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"Ling Ling, grandma is for your own good, and grandma looks at Yijun as a good boy."

Song Lingling cut the peeled apples into pieces and placed them on a plate.

She took the plate and ate it with the camellia a bit.

Song Lingling looked at Ma Camellia and said seriously: "Grandma, Jing Yijun is so good, I don't want to spoil him."

When Camellia heard it, she gave her a weird look: "You silly girl, how can you think of yourself like this? You are human, not cow dung, what's wrong with it."

Song Lingling chuckled: "If I were with Jing Yijun, someone must say I was cow dung, he was a flower, and a flower was inserted on the cow dung."

"Okay, don't say this. How have you been studying recently?"

"very smooth."

"What about your job?"

"I did it, and I did it when I got home at night."

"You study and work again. Come and see me less. I have patient chats here. Someone takes care of them. It's okay."

"Grandma, I can only see you when I have time. If you don't have time, I can't come if you want me to come. You need to charge your mobile phone in time. Don't play until you have no power." She didn't know, she couldn't get through her phone Are you worried?

"I didn't play, how can I play." Ma Camellia was guilty.

"Come on, don't admit it." Song Lingling rolled her eyes, only to admit that she had to catch her on the spot?

Jing Yijun bought her mobile phone for her. Although her health is not good, the visibility is very good.

Jing Yijun downloads two mobile games for her. She is addicted to playing and holding the phone to play games when she has time.

When Song Lingling and Jing Yijun came to see her, she wouldn't play, and she pretended to be good. After they left, they started playing frantically.

Don't think that Song Lingling doesn't know that she is playing games, the nurse will occasionally tell her about her situation.

Camellia pursed her lips and stopped talking.

Song Lingling looked at her, seeing her ruddy complexion, a lot of flesh, and good spirits, secretly gratified.

The camellia is easy to be satisfied. It is to hope that Song Lingling has a good life and a happy life.

She knows that Song Lingling is no longer bound by Song Kaiming, and she feels happy every day, her appetite increases greatly, she eats more, and she feels better when she feels better.

After eating the apples, the two went to the canteen of the hospital's convalescent area for dinner.

After a circle in the park behind the ward, Ma Chahua began to remember the game in her heart, and hurried back to the ward. After returning to the ward, she urged Lingling to leave.

Song Lingling did not leave, she was embarrassed to play the game.

Song Lingling saw through her mind at a glance, deliberately delayed ten minutes before leaving.

Before leaving, told her not to play too late and go to bed at 10:30 every night.

Ma Camellia nodded like garlic, and kept talking, knowing it.

As soon as Lingling Ling left, she closed the door, pulled out the mobile phone that was charging, took a pillow and sat back against the bedside, and started to enter the game page ... all actions were done in one go.

They muttered while playing: "Where can you sleep at ten thirty? You young people, how can we understand the suffering of our elderly people."


Song Lingling is waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

A black sports car stopped in front of her, the window lowered, and Zhang Hao's heroic face appeared in her sight.

Seeing him, Song Lingling subconsciously stunned.

Zhang Hao raised her lips and smiled, "Do I need to send you?"

Song Lingling refused with a smile: "Thank you, no need, the bus goes directly to the school, which is very convenient."

"Back to school, and then take the bus back to your community?"

Song Lingling froze, he knew she lived with Jing Yijun?

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