the dancing machine Chapter 530 PPT and digital projector Chapter 529 Relational database market situation Chapter 528 Unexpected encounter with ORACLE Chapter 527 Grove's ambition Chapter 526 IBM draws salaries from the bottom again Chapter 525 Lost Intel Chapter 524 Ridiculous lobbying Chapter 523 Intel's road to 32-bit CPU Chapter 522 Cooperate with 8 major firms in the world Chapter 521 Commercial preparation for MPEG

Chapter 520 Warner still cuts the meat Chapter 519 Flash memory developed Chapter 518 Apprentice and girlfriend Chapter 517 Your honors are not rare Chapter 516 It's really fair to make a small amount of money Chapter 515 My son made a good friend Chapter 514 Mr. Tang's money has also been deposited Chapter 513 The Hong Kong dollar crisis is coming as scheduled Chapter 512 Negotiations between 2 old rivals Chapter 511 The scale of the videotape format war Chapter 510 Quality is spread everywhere this year Chapter 509 It’s okay to hurt people with this

Chapter 508 I regret offending Tang Huan a little bit Chapter 507 Warner Chapter 506 The truth can't be buried Chapter 505 Broader application areas of CPU Chapter 504 No matter who he is, he will be punished Chapter 503 Nintendo is the first to release FC Chapter 502 We are a responsible company Chapter 501 Because i want to hold you up Chapter 500 The runner-up is enough for me Chapter 499 Who is this Miss Xiangjiang? Chapter 498 Under the Lion Rock in the Glory of IT (2) Chapter 497 Under the Lion Rock in the Glory of IT (1)

Chapter 496 Does Fangyuan Computer Stumble? Chapter 495 Underlying contradictions under the pressure of survival Chapter 494 Introduce you to 1 business Chapter 493 286 computers will be launched immediately Chapter 492 Landmines in the personal computer industry Chapter 491 Started to practice hands with Disney Chapter 490 Graphical user interface chaos (end) Chapter 489 Graphical user interface chaos (continued) Chapter 488 Graphical user interface chaos Chapter 487 Huhua Qingqing is about to start shooting Chapter 486 The 2nd Hong Kong Golden Statue Awards Chapter 485 This is Tang Huan's attitude

Chapter 484 The changed face of the uncle Chapter 483 Please teach others how to prosecute Chapter 482 Luxury toy of the Queen of the Ship Chapter 479 Top scammer Chapter 478 Race to grab the head Chapter 477 The U.S. Communications Industry Leaders Join Together (Continued) Chapter 476 The U.S. communications industry rises up Chapter 475 Mobile phones and cellular networks Chapter 474 Does Atari still have time? Chapter 473 Router and Internet (continued) Chapter 472 Router and internet Chapter 471 Business Opportunities in the Star Wars Project

Chapter 470 Set up a private satellite communication network Chapter 469 3rd generation game console Chapter 468 Yui EA Chapter 467 Spreadsheet software wars Chapter 466 Microsoft's major personnel accident Chapter 465 Selling sugar water or changing the world Chapter 464 Distracting from IBM Chapter 463 The mystery of being sweet and sweet Chapter 462 The human touch under the aura of wealth Chapter 461 Countdown to the listing of Fangyuan Computer Chapter 460 The year of the personal computer Chapter 459 Make money like flowing water, spend money like flowing water

Chapter 458 Supercomputer performance wins Chapter 457 Computer virus debut Chapter 456 The PC industry chaos Chapter 455 Americans pursue Chinese Kungfu Chapter 454 IBM-PC loses its soul Chapter 453 The video game industry knows itself Chapter 452 Another tragic product of Apple Chapter 451 Play 1 game Chapter 450 Another little idol is released Chapter 449 Good 1 loli ferocious Chapter 448 MIDI and sound card in your hand Chapter 447 The company just left it to me

Chapter 446 I won't jump out to stand in line Chapter 445 Drink Jianlibao and watch the black cat sheriff Chapter 444 Say no, no see Chapter 443 Script for the rich and powerful after the song Chapter 442 Had to learn from DreamWorks Chapter 441 America’s richest man is nothing but that Chapter 440 Jobs Gates Dark Pass Chapter 439 Differentiate the power of the personal computer market Chapter 438 A lotus in one body Chapter 437 Compaq wants to pick IBM's peaches Chapter 436 3rd generation Fangyuan computer prototype Chapter 435 Layout of Canadian Chinese media

Chapter 434 Under antitrust investigation Chapter 433 Buying your company is helping you Chapter 432 Super floppy disk comes out Chapter 431 All you need is global communication Chapter 430 If you accept the move, you'll be covered Chapter 429 Side Effects of Pager Business Chapter 428 My vision is very accurate Chapter 427 Ambitious Middle Eastern rich man Chapter 426 The calculated one won't run after all Chapter 425 You mess with you Chapter 424 Plagiarism of ET aliens Chapter 423 Buy your company if you want

Chapter 422 Calculating I'm looking for death Chapter 421 The Honest Uncle Chapter 420 Warner Chapter 419 Pan 1 Pan Xiangjiang's home base Chapter 418 Plan to monopolize the Hong Kong Cinema Line Chapter 417 Lovesickness in the wind and rain Chapter 416 Various attempts to change after the song Chapter 415 Down style and Deng's singing Chapter 414 The queen of the song on the world stage Chapter 413 DreamWorks Cinemas at first sight Chapter 412 The chain reaction of "Fang Shiyu" Chapter 406 Kung fu movies of the pioneering school

Chapter 410 British wins and losses Chapter 409 Sacrifice flag before the army goes out Chapter 408 Poach 2 big classes of Superman Chapter 407 Leading the party’s difficult mental journey Chapter 406 Let the British deal with the British Chapter 405 Responsibilities of the HeungKong No. 1 Consortium Chapter 404 1 to meet Tang Huan? Chapter 403 Pressure to promote economic exchanges Chapter 402 Too arrogant, bad Chapter 401 Check 1 power on Treasure Island Chapter 400 So that you have a husband Chapter 399 Tang Huan who makes the Governor of Hong Kong the most powerful

Chapter 398 Guan Meiren wants to go back to Xiangjiang to film Chapter 397 The female stars who are born like summer flowers Chapter 396 Jardine has found a white warrior Chapter 395 Warner wants to exploit Tang Huan's loopholes Chapter 394 Peace begins with the movie Chapter 393 Super good man in the world Chapter 392 The purpose of being in danger on the battlefield Chapter 391 Laptop and spy farce Chapter 390 The magical next generation Chapter 389 Hollywood power that continues to grow Chapter 388 Who is the strongest in Hollywood this year Chapter 387 ET aliens ready to go

Chapter 386 Personal computer and digital music Chapter 385 The victory is set and the struggle is useless Chapter 384 1 foot on the crash road Chapter 383 4-faced and free pirates Chapter 382 I sold myself for you Chapter 381 No turning back arrow Chapter 380 I'm not going to stand up Chapter 379 The background of Xiangjiang movies is very complicated Chapter 378 Young and ignorant are easy to be coaxed Chapter 377 Wealth charm of technology stocks Chapter 376 My anger is unstoppable Chapter 375 Supercomputers do mathematical research

Chapter 374 1 smart couple Chapter 373 The laptop turned out Chapter 372 How about reporting a war on the spot Chapter 371 Earn wildly in Silicon Valley and Hollywood Chapter 370 Computer special effects and animation Chapter 369 Intel asks for a home Chapter 368 The White House's First Lady Route Chapter 367 Xiaobawang game console was jailbroken Chapter 368 Enter the restricted sale list Chapter 367 Entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun Chapter 366 Started to take on the big project Chapter 365 Ask for policy support from the chief

Chapter 364 Playing bridge with the chief Chapter 363 Hope that the national brand will go well Chapter 362 Special new year gift Chapter 361 Slash the eagle in the river and shoot the eagle among the clouds Chapter 360 The person who wrote the book for Tang Huan Chapter 359 Man of the Year Chapter 358 Atari Chapter 357 The rules of the video game industry are changing Chapter 356 Crazy annual reports in and outside the industry Chapter 355 IBM-PC to lift the table Chapter 354 Asian gold masters Chapter 353 The value of supercomputers

Chapter 352 Enter the bridgehead of Hollywood Chapter 351 Long overdue means of driving Chapter 350 Hong Kong Cyberport Development Plan Chapter 349 Thinking about Lai Zheru’s software Chapter 348 Private grievances are gone Chapter 347 Continue to bleed Jardine Chapter 346 Someone digs Tang Huan's corner Chapter 345 Jardine has to go crazy Chapter 344 Gave an excuse to go to war Chapter 343 The computer should start from the doll Chapter 342 Inspection specifications have been improved Chapter 341 There is mystery everywhere in the show

Chapter 340 Please come and sit down Chapter 339 Back to the 4th courtyard of the year Chapter 338 Hold the competitor in the palm of your hand Chapter 337 BBS into the White House Chapter 336 The magic of turning things around Chapter 335 It's time to end Chapter 334 At the center of a storm of public opinion Chapter 333 BBS and MUD Chapter 332 See whose thoughts are crazy Chapter 331 Fangyuan Computer Standards Alliance Chapter 330 The Phantom of Technology in the Royal Wedding Chapter 329 Fangyuan Computer Everywhere

Chapter 328 The magical effect of Gerstner Chapter 327 Dare to be richer than me Chapter 326 The capital storm in the computer field Chapter 325 Have new ideas for CD Chapter 324 1 special project team Chapter 323 Lianmei's turnaround Chapter 322 The informal Microsoft Chapter 321 This COMDEX is very lively Chapter 320 Get a foothold in Hollywood Chapter 319 2 shore seniors and master's degree Chapter 318 Boss Tang’s PC Standard Chapter 317 New rivals in the Japanese PC market

Chapter 316 I won't meet in the hospital and laugh. Chapter 315 Controversy over Heung Kong Bank ATM Network Chapter 314 Hanka patents that cannot be bypassed Chapter 313 PBX switch market development Chapter 312 Boss Tang is irrelevant Chapter 311 All kinds of digging operations Chapter 310 Media Asia Taiwan Celebration of Foreign Affairs Chapter 309 No distinction is made between men and women in the face of opportunities Chapter 308 1 acquaintance who evaded fare Chapter 307 Overseas medical treatment and treasure hospital Chapter 306 Rare domestic market blank period Chapter 305 Soulful martial arts drama

Chapter 304 Huo Yuanjia Jingwumen Mizong Fist Chapter 303 A chance encounter with the crew of "Shaolin Temple" Chapter 302 The flexibility that wanders in the cracks Chapter 301 War burns from Silicon Valley to Hollywood Chapter 300 3-star ambition for semiconductors Chapter 299 "Terminator" and computer special effects Chapter 298 New products are still emerging Chapter 297 The Spring and Autumn Era of Personal Computers Chapter 296 Ganged IBM Chapter 295 Futile cracking Chapter 294 Polar bear thinks software is too expensive Chapter 293 Secret missions and team properties

Chapter 292 Unspoken favors Chapter 291 Apple is in trouble Chapter 290 His hero and my enemy Chapter 289 Video standards battle Chapter 288 If it's soft, it's easy to say Chapter 287 Wish to be your one brother Chapter 286 Swallowing this money will kill people Chapter 285 Interesting casting of the emperor flower Chapter 284 Alternative entertainment power Chapter 283 Own CPU came out Chapter 282 Off-disk tricks Chapter 281 Rushing for the crown 1 anger for the beauty

Chapter 280 It's time to form Adobe Chapter 279 Launched desktop publishing system Chapter 278 The West Coast Computer Festival Chapter 277 Everyone wants to kill the oil triumphant Chapter 276 Invisible game Chapter 275 Direct assassination of the president on the spot Chapter 274 The first family in the future Chapter 273 Hidden killer after cutting Hu Chapter 272 The calculation behind "ET" Chapter 271 Various new products are coming soon Chapter 270 Recruit the royal family to work Chapter 269 The female ship king melon is ripe

Chapter 268 Hasbro acquired Chapter 267 The Great Wall will never fall Chapter 266 The unconfirmed richest man in the U.S. Chapter 265 The advertising effect of the Super Bowl Chapter 264 Backdoor listing Chapter 263 The apple eager to decorate the facade Chapter 262 Steve Jobs dominates MAC Chapter 261 The God of Management on Treasure Island Chapter 260 Routine inspections before the end of the year Chapter 259 Tacitly monopolize the market Chapter 258 Not competing on one level Chapter 257 Reach out which hand and chop that hand

Chapter 256 A few fires of the new boss Chapter 255 Rei's family legacy left by TV Chapter 254 Eye-catching opponents Chapter 253 Split up and connect with people Chapter 252 Take a less unlucky name Chapter 251 Entertainment toys for tech monsters Chapter 250 Want to bring the president to work Chapter 249 The co-founder of Apple Chapter 248 Client server architecture Chapter 247 Marriage with hard disk Ethernet Chapter 246 Fighting the personal computer market Chapter 245 The protagonist of the 2nd COMDEX

Chapter 244 Test the water of B 2 B Chapter 243 Gates with 2 bets Chapter 242 Let Jobs develop MAC Chapter 241 Che Tongzhe, the goal of writing the same text Chapter 240 Is this helping to implement the standard? Chapter 239 Implementation of the Chinese character coding system 1 standard Chapter 238 Crack the puzzle and borrow the east wind Chapter 237 Did you make the calculations? Chapter 236 The influence of billionaires Chapter 235 Jade Girl 1 Gone and Never Return Chapter 234 The wealth myth of Apple listing Chapter 233 Get together to the Ivy League

Chapter 232 Microsoft Chapter 231 Steve Jobs Chapter 230 The first Chinese video game Chapter 229 Chinese entertainment content provider Chapter 228 Man's sense of accomplishment Chapter 227 Wind knife and snow sword looming Chapter 226 Portable personal computer Chapter 225 Chinese Red and Tyrant Gold Chapter 224 We have forged a beam Chapter 223 People with high prestige and high value Chapter 222 The direction of the world brand Chapter 221 Unusual vision

Chapter 220 What's the problem with this Chapter 219 I am an all-round man Chapter 218 Awkward and deserted opening ceremony Chapter 217 Soviet Women's Gymnastics Team Chapter 216 Which Olympic event do you like to watch Chapter 215 Be a respected singer Chapter 214 Preparation for 2 people Chapter 213 1 intriguing team Chapter 212 Here comes 1 alms Chapter 211 Little Lolita is about to enter the music scene Chapter 210 I still want my brother to praise you Chapter 209 Thanks in succession

Chapter 208 Thank you for making money Chapter 207 A one-man show Chapter 206 Fight to the death or escape the golden cicada Chapter 205 Idol star 3 swordsman Chapter 204 Anecdote in the entertainment industry Chapter 203 The golden wind has not moved Chapter 202 Life-threatening gold of clear water and cold mountain Chapter 201 Portable handheld game console Chapter 200 Really 1st hand Chapter 199 POWER architecture CPU Chapter 198 June has arrived Chapter 197 Pies falling from the world

Chapter 196 Treasure Island Semiconductor Duo Chapter 195 Is your firepower so fierce? Chapter 194 Demonstration 1 how to rub medicinal wine Chapter 193 EA surrounded by investment impulse Chapter 192 Brother didn't follow along Chapter 191 Motorola of the Galvin family Chapter 190 Hoarding CPU to get authorization Chapter 189 AppleIII was spurned Chapter 188 Undercurrents on Apple's board Chapter 187 Write to me every week Chapter 186 The female ship king is finally happy Chapter 185 AC Milan at a low point

Chapter 184 The last stop of the European trip Chapter 183 Wrestling under the 5th ring Chapter 182 It's easier than thought Chapter 181 Brother loves snatching people the most Chapter 180 You can take another one Chapter 179 Exclusively for small loli from various countries Chapter 178 ERP software giant Chapter 177 Programming genius wants to apprentice Chapter 176 Write a brief history of time early Chapter 175 The eight-hexagram newspaper that hasn't died yet Chapter 174 The embryonic form of e-commerce Chapter 173 Actually, they have a backstage

Chapter 172 Private Jet Silicon Valley 1 Chapter 171 The female ship king who got her wish Chapter 170 Do whatever you want Chapter 169 The quarrel about the IPO Chapter 168 AppleIII's pit is in sight Chapter 167 I dare to buy if you dare to sell Chapter 166 Is there such a liar? Chapter 165 The effect of Down's vegetables Chapter 164 The charm of Tetris Chapter 163 Still my heroes Chapter 162 0 The effect of buying horse bones Chapter 161 Martial arts conference tasting 0 wine

Chapter 160 Painstaking negotiation Chapter 159 I can't say it anymore Chapter 158 Planned trip to Europe Chapter 157 So close Chapter 156 1 sing 1 and the director and boss Chapter 155 Sisters in the entertainment industry Chapter 154 Martial arts novels and video games Chapter 153 The computer is officially on sale in the mainland Chapter 152 Are you on the other side of the ocean Chapter 151 Chinese character codes are all in the hub Chapter 150 Maybe which cloud has rain Chapter 149 Another pioneering work

Chapter 148 A fat man’s brain supplement Chapter 147 Gesticulate Chapter 146 Finally it's the movie's turn Chapter 145 Hong Kong's star enterprise Chapter 144 Requirements for role-playing games Chapter 143 Aaron is going to Hollywood Chapter 142 Tireless entertainment Chapter 141 The self-destructive United States Chapter 140 I don't know if I fell into the pit Chapter 139 Make a public image of Apple Chapter 138 The ratings are too high and hateful Chapter 137 Japanese singles to test the waters

Chapter 136 The Queen of the Song and the Queen of the Ship Chapter 135 One year's plan is spring Chapter 134 2 plans in progress at the same time Chapter 133 Marriage with Hollywood Chapter 132 Don't force brother to speculate Chapter 131 "Shanghai Beach" opens Chapter 130 2 goals worth investing in Chapter 129 Stoic woman's wisdom Chapter 128 Free lunch of the stock god Chapter 127 Find a well-behaved one to save Chapter 126 My company is celebrating the Chinese New Year Chapter 125 Chinese Medicine in the U.S.

Chapter 124 It's the first lunar new year Chapter 123 CPU attracts Chapter 122 Get closer to your enemy Chapter 121 I have to go out Chapter 120 Japanese game companies Chapter 119 Switch and modem Chapter 118 Is 1 yuan Chapter 117 Undercurrents in the capital market Chapter 116 Cultivate the first generation of female jade singers Chapter 115 Enter the mainland market Chapter 114 Hero pen and those domestic products Chapter 113 Then leave

Chapter 112 IT's Tinder Chapter 111 Can play capital games Chapter 110 Release a music album Chapter 109 After the happy son Chapter 108 Strength after the song Chapter 107 Reputation 1: No 2 Chapter 106 Sharing lucky young people Chapter 105 Looking for the Lady Atoka Chapter 104 Relax 1 go to treasure hunt Chapter 103 Belonging to the Father of Video Games Chapter 102 Usher in the first patent war Chapter 101 The Lone Wolf of Silicon Valley

Chapter 100 Don't understand rejection and help rejection Chapter 99 Do a boring favor Chapter 98 Threw out the fleshy bones Chapter 97 It's really not digging a wall Chapter 96 Bushnell Chapter 95 Atari's counterattack Chapter 94 The beam-jumping clown who covets Xiaobawang Chapter 93 Chinese English Media Chapter 92 Inspiration after the song Chapter 91 After the song, the ambition is still high Chapter 90 Three Hundred and Eighty Six Plan Chapter 89 Great artists steal inspiration

Chapter 88 ISA bus Chapter 87 The clues of the chess plan Chapter 86 Waywardness of the rich Chapter 85 Bright 1 bright fangs Chapter 84 Something went wrong with the MV Chapter 83 Secretary Hu with increasing authority Chapter 82 Foreshadowing to enter the country Chapter 81 Injured shoulder Chapter 80 Hong Kong Regal Circle Chapter 79 Unknowingly called brother Chapter 78 Mention Fat Ge Chapter 77 Hong Kong's No. 1 Beauty

Chapter 76 Crazy little bully sales Chapter 75 IT Rashomon Chapter 74 Farewell My Concubine MV Chapter 73 0 million advertising budget Chapter 72 Talk about the adaptation of the novel Chapter 71 What is your net worth now Chapter 70 The Asian layout is fully operational Chapter 69 Go to battle in person to promote Chapter 68 Who is the first to speak Chapter 67 The Queen of the Ship reappears Chapter 66 COMDEX is coming Chapter 65 Philosopher

Chapter 64 Xiaobawang's opponent Chapter 63 Sent people here personally Chapter 62 N in 1 is prepared for you Chapter 61 After cutting the product, come to dig people Chapter 60 Let talented women write novels Chapter 59 Since then there have been advanced black Chapter 58 Renbi Huajiao is crowned as queen Chapter 57 Computer and Zhouyi Chapter 56 Don't be crazy in front of me Chapter 55 Sturdy female literary youth Chapter 54 The lethality of female literary youth Chapter 53 1000/100/0

Chapter 52 VIP position reserved Chapter 51 Give Intel 1 more scissors Chapter 50 Intel's Dangdangdang Chapter 49 Microcomputer database comes out Chapter 48 Really a good place Chapter 47 Sands Gambling King's Visit Chapter 46 The sound card also has talents Chapter 45 The puzzle of Chinese character technology is complete Chapter 44 Touched Jiaojiao Chapter 43 Father of Chinese Computer Chapter 42 Lin Jia Xiaobiyu Chapter 41 Measure 1 time

Chapter 40 Can be exhausted at chess Chapter 39 Visit Epson Chapter 38 Let's call Softbank Chapter 37 Special songs not allowed to sing Chapter 36 Spring breeze is proud of another forest Chapter 35 Explore the treasure island Chapter 34 Hawaiian beauty Chapter 33 Fried silver with Zhuang Chapter 32 Grab market share Chapter 31 Really robbed others of their jobs Chapter 30 The 1st Anti-Tang IT Alliance Chapter 29 Another competitor

Chapter 28 The Queen of the Ship and Fate Chapter 27 Curse of Onassis Chapter 26 Met the stock god Chapter 25 Madonna, you are great Chapter 24 Dangerous competitor Chapter 23 Southeast Asia Expedition Program Chapter 22 Hollywood girl star Chapter 21 Mansion in Beverly Hills Chapter 20 Giant unawakened upstarts run wild Chapter 19 Stick to Mandarin Duck Chapter 18 Diamond ring Chapter 17 Peek and learn

Chapter 16 Dug the corner of Gates Chapter 15 Hateful obstruction Chapter 14 Apple shares start Chapter 13 Office software war kicked off Chapter 12 2nd Gold Rush Opportunity Chapter 11 Big gathering of future giants Chapter 10 Public acknowledgment Chapter 9 Grandchildren Chapter 8 Meet the elders Chapter 7 Celine Dion Chapter 6 Advance by leaps and bounds Chapter 5 Founded

Chapter 4 Female Jobs Chapter 3 Pot of Gold Chapter 2 Do the old Chapter 1 After 1st generation song

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