Tang Huan felt as if he had gone on a strange journey. Numerous memory fragments were mixed in the incomplete soul. The wisdom, emotion and even desire contained in it all became part of him.

After opening his eyes, Tang Huan happened to see two black teenagers not far in front of him. One of them was still carrying a wooden stick. They shouted a monster to each other in panic, and then turned and fled.

what's going on? Why are there two black guys? Tang Huan subconsciously glanced at the lady's bag in his hand, and secretly guessed, could it be that he was brave just now?

   "This gentleman, are you okay?" An anxious woman's voice came from behind.

   Tang Huan turned around in a daze, and saw a Chinese woman running over panting.

   Black, Chinese, English, Mandarin, what is this place?

   Tang Huan looked at the surrounding environment suspiciously, and then got the answer naturally in his heart. This is San Francisco in the United States. Today is April 1, 1979, April Fool's Day in the West. How could it be possible? I clearly remembered that because of a coincidence, I was on a plane carrying a large number of social elites to a world-renowned forum, but unfortunately there was an accident on the way and there was no physiology.

   Looking at the lively people and things around him, as well as some information emerging from his memory, if Tang Huan had a sense of it, it turned out that he had a good thing about traveling through time and space, which is very technological.

   No matter what, it’s good to be alive. Tang Huan quickly accepted this fact and quickly checked the body's memories. For rebirth people, their own past life experience is the most important asset. Without it, this life would be no different from ordinary people.

This time, it’s not just Tang Huan’s own soul, but also the memories of everyone on the plane. These wonderful existences are compressed to one extreme by the huge energy that bursts instantaneously, and merge with him into a whole. The wisdom in it , Emotions, desires, etc. have all been inherited.

   However, this crossing is not perfect. The body's memory of identity information has become incomplete. Apart from being a native of Longguo and his name is Tang Huan and professionally an IT engineer, everything else is blurred.

   "Your head is okay?" The Chinese woman ran up and down, dripping with sweat, but still did not forget to greet her.

   Tang Huan looked very familiar with her short hair, round face and sweet face.

   "Slightly dizzy, the problem shouldn't be big. Is this bag yours?" Tang Huan passed the bag over while thinking about the identity of the other person. He was so familiar, but he didn't seem to be his friend.

"Thank you so much. My passport is in the bag. I was waiting for the assistant to drive by on the side of the road to pick me up. I encountered a robbery." The woman was grateful, "Your face is so bad, that black stick If it hits you on the head, it's better to go to the clinic to have a look. Look, there is one not far away."

   Listening to the other's soft voice, Tang Huan's mind flashed, and he blurted out: "I remember, no wonder you are so familiar. You are Deng Lijun, a big singer in Southeast Asia."

   "What big singer, it's not anymore." After Deng Lijun said sadly, he stretched out his hand to help Tang Huan walk towards the clinic.

   Sniffing the scent of Deng Lijun next to him, Tang Huan felt a little fluctuating, and there seemed to be a voice shouting: "The goddess is right by his side. I won't seize the opportunity to fix her."

Tang Huan rubbed his eyebrows helplessly. Why did he feel that his thoughts were so messed up? He didn't know whether the memory of receiving all the people on the plane was good or bad. The idea that came out of my heart just now to quickly fix Deng Lijun is that The desire to chase stars is making trouble. From this point of view, many of the fallen elites are fans of the queen of the song in front of them.

   "Sir, what do you call it?" Deng Lijun asked softly.

   "My name is Tang Huan. I am currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley." Tang Huan replied instinctively. The information about the host, the previous owner of this body, was vaguely recalled. It turned out that he was also called Tang Huan, which was a coincidence.

"Are you a local Chinese or come here to study abroad?" Deng Lijun, who gradually calmed down from the accident just now, looked curiously at the tall and handsome young man beside him, and realized that there was a wave of goodbye in his piercing eyes. Kind of heroism.

"I came here to join my family and study at the same time. I have been studying for more than two years." The information about the origin of the host body is a bit incoherent. It seems that he is still avoiding something instinctively, so Tang Huan had to go back. .

   "By the way, Miss Deng, are you coming to San Francisco on vacation?"

   "Not exactly, the company has arranged several performance and record contracts here in the United States." Deng Lijun said vaguely.

   With Tang Huan’s wisdom, it was natural to see that there was something hidden in it, so he stopped questioning Deng Lijun, but instead sorted out the memory fragments in his mind with his hands on his forehead.

   Deng Lijun saw this and thought that Tang Huan was suffering from an injury, so he hurriedly said to comfort him, "The clinic will be here soon, please bear with me."

   After entering the clinic, the doctor rolled his eyelids to check, and found no abnormalities. Finally, he ordered a few words of attention to rest and ended the diagnosis.

   During this period of time, Tang Huan finally recalled some basic information about the residence. A mainlander from the Long Kingdom, whose parents are deceased, came to the United States to seek refuge with his aunt. Because I studied three majors at the same time within two years, I studied extremely hard and got the title of madman. Now the undergraduate courses have been completed ahead of schedule, and I am about to graduate.

Benefiting from the experience of practicing literary and martial arts with a folk hermit when he was young, the body is very strong, coupled with a solid foundation, so even if it was attacked by a wooden stick, it is still safe and sound. As for why it was taken away by the traverser , Then it can only be said that God’s will is so.

  With this information, the main body and the host body will not be separated from each other in the future, and the two can become one.

Walking out of the clinic with Deng Lijun, looking at the beauty next to him, with the help of the massive memory that slowly recovered, Tang Huan guessed the reason for her appearance in San Francisco. It should be the passport incident in February this year. At this time, the career of the Chinese singer fell. Entering the trough, I am at the most disappointing stage of my life.

   Tang Huan just thought of this, and the voice in his heart urged: "Such a good time, don't take advantage of it and take advantage of her to fix her."

   These **** desires are really disturbing and quiet, but they have become a part of themselves, and it seems that there is no other way but to follow the original heart.

Tang Huan raised his eyebrows. It seemed that he still couldn't control his body and mind well. He should find a quiet place and make some adjustments. However, before that, he can't do nothing. The fate of meeting together is not good. Waste, always leave a deep impression on others.

   Judging from the data in memory, Deng Lijun is an elegant and delicate petty bourgeoisie, not abrupt, so try to be gentle and elegant.

   "Miss Deng, your first song is a classic. Speaking of which, I am still your fan."

Deng Lijun has been in the music scene for ten years now. Although he is young, he can be said to be well-informed. He has encountered countless ways to strike up a conversation. Even if Tang Huan’s beautiful words are sincere, they are nothing new. , If placed in the past, it is likely to be treated with a smile.

However, at this time Deng Lijun was in a period of disappointment in his life. Being in a foreign country, someone appreciating her music was naturally a great comfort to the soul. In addition, he had a good impression of Tang Huan, so he listened to this sentence. In my heart.

   "Mr. Tang passed the award, but I don't dare to be the first classic. I wonder which song do you like better?"

   "I like it all, but it should be the song "The Moon Represents My Heart" that I dare to sing. Please allow me to show my ugliness once."


   You ask how much I love you,

   how much do I love you,

  My love is also true,

   My love is true too,

the moon represents my heart.


   Tang Huan sang a short cappella, the style is that of Qi Qin's version, and Deng Lijun's face is full of joy, and his eyes are colorful.

   "Unexpectedly, Mr. Tang is really a bosom friend, and he is also very talented. He sang his own unique style, very nice."

"What talent do I have, it's just that I have listened to your song hundreds of times, and I will naturally sing it according to my own understanding." Tang Huan looked at Deng Lijun sincerely and said slowly, but There was a layer of goose bumps on his back, and at the same time he cursed inwardly. I didn't know which ghost on the plane came from the ability to say such nasty words. I was really not used to it.

Deng Lijun heard the love implied in Tang Huan’s words, and couldn’t help Xiafei’s cheeks, and groaned: “Mr. Tang’s words are too exaggerated. No matter how good the song is, it will be annoying if you listen to it hundreds of times. ."

"How can your song be boring? In addition to being a spiritual enjoyment, it can also bring inspiration. It was under this inspiration that I came up with a new song and dreamed that one day I could give it to you in person. Today I finally got what I wanted. I will sing it for you. The song is called "I Only Care About You"." This time Tang Huan looked at Deng Lijun's eyes and no longer concealed his pursuit.


   If I didn’t meet you, where would I be,

  How is your life, whether you should cherish your life,

   Maybe I know someone and live an ordinary life,

   I don’t know if it will be, but love is as sweet as honey,

   Let time flow in a hurry, I only care about you,

   I am willing to infect your breath,

  The geometry of life, the ability to get a confidant,

   It’s not a pity to lose the power of life,

   So I beg you, don’t let me leave you

   I can't feel a trace of affection except you.


   Deng Lijun’s classic songs are too many. In order to avoid plagiarism and crashes, Tang Huan had to choose from the ones that were clearly behind when it came out. Then he chose "I Only Care About You".

   Deng Lijun was originally embarrassed by Tang Huan's bold and direct confession, but after listening to a few lyrics and the opening melody, UU read www.uukānshu.com a little silly, so that tears flashed in his eyes.

   This first encounter with the original singer, "I Only Care About You", seems to have a certain resonance, and it immediately touched Deng Lijun's very fragile heart during this period.

   After Tang Huan finished singing, Deng Lijun murmured, "Tang Huan, is this song really for me?"

   "Of course." Tang Huan replied confidently, "But this song has only come out soon, Li Jun, I hope we can improve it together."

   Tang Huan's excuse for trying to make further contact finally came out. Deng Lijun nodded without realizing it.

At this time, a car drove across, and a woman pulled down the window and kept beckoning here. Deng Lijun saw it, raised her hand and wiped the corner of her eye, and said apologetically: "Tang Huan, I'm going to catch the record. Let’s just leave it alone and ask you to have coffee some other day."

   "Well, goodbye." Tang Huan nodded regretfully.

   "Remember to show me the lyrics and music at that time." Deng Lijun smiled and reluctantly got into the car.

   After watching Deng Lijun leave, Tang Huan took a deep breath and said to himself, "I hope this is a good start."

However, if you want to chase big stars, if you don’t have a material basis, you will be crushed into dregs by competitors. Besides, even if you don’t want to pick up girls, you have to think about the quality of life in the capitalist society. After all, Tang Huan’s current economy The conditions were very general and he was completely dependent on his aunt's supply, so after the joy of rebirth, he had to rush to pan for gold.

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