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Rebirth of the Super Agent: Miss Good-for-nothing Turning the Tables

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Miss Good-for-nothing, Ye Lan, once lived a miserable life, being bullied even by her servants. After rebirth, she lives on with the memory and skill of a super agent in modern times. She is determined to turn the tables on those who had mistreated her. She will make them regret for what they did!
Don’t you dare call me Miss Good-for-nothing! Have you ever seen a loser followed by tens of thousands of nine-grade spirit beasts? Blood will have blood…

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Short Title:RSA
Alternate Title:废柴嫡女:特工邪妃要逆天
Author:Xi Lan
Weekly Rank:#7276
Monthly Rank:#6680
All Time Rank:#6672
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Confident Protagonist, Fantasy World, Female Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Mythical Beasts, Ruthless Protagonist,
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9 Comments on “Rebirth of the Super Agent: Miss Good-for-nothing Turning the Tables
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  1. Anybody know a novel which the fl is a wife and a mother in some village and the husband is a soldier in a far place, then a news come told that the husband is dead and she was kicked out with her child, but before she really gone, she make a separated letter with her husband's family. And her journey begin. In some place she adopt some children until they arrive in a place near frontier. In which she have a stone house in forest. If you know please tell me! Thanks for all

  2. Do you know a novel wherein the main character transmigrated to a bookworm/genius but something like with the autistic daughter of a wealthy family? She has a younger sister who is also like her – with autism (which the fl and her mother thought to be adopted but instead the real daughter of her mother) and a younger brother (an illegitimate son, wherein the maid, who is a friend of the fl mother, tricked the fl father and slept with him, then gave birth to a son, but the maid died. The fl father and grandfather kept it a secret, but the fl and eventually her mother found out.) The fl knows that she wore a book when she was sent outside the country, and the heroine, I think, is her cousin or (I don’t quite remember). Then, she came back to prevent the tragic ending of her family and to inherit and manage their family business (but first, she had to prove herself to her grandfather). When she first came to the country, she met the ml (illegitimate brother of her fiancé) who was riding a car. She knocked on the car window and the ml's and gave a money or check, but the ml was arrogant and drove away. Afterwards, she met her fiancé, who is gentle on the outside but ruthless on the inside. He is in charge of their family business. She began to consider their marriage, and they dated a few times, but due to several encounters with ml (the ml fell in love first and tried to get close to the fl brother and sister) and finding out that her fiancé tried to trick her to bankrupt or swallow the fl family business, she broke the marriage contract with her fiancé. BTW, the ml character is an aggressive, rebellious son. However, his past made him like that as his mother tragically died because of the ml father. This is a slow romance, and more on the flow of managing business. The FL family and her fiancé's family are well-known business families that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

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