Atlanta, which hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, is the largest city in the southern United States.

Therefore, Americans’ domestic long-distance travel often uses Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, located about 11 kilometers south of downtown Atlanta, as a transit point, making it one of the best in the world for passenger transfers.

Since many big names in the industry come to Atlanta to watch the "Super Bowl", there are spectacular business jets parked at the airport. And many pilots are busy preparing to respond to the takeoff request of their own boss who attaches great importance to time.

However, these pilots are destined to relax tonight. Gein, they received phone instructions one after another to leave Atlanta tomorrow.

At the same time, airlines have received notices to cancel their tickets.

The top circle of the global industry that collectively temporarily changed its itinerary has moved to a conference room at the Georgia Dome, and you have spoken to Louis Gerstner, Chairman of the Philosopher Management Committee, and John Qian, CEO of Fangyuan. Perth, CEO of Zheru Software Company Brad Swaelberg, asked what the richest man said to the media before, what kind of intention he wanted to convey.

Tacitly, everyone's concern is whether Tang Huan really wants to use his own martial arts to weaken his huge influence in the industry.

If this is the case, that day will change!

John Chambers smiled bitterly: "I look back now that Tang did express this in exchange for the Department of Justice to withdraw the antitrust lawsuit against Zheru Software."

Everyone looked at Louis Gerstner and Brad Svolberg again, but both of them shook their heads slightly, unwilling to say more.

Ever since, the meeting room where CEOs got together seriously fell into silence.

Everyone is thinking about whether Tang Huan “retreats from the rivers and lakes” would be equivalent to removing an unreachable mountain from his head and ushering in a new world of development.

The mystery is here.

Otherwise, a CEO who is picked up here is a prince, why would people willingly waste time and wait here!

Soon after, the richest man finally walked in.

Looking around people with different minds, Tang Huan said: "Sorry everyone, I just wanted to invite everyone to enjoy a wonderful game, and at the same time take this opportunity to exchange ideas about the development of the industry, but I didn't expect it, but it delayed you. Precious time."

The CEO Peng Mingsheng said falsely that it was okay, and then changed the conversation: "Tang, how did I hear that you told reporters that you want to retire?"

"That's true." Tang Huan nodded calmly. "The monopoly case of the United States of America v. Zheru Software Co. has been going on until now. Under the pressure of the correct anti-monopoly of politics and governance, Zheru Software has no way to go. In fact, even if everyone doesn’t say anything, they all know the crux of the problem. I’m willing to use my industry influence in exchange for Zheru Software’s not being split up."

Samuel Palms sighed in tears, "Actually, as it was 20 years ago, try to wait as long as possible. The government has changed its term, and the opportunity may also come!"

Tang Huan smiled openly, "It is a blessing for the industry to survive the'millennium bug' safely, but for Zheru Software, it has also used up an excuse for procrastination."

"The delay in the monopoly case of the United States of America v. Zheru Software Inc. has invisibly caused the Department of Justice to carefully collect more evidence."

"More importantly, the European Union has issued a fine for determining anti-monopoly, which has also left Zheru Software Co., Ltd. unable to argue."

"This time the Ministry of Justice is not in a hurry to restart the United States of America v. Zheru Software Corporation's monopoly case, but to a large extent it has to wait until February 28th and February 29th. These two "millennium bugs" may The last time of the outbreak is over. Obviously, it will be done in one fell swoop."

"Under such circumstances, I can only use my withdrawal to express the most sincerely. Zheru Software Company does not want to monopolize from the heart. I hope that the Ministry of Justice can look at the status quo of this natural monopoly from a new perspective."

Seeing what Tang Huan said was so open and bright, the CEOs at the scene sighed sadly like rabbits and dead foxes, "the government is rudely interfering in the market," and "The experience of Philosopher Software Company today indicates the ceiling of other companies tomorrow." So much.

Tang Huan, who had a panoramic view of all of this, knew that most of these people in front of him were happily in his heart. Fortunately, there was no big mountain on his head.

However, Tang Huan did not show any unpleasant expression on his face, but continued with earnest words: "This year's Zheru Spring Developer Conference, I will not participate again."

"It's just that I also want to tell everyone that the new century is coming, and the changes in the rules of the game triggered by the booming Internet are also profoundly changing the living environment. I hope you think twice."

"Finally, I wish you all great ambitions!"

In the midst of Tang Huan's fists and bows, the warm applause lasted for a long time, and the licensed cable news network recorded this historical moment.

Tang Huan waved his hand, leaving calmly.


After the turn of the day, major mainstream media rushed to report on this sudden incident.

The title of the "Wall Street Journal" is very angry, "The New Era After Tang Has Come!" 》

The New York Times analyzed: In recent years, Goddess of Luck has no longer favored Tang. Tang's kingdom was deeply mired in the anti-monopoly vortex; even the most important elder of Tang's family passed away. Tang, once known as the strongest man of the century, may be discouraged and even unable to do it!

The San Francisco Independent, the largest Chinese newspaper in the United States controlled by Fang's newspaper industry, had a sad headline: "Heroes also have twilight."

On the cover of the latest issue of Time magazine, there are two photos of Tang Huan in early 1999 and early 2000. Under the subtle contrast, one can see that Tang Huan’s sideburns have appeared. Huafa.

"Forty-five-year-old Tang has experienced too much and now finally feels tired!" Time magazine said sensationally.

The New York Post ironically contrasted: The Oakland Raiders won, but its boss lost.

"New York Daily News" broke the news: The intelligence gathered from many sources shows that Tang is indeed reducing his influence in the field by selling his own shares of the company.

According to a Wall Street veteran, Tang submitted relevant documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission several months ago and commissioned Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America to conduct transactions.

The reason why the capital market reacted mediocrely and the media later realized that the transaction was limited to inter-institutions, and the traditional large groups on the east coast of the United States, including Citi, Morgan, etc., became the main buyers.

As for the size of the transaction, it can only be described as amazing.

In order to show that reducing his influence in the field is not empty talk, Tang sold almost half of his net worth, roughly equivalent to three of the 73.7 billion U.S. dollars involved in the Exxon Mobil merger approved by the European Union and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission last year. Times.

Specifically, in this huge and unimaginable transaction, Tang sold all the shares of Fangyuan in his personal hand to signify his separation from the personal computer industry; while the shares of Zheru Software Co., he only left 100% in his hands. About five; As for other shares, it is not clear yet.

In addition, after Tang himself confirmed that the hundreds of billions of dollars from this transaction would not fall into his personal pockets, instead, he signed an agreement early and donated it to the Shennong Foundation.

Seeing that the enemy in the same city had so much anticipation, the "New York Post" was so angry that he quickly concocted an article, "Farewell, Tang, who is the richest man in unsafe position."

It seems that the rhetoric is still "virtual." The New York Post continued to report: With farewell to Tang, another effort, the California high-speed rail, also fell into operating difficulties due to California's power crisis and environmental protection.


The news that Tang Huan retired to the world occupied the entire February of the United States and even the global media, and it was not even too late.

There is no other reason, this is really representative, an era is coming to an end!

Moving Tang Huan away from this insurmountable mountain seems to have freed the entire world from the long-term oppression, and then rejoiced with unprecedented vitality.

The Nasdaq Index, which is the most representative of the boom in the high-tech industry, is even more like a wild horse after reaching the 5,000-point level. It has stepped on the 5,000-point tick mark. Amidst cheers, rushed towards six thousand points.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is also alive and well. It seems that the prediction that it will reach 36,000 points in the next few years has really been confirmed.

In this case, Tang Huan retired to the world, which seemed to be a delightful thing.


At this time, Tang Huan, who is still enough to be called the richest man, is in the "Chang'an City" cultivating one's body and cultivating, in a real posture of washing hands with a golden basin.

The actual situation is of course not the case. Tang Huan has been paying close attention to the changes in the current situation.

He is only forty-five years old this year, nine-to-five years old, and he is in full bloom in the spring and autumn. How can he live freely is nothing more than another starting point.

Tang Huan just asked the Shennong Foundation to allocate one billion U.S. dollars for the environmental protection of the canal excavated by the Kra Isthmus. Siam, the most tragic protagonist of the Asian financial turmoil, completely kneeled in front of the richest man!

The time has come to mid-March. According to the historical trajectory of the original time and space, the bubble should burst.

However, the current Nasdaq Index, not only showed no signs of falling, but also went straight to 6,000 points.

Tang Huan, who was watching coldly, couldn't help frowning.

This is because your "butterfly effect" is too strong and the "positive energy" it brings is too great?

Since the bubble hasn't burst yet, how about poke and bursting?

Tang Huan's deep gaze fell on the report document on the table.

When February 28th and February 29th, the last two possible outbreaks of the "millennium bug", the United States of America v. Zheru Software Corporation finally restarted the monopoly case.

After such a delay in the process, the evidence researched by the Ministry of Justice has become more sufficient. The accounts that were considered to be illegal subsidies to hardware manufacturers by Arthur Andersen Software Co., Ltd. alone were filled with more than a dozen suitcases.

The Ministry of Justice, which upholds the correct style of politics and governance, showed no signs of letting go of the Zheru Software Company. At the first court session in early March, it submitted all the materials in a mindful manner.

In the forthcoming third hearing, it depends on how the judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Thomas Penfield Jackson, decided.

David Boyce, the chief attorney of the Philosophy Software Company Lawyers Group, also told Tang Huan, don’t take a fluke this time!

At the same time, media such as the "New York Post", which has been professional for more than ten years, gloated and screamed: "Tang's wagging tail is destined to be useless!"

"Prospered because of me, it should also decline because of me, just learn from Lei Feng again, poke the bubble, make everyone faint, and wake up." Tang Huan, who was very cold from a high place, patted the documents on the table. , Talking to himself.

Do whatever he wants, Tang Huan immediately called Zhuang Menghua, Tang Wenmao and others, and said in a deep voice: "On March 17, the judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit of the District of Columbia, Thomas Penfield Jackson announced the verdict on this day. A flashpoint for a concentrated sell-off of shares of high-tech companies whose share prices belong to the leaders."

Zhuang Menghua asked: "What if Thomas Penfield Jackson announced that a philosophical software company monopoly was not established?"

Tang Huan waved his hand indifferently, "It doesn't matter anymore."


On Friday, March 17, 2000, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit was surrounded by journalists.

In the afternoon of the same day, Thomas Penfield Jackson pronounced a verdict in court: the establishment of a monopoly of Zheru Software.

Faced with questions from the media, Brad Svolberg, CEO of Zheru Software, said with a heavy face: "I feel very sorry for this result. As for Zheru Software, it will appeal to the Supreme Court. "

The Nasdaq index on this day originally rushed to a point, but affected by this news, it finally closed at a point.

Market analysts have interpreted one after another: In a nutshell, this is just a correction for the stock market.

Everyone felt reasonable, and then the media sighed with emotion: It seems that Tang's proactive retreat did not result in a safe ending for the Zheru Software Company.

In the hustle and bustle of singing and dancing, Saturday and Sunday quickly passed, and a new trading day arrived.

On Monday, March 20, 2000, the stock market took a turn for the worse. The Nasdaq Index plummeted by more than 800 points as never before, and fell directly below 5,000 points. It closed at 4,879 points that day.

At the same time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which once reached a step of 12,000 points, and the S&P 500 Index, which once reached 1,600 points, also fell to varying degrees.

what's going on?

Wall Street, which was originally shrouded in a joyous atmosphere, immediately let out a series of exclamations!

Not to mention, there are indeed talents, and the "reason" is quickly found out. This may be related to the annual and quarterly reports published by various Internet retailers.

Last year in the United States was a hot year for e-commerce. Otherwise, "Time" magazine will not name Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, as "Times Man of the Year" But what is shown in various annual and quarterly reports A fact is a bit beyond people's expectations.

During the Christmas sales season of 1999, almost all Internet retailers that seemed to be thriving did not perform well.

. The company has burned money to grab traffic for so many years, and in fact has been implementing the same development routine, that is, to "make it bigger" as fast as possible, and then consider how to become "excellent".

Of course, there are certainly exceptions in a number of companies. For example, Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, does the opposite.

Now, the conclusions summarized by these annual reports and quarterly reports seem to be negated. The company's tried-and-tested successful development experience over the years.

Investors who were a little confused, like grabbing a life-saving straw, immediately praised the results of this analysis.

It's easy to find the reason!

The choice of development path is inherently controversial. This response of the stock market may be a stressful self-adjustment.

On Tuesday, March 21, 2000, the performance of the Nasdaq Index stabilized and only fell by more than 200 points.

Well, sure enough, there are signs of stabilization!

On Wednesday, March 22, 2000, the Nasdaq Index fell by less than 200 points.

Okay, really stabilized!

On Thursday, March 23, 2000, the Nasdaq Index fell by more than 100 points.

Okay, keep going!

On Friday, March 24, 2000, the Nasdaq Index suddenly convulsed again, plummeting by more than 400 points and falling below 4000 points.

Those who were lucky enough to find that: special code, funds and institutions have long since been liquidated and fled.

The elites of the Tiger Fund are sitting in the office at this time, looking at the computer screen, wiping cold sweat.

Fortunately, it was not the last one to run.