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If you let them know that Song Lingling and Jing Yijun are together, they will definitely laugh at Song Kaiming.

Not self-restrained, an illegitimate woman also wants to climb up a branch to be a phoenix.

Jing Yijun's family treated Song Lingling well, if it was not good, I didn't know how many people would be trampled on.

Her Song Nuo language is different, she looks good, and she is the only gift of the Song family.

Although for the high-ranking giants like Jing Yijun, the Songs are not worth mentioning at all.

But no matter what, the Song family is better than Song Lingling, is it an illegitimate girl?

Song Nuoyu was with Jing Yijun, and no one would dare to laugh at her family.

Moreover, what is Song Lingling's qualification to be with Jing Yijun?

She is just a scorned illegitimate person, such as everyone who crosses the street and screams, what qualifications are there with Jing Yijun?

Song Lingling picked up the coffee and took a sip.

Her eyes kept watching Song Nuo.

Song Nuo is very scheming, but sometimes, he can't hide his mind.

At this moment, what she was thinking about seemed to be all written on her face.

She has a strong desire for Jing Yijun, and she longs to be with Jing Yijun!

Song Lingling raised her lips gently, and Song Nuoyu wanted to kick her away from Jing Yijun so that she could take the place.

Song Lingling sympathizes with Song Nuoyu very much. She and Jing Yijun are only classmates. Why should Song Nuoyu bother her so much?

Also asked her to drink such expensive coffee.

Song Lingling took another sip, um, the taste was really good, fragrant and mellow, slightly bitter and slightly sweet, which really fit her taste.

After taking three sips of coffee in a row, Song Lingling slowly put down the cup and smiled: "Why should I think about Song Kaiming? He didn't think about me, why did he make her think about him?"

"You don't deserve Yijun at all. You won't be happy with him! Go home and take a mirror to take care of yourself. From head to toe, there is no place that deserves Yijun!"

"I don't deserve it, you deserve it?"

"I was born at least by my wife, not the third child."

"But Jing Yijun doesn't care who I was born, he said ..."

Song Lingling lifted her hair and smiled: "He said I have the most taste."

"Song Lingling, you are shameless!" Looking at Song Lingling, Song Nuoyu thought of her relationship with Jing Yijun.

"What about shamelessness? Shamelessness is not shameless, isn't it all from your mouth? As long as Jing Yijun doesn't think I am shameless." Song Lingling smiled, and she smiled across her eyes. She has a very good relationship with Jing Yijun, who loves her very much.

"What the **** are you going to leave Yijun?"

"Why should I leave him? Give me a reason?"

"You don't deserve him!"

"You said it was not worthy, I will leave him? Do you think I am such an obedient person?"

"Song Lingling, can your face be thicker?"

"Who has a thick skin? What is your relationship with Jing Yijun? Are you his girlfriend or his sister? What are your qualifications to let me leave him?"

"Sooner or later I will be his girlfriend!"

"Please, Jing Yijun is not blind."

"Will he see you if he is not blind?"

"Fuck me because he is short-sighted. If you look at you, you are blind."

"You ..." Song Nuo said angrily, almost pouring coffee to Song Lingling.

"Song Nuo, I solemnly remind you that Jing Yijun is not a fool, and not a cat or a dog can be with him. You and your mother said to him that he is a poor boy, I look down on his gesture, I miss him I wo n’t forget it so quickly. Now that I know that he is the son of Jia Jia, one bite is one king, one bite is master Jing, do you think he will like your sharp-eyed and admired vanity woman? " Yu's eyes, full of contempt.

Song Nuo was said to be very ear-to-ear, and suddenly became angry and angry: "Don't think I will give up by saying this! I have a way to make him like me!"

"Then use your method well, don't bother me." Song Lingling took out a hundred dollars and put it on the table: "I'll ask for coffee."

Having finished speaking, she got up and turned to walk out of the coffee shop.

Song Nuo gritted his teeth, and this dead woman dare to humiliate her with a hundred dollars?

She is the only gift of the Song group, can't she even pay for the coffee?

"Song Lingling, you are not afraid that I will call my father immediately and let him strangle your grandmother ?!"

Song Nuo saw a fierce line in his eyes.

Song Lingling looked back and caught a bit of shock when she caught such a determination in Song Nuo's eyes.

She frowned and looked at Song Nuo expressionlessly.

Your eyes are so cruel, and your heart is cruel?

When Jing Yijun comes back, he must be reminded of him, and don't be tempted by Song Nuo.

Otherwise, he will suffer in his life.

"Why, afraid?" Seeing Song Lingling frowned, she was very worried. Song Nuo suddenly felt very accomplished. She felt that she had won the battle with Song Lingling.

She lifted her chin and looked at Song Lingling sneeringly.

He has weaknesses and wants to fight with her, not self-control!

"Song Nuo, if you are stupid, don't you think people all over the world are so stupid?" Song Lingling frowned and said lightly.

"What do you mean?" Song Nuo gritted his teeth.

Song Lingling smiled: "What do you think of Yimin Hospital? What do you think of the medical staff of Yimin Hospital? Jing Yijun said it would be safe to put my grandmother in Yimin Rehabilitation Area. I believe my grandmother is very good. Safe. The reason why I came here to drink coffee with you is not to worry about my grandmother being taken away by your dad, but to look at your ugly face. You let Song Kaiming go to catch my grandmother, if my grandmother has three shorts, I will let Jing Yijun immediately suppress Song, and make Song become history. At that time, your situation will be worse than me. At least I have never been a Miss Qianjin, and you fell from Miss Qian Jin into a poor man. It is really miserable. Come on. "

Song Nuo's face was pale and pale, and she stared at Song Lingling fiercely: "You treat me like this today, you will regret it!"

"Then wait until I regret you and come back to me in front of me. Bye ~~" Song Lingling walked out of the coffee shop briskly.

Song Nuo gritted his teeth and stared at Song Lingling's back with a cold flash in his eyes.


Song Lingling left the coffee shop and stopped a taxi to come to Yimin Hospital.

Came to the camellia ward, the camellia is sleeping, and the mobile phone is placed on the bedside table and the battery is turned off.

Song Lingling stood in front of the bed and looked down at the camellia.

The camellia has a peaceful sleep.



Song Lingling gently pushed the other side: "Grandma, got up."

The camellia opened her eyes slowly. Seeing that it was Song Lingling, her turbid eyes with bloodshot swept around the ward: "Yi Jun? Didn't he come with you?"

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