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When I went to the obstetrics examination for B timeout, the doctor also said that the child sucked his fingers in it.

Sometimes Cai Jiajia moved a bit more, and also felt the child was frightened and the fetal movement jumped.

If he had to induce labor and forcefully stop his life, how scared would he be when the cold pliers reached him?

But without giving birth, giving birth to a child, she is a child without a father.

If he is allowed to have a dad, he will either let Song Kaiming divorce his wife or send the child to Song Kaiming.

But when the child was sent to Song Kaiming, wouldn't the child become a pitiful baby without a mother?

What if I was bullied by Song Kaiming's wife?

After striving for several days of ideological struggle, Cai Jiajia decided to give birth to the child.

At this time, Song Kaiming found her and sent her to Kyoto.

It ’s okay to go to Kyoto, away from this sadly place, and give birth to children in a remote place, Song Kaiming ’s wife will not come to the door to disturb her, nor will she disturb each other.

After Lingling was born, she was really timid, just as timid as in the womb.

Her voice was a little louder, and she was shocked.

Even if you fart yourself, you will be awakened and cry ...

Finally, it is easy to pull big, and it is easy to be entangled with evil objects, and often fall ill.

If they did not inadvertently find the box, they did not know whether Song Lingling could live to the present.

Being able to live to the present, Ma Camellia hopes that she will live a happy life in the future.

But at this time, Song Kaiming began to fight Song Lingling's idea.

I want her to marry those men who are willing to contribute to the Song family.

It doesn't matter if the men are good, isn't it?

So Song Lingling has not suffered all her life?

How good would Song Kaiming be for Song Lingling to marry?

Okay, he will not let his baby Song Nuo marry?

At first, Song Kaiming took Song Lingling home, and Ma Camellia happily wiped tears.

Thinking that Song Lingling finally had a love for her father, who would have thought that Song Kaiming wanted to marry her young granddaughter.

And it is not necessarily how much Song Kaiming likes Song Lingling. His wife Ai Lian and his children even attacked Ling Ling personally with language attacks.

Song Lingling has been so bitter since childhood, and Ma Chahua really hopes that she can find a man who loves her in the future and live a good life.

Before, she felt that as long as the man was good, it didn't matter whether he was rich or not.

Now, she knows that the man who is rich and powerful and loves herself is the best!

But it's hard to find!

There is one in front of her. She really hopes that Song Lingling can grasp it!

Ma Camellia looked at Song Lingling and didn't want to turn around: "Ling Ling, don't want grandma to be in trouble, you have to hold Yijun's hand tightly."

Song Lingling had not come out of her self-satisfied words. After listening to the words of Ma Chahua, her eyelids were raised and her eyes were red.

"Actually, I have long known that Yijun is a wealthy young master." Ma Chahua said.

"Do you know that he is Jiajia's son?"

"I know he is the nephew of Professor Tang in this hospital."

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier?" If she knew that Jing Yijun was Tang Huai's nephew, she would definitely think that he was Jiajia's son.

"I don't know if you are so stupid, and you can't think of him as Professor Tang's nephew? Lingling, you give me a good chance to prevent other women from taking away Yijun."

"Grandma, don't talk nonsense!" Song Lingling lamented: "We are just classmates!"

"I don't want you to be just classmates. I want you to have a future. I like Yijun, and he has money in his family. You can help her deal with Song Kaiming's family with you."

"..." Song Lingling's eyes twitched, grandma, can you be more realistic?

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