Everyone understands that the stock market is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market; but everyone believes that he is the luckiest gambler.

Everyone knows that cycle ups and downs are an unchanging law; but everyone thinks that they are smart enough to find the one who turns from high to low.

Since July 1995, when the Nasdaq Index reached one thousand points, the time required to cross each milestone has become shorter and shorter.

In this bullish environment, people seem to forget the existence of danger.

Now, the **** lesson has come.

After entering April, the Nasdaq Index has fallen by one-third, and there is no end in sight.

The analysts who talked about lotus no longer preached anything. The stock market was making corrections.

The phenomenon of company bankruptcy and employee unemployment that began to appear, even the tacit joy of "the insurmountable Tang Dashan was removed" disappeared.

A keen IT industry leader, I was a little alarmed to find that companies who were fooled to spend countless money in order to survive the "millennium bug" safely, like excessive indulgence, can no longer afford to consume it in the application of it. .

Those hardware vendors who enjoy the dividends from the Internet wave find that servers can’t be sold, routers can’t be sold; the accounts receivable formed by stimulating consumption and vying for market share and promoting sales will not return.

Some experienced CEOs. Can not help but secretly doubt whether a new round of economic cycle is coming.

With this doubt, many people came to participate in this year's Zheru Spring Developer Conference, hoping to find some enlightenment from Tang Huan's wonderful speeches.

Unfortunately, they are destined to be disappointed.

Tang Huan was really trustworthy and actively weakened his influence in the it field, and did not show up at this Spring Developer Conference of Philosophers.

It seems that due to the bursting of the bubble, this year's Philosopher Spring Developers Conference, there are no stunning themes that are eye-catching.

Can't see Tang Huan swearing at Fang Yao calmly, all the participants began to feel dull and could not help but ask: Is this the case without Tang in the post-it era?

People who are getting more and more lost, even feeling the crisis in the industry, have inquired about Tang Huan's whereabouts, hoping that this Silicon Valley leader who took the initiative to retreat will appear at least at the closing ceremony of this Spring Developer Conference of Philosophers.

Unfortunately, what awaits them is another disappointment.

Brad Svolberg, CEO of Zheru Software, revealed: "Tang has just left for New York."


The bursting of the bubble has caused countless followers and smart people, ordinary investors and large institutions to fall into the pit, resulting in all kinds of scumbags.

For example, large institutions have lied about ordinary investors who hold shares in online companies that are closely related to them, and asked them not to sell them. As a result, the other party suffered heavy losses. There have been cases of court cases.

As for the large institutions that also suffered heavy losses. Also looking for regret medicine, and Tang Huan was forced to go to a trial in three courts.

After the Silicon Valley One landed at LaGuardia Airport in New York, Bank of America Chairman and CEO Hugh McEl quickly greeted Tang Huan with a grim expression: "They agreed to meet at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

Tang Huan nodded indifferently, "A very formal place."

Hugh Michael smiled bitterly, and then accompanied Tang Huan into the car.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is a secretive system. Among the twelve Federal Reserve Districts under it, the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Chicago, and San Francisco have the most assets. The combined assets of the three companies account for more than 50% of the assets of the entire U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System.

Among them, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has the most assets, accounting for more than 30% of the assets of the entire U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System.

It goes without saying that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the most important Federal Reserve Bank, which also illustrates the strength of traditional capital on the East Coast of the United States.

His net worth has shrunk to more than 50 billion U.S. dollars, but he was still recognized by Forbes as the world’s richest man. He finally got out of the car at the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. .

This building is not high, with only 14 floors on the ground, but it occupies a block, and the underground is a world-famous vault, storing gold from all over the world, thus demonstrating the extremely special international status of the United States.

Warren Buffett, who has just been identified by Forbes magazine as the second largest billionaire with a net worth of more than 30 billion U.S. dollars, greeted the car and whispered: "Tang, you have to prepare for the worst situation."

Tang Huan smiled, "How can it be bad?"

Warren Buffett shrugged, "It's not clear what it means. You sold more than 200 billion US dollars of it company shares, and the major banks on the east coast have joined together. Now the technology stocks have plummeted. Such a big hole is simply one. What a disaster."

As the richest man walked forward, he said disdainfully: "Didn't they always want to control Silicon Valley? I have cooperated. Now that the stock price has fallen, what does it have to do with me."

Warren Buffett helped his glasses and was speechless for a moment.

Tang Huan couldn't know what's good or bad looking at the elderly person who was still coming to greet him. So he said sincerely: "Old friend, no matter what happens in a while, I believe you."

Soon, the three people came to the conference room on the tenth floor.

Tang Huan opened the door casually, and there was a crowd inside.

William Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Morgan; Sanford Will, Chairman and CEO of Citigroup; Pei Xiliang, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley; Henry Paul, Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Sen, Lehman Brothers Chairman and CEO Richard Fuld, Merrill Lynch Chairman and CEO David Komansky...

All in all, Wall Street bigwigs gather here, there are so many people that they even make folding chairs.

Following this, the atmosphere in the conference room was very depressing, and even faintly smelled of an unpleasant smell.

With the pressure on his face, the richest man glanced at the three empty seats and asked faintly: "Where should I sit?"

William Harrison waved his hand with a golden sword, "You are the protagonist today, of course you are sitting in the middle."

Tang Huandong said without moving, "I can't sit in a folding chair!"

William Harrison just stared at the moody face of the richest man, and didn't say anything.

Henry Paulson got up and said roundly, "Tang, I'll give you my chair."

"Thank you, no need." Tang Huan walked over and said casually while sitting down: "Anyway, I'm still young, and it doesn't matter if I endure once."

William Harrison raised his brows and said: "Young man, you are really not easy. This time the stock market crash, everyone has vomited blood, only you make a lot of money."

"It's been a long time since I sat in a folding chair. I didn't sit on it once, which felt very convenient; but I haven't heard someone call me a'young man' for a long time. After hearing it once, it feels both awkward and ridiculous." The richest man said leisurely: "There are so many people present, and only you are rushing to speak. Does it mean that you have been selected as a representative? If that is the case, then I suggest you to correct your attitude."

William Harrison, with a dark complexion, sneered, "Sure enough, he is rich and powerful!"

"I said, please correct your attitude and save each other's time." Tang Huan frowned, "I think you don't understand, you just called me to discuss and let me share your loss, yourself. It's a very absurd thing."

Sanford Weir answered, "Tang, since it's clear, let's talk about the terms directly."

"Obviously, in this stock market crash, we have a big deal, and you must compensate us. Otherwise, Wall Street will collapse."

"I have sold out the shares, do I still need to provide after-sales service?" The richest man sarcastically said, "According to this logic, I need to refund the 200 billion US dollars?"

Pei Xiliang said with a smile but a smile: "If Tang feels embarrassed, he can also use the shares of the Zheru Group to offset it."

Sanford Weir nodded, "Indeed, this should be the most satisfying solution for all parties."

"Everyone, can you be joking?" Tang Huan's face turned dark this time, and he grumbled sullenly: "The shares you bought from me, including Fangyuan, Zheru Software, etc., are all Very good. Although the big picture is that the technology stocks have collapsed, they are not like those vague concept stocks, which have their own real commercial value."

William Harrison snorted, "But the price we paid is too high."

After looking across everyone's face and seeing indifferent eyes, the face of the richest man fell completely cold.

"I can understand: You are not as good as the wealthy wolf, and the wealthy wolf can still be fed, but your desires will never be filled; you are not as good as the bastards, the **** really don't understand the truth, but you are deliberately reasoning. Get a good night's sleep."

William Harrison said weirdly: "We know that you are also a best-selling author at the same time, but now is not the time for lyricism, so hurry up and consider practical issues."

Tang Huan shook his head and stated clearly: "I cannot accept your absurd conditions."

William Harrison threatened: "Don, don't look at you over the past two decades, omnipotent, but you really are not all of us opponents."

The richest man glanced at the other person, "Then how are you going to deal with me? Assassination? Framing? Leaking secrets? Rape? Tax evasion?"

"We will slowly take away everything in your hands." William Harrison smiled sinisterly and threw out a document. "This time the stock market crash, only you make a lot of money, and everyone else is worthless. Therefore, on the Internet that you strongly promote, there have been voices of doubt about you as a person."

Tang Huan picked up the document, which was obviously printed directly from the web page, and saw it read:


I found that Tang almost never failed.

Sometimes, I guess that Tang is an alien with a very high IQ.

But more often, I feel that Tang is the Fu Manchu described by the British mystery writer Sax Romer. He is as knowledgeable and talented as Faust, integrating all the scientific knowledge of ancient and modern times. It can be called an excellent symbol of Chinese treacherous ingenuity.

The most obvious evidence is language.

Fu Manchu is a linguistic genius, able to fluently use all civilized languages ​​and the languages ​​of most barbaric nations.

When faced with Chinese, he spoke Chinese; when he met Indians, he spoke Hindi; when he met Egyptians, he immediately changed to Arabic.

Tang is believed to be proficient in at least eight languages.

At the Elysee Palace in Paris, he can communicate fluently with the French president in French;

At the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, he can communicate fluently with the German Chancellor in German;

In the Moscow Kremlin, he can communicate fluently with the Russian president in Russian;

At the Prime Minister's residence in Tokyo, he can communicate fluently with a Prime Minister in Japanese;

As for Chinese and English, not to mention.

How good Tang's foreign language is, look at his girlfriends from various countries including Germany, Italy, France, Japan, etc., and you can guess how much it is.

More importantly, Tang has infinite wisdom and has led the development of the global IT industry for more than 20 years; when the technology stocks crashed ~www.mtlnovel.com~ not only escaped a catastrophe, but also made a fortune.

Obviously, Tang Manchu in reality is more powerful than Fu Manchu in novels and movies!


The richest man snapped, threw the file back on the table, and snorted: "Wake up, everyone, now it's the era of globalization, and making a fuss about the ridiculous "yellow peril" concept.

William Harrison said meaningfully: "How can you be sure that ordinary people will not believe it?"

Tang Huan laughed loudly and stood up and said: "If you still have this attitude, then I don't need to waste time here."

Looking at the back of the richest man walking out, William Harrison said in a fierce manner: "Tang, if you walk out of this conference room today, there will be no chance to come again!"

Tang Huan turned around, and Yun Qingfeng responded: "I can invite you all to be a guest at the Humble House and teach you reason at the same time."

Hugh Michael walked out, looked at a gap, and tentatively suggested, "Tang, maybe we can differentiate by drawing some of them, instead of rejecting them altogether."

"It's no longer necessary." The richest man shook his head. "Their greed can never be satisfied; any compromise will be the next unreasonable persecution."

"It's time, I should teach Wall Street reason. After all, this is a civilized world."

Hugh Michael, who heard his scalp explode, smiled and asked, "Then what should we do next?"

Having said that, Hugh Michael quickly added: "Don, don't worry, we are now a community of interests."

"Of course I believe in you and Bank of America." Tang Huan said leisurely: "These guys still have the mind to form a group to rob me. That only shows that this stall is not bad enough!"

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