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"He has gone to country Y." Song Lingling sat down.

I didn't know what he had done in country Y before. Now it seems that he should go to see his grandpa.

Who knows Gu Jiajia's husband and wife, who doesn't know that Jing Yijun's stepfather is a country Y?

I heard that his grandfather liked him very much and did not reject him at all because he was not his grandson.

His grandfather is old and will celebrate his birthday every year on his birthday.

"What do you do in country Y? When will you come back?"

Ma Camellia was worried. Jing Yijun was not with Song Lingling. Will Song Lingling be bullied by Song Kaiming?

"Grandma, I only learned today that Jing Yijun is a wealthy young master." Song Lingling said quietly.

Ma Camellia glanced at her: "Isn't the rich master good?"

"Of course, he turned out to be the son of my idol. This news shocked me so much."

"Don't be shocked, tell me first, what will Yijun do in country Y, when will he return?"

"He said about a week."

"This week, you should be careful, don't tell Song Kaiming."

"Well, I won't tell him. Song Nuo still found me today, saying Song Kaiming took you away."

The camellia Hitomi tightened and asked worriedly: "Did they treat you?"

Song Lingling picked up the apple on the bedside table and cut it up: "No."

"Ling Ling, one day my grandma was really caught by them. If they use me to threaten you to do anything, don't you compromise. Do you know?" Ma Camellia said with a deep heart in his heart.

He can not regard Song Lingling as his daughter, and she is not rare. He recognizes Song Lingling.

But he should not hurt her Lingling!

"Grandma, you can rest assured, I am so easy to lose?" Song Lingling sneered in the corner of her mouth.

Song Kaiming also wanted to force her to marry, to use her in exchange for the prosperity of the Song family, and let his family live a prosperous life?

There are no doors!

"If they are really controlled by them, my grandmother will not kill herself and do not want to cause you any trouble." Ma Camellia looked at Song Lingling distressedly.

The child has suffered a lot in his life, and I don't know if it is related to her birthday.

Song Lingling is a premature baby. She was born very young, and she didn't have three catties.

The fortune teller said she was premature and her soul was unstable and she was suddenly caught by evil things.

So she has been sick and sick, and she has not spent a day in medicine.

Song Lingling's mother, Cai Jiahua, cried many times with her dying Song Lingling, saying that Song Lingling's revenge on her.

She should n’t have fallen in love with a married woman, and should not have a daughter ...

The camellia listened at that time, and was crying very loudly.

It is not the fault of the daughter to fall in love with a married woman.

It was Song Kaiming's fault.

Song Kaiming deceived her and said he was unmarried ...

Until more than eight months of pregnancy, it was almost due to be due, and Song Kaiming confessed to her that she was married.

When Cai Jiahua knew that Song Kaiming was married, the first time was sad and sad, and regretful.

How could she fall in love with a married woman?

What should she do?

Therefore, when Song Kaiming let her go, she left without hesitation.

She had never seen Song Kaiming's wife Ailian, and she did not want to influence Ailian's life herself.

Cai Jiahua was doing an ideological struggle at that time. Should he introduce children who are more than eight months old?

More than eight months ...

When the fetus moves, you can see small footprints on the belly ...

How can I be willing to induce labor?

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