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Speaking of the back, Song Lingling tone assured.

An excellent boy like Jing Yijun deserves to have superb girls in all aspects such as family appearance.

she was?

Song Lingling didn't want to disturb the other party.

She knows her condition well, she is just an ordinary girl, but she doesn't want to enter a giant like a deep sea.

Although Jia Jia was very good, she did not put on a star stand, and gave her a skirt.

But she can't spoil her son because of this.

Well, Song Lingling felt that if she was with Jing Yijun, she would really spoil the other party.

Besides, she really has no idea about Jing Yijun!

Zihan glanced at the corner of her eye and looked at Song Lingling in surprise.

Yijun is so good, she lived with him, she did n’t feel good?

She shouldn't, after knowing Yijun's life, should she hold Yijun's thigh?

Zihan nodded: "After I go back, I must pass on your words to Sister Jiajia."

Song Lingling smiled: "Thank you."

"What a polite ..." Zihan pointed to the table full of dishes: "Don't just talk, eat."


As soon as Song Lingling entered the school, she received all the jealousy and jealousy of her classmates.

Just in the morning, they looked at her with hatred and anger, hoping to kick her out of school.

Alas, their emotions are really changeable.

Song Lingling ignored them and dragged her feet toward the classroom.

Why are the steps heavy?

Because she eats!

How much support?

Zihan sent her back, but she didn't feel like sitting in the car.

Standing up and walking now, I feel that the whole person's stomach is falling, and my abdomen is bloated.

Those nine dishes, when you are full, there is a little left, Zihan is not packed.

But the time for class is almost approaching. If she packs up, she can only take it back to school and put it home to eat at night. Such a hot day will definitely change its flavor.

She simply became a good boy, did not waste food, and finished all the dishes.

Then it was like this.

She just wanted to hurry back to the table and sit down now.

Oops, it's hard to breathe.

As soon as I returned to the classroom, the classroom was a coup.

Those female classmates who have never played with her, are now around her "hushing and asking for warmth".

"Ling Ling, is Jing Yijun really the son of Gu Jiajia, a big star?"

"Have you already known that he is Gu Jiajia's son?"

"Song Lingling, Jing Yijun is Gu Jiajia's son, will you continue to fall in love with him?"

"Song Lingling, I think you are not worthy of Jing Yijun, but Jing Yijun is a big man, you ..."


"Well, please don't block my way?" Song Lingling put her hands in front of her and asked for mercy.

"You haven't answered my words yet."

"That's right, if you don't answer us, do you think it's amazing to fall in love with Master Jing, and don't put us in the eyes?"

Song Lingling: "..."

She's really annoyed, wouldn't she just ignore them in her eyes?

They like to bully the new classmates, and usually do not attack her with words.

Now around her, she asked East and West, Song Lingling, who was so uncomfortable, really wanted to yell at them: "Go as far as you can!"

In the end, she still suppressed her temper, and her hands stretched back to show a painful expression: "My aunt hurts, can I get me back to sit down? I am about to faint."

When they heard it, they dared not surround her any more, but they followed Song Lingling wherever she went.

In a blink of an eye, Song Lingling returned to her seat and was surrounded by water.

They started cracking and asking about Jing Yijun again.

What do you want her to answer?

It's going crazy.

She really knows today that Jing Yijun is Jia Jia's son ...

Song Lingling dealt with a few words vaguely, and finally waited for the bell to ring.

After the class, they wouldn't dare to ask her about this and that.

In the few minutes after class, Song Lingling hurriedly lay on the table and pretended to sleep.

Several female classmates walked around and asked her if she had seen Gu Jiajia and Jing Yijun.

Song Lingling did not raise her head, but whispered softly: "My aunt is so painful ... so painful that I don't want to talk ..."

Several female students: "..."

What to drag, if you don't want to answer, don't want to answer, what pretends aunt to hurt?


After an afternoon, Song Lingling rushed out of the classroom at rocket speed.

No matter what her classmates called her, she ignored them, as if they were wolves, tigers and leopards.

Song Lingling wanted to rush out of school and return to the rented house.

But someone is faster than her.

At school, he was stopped by Song Nuo.

The other party is holding her by her arm and not letting her go.

Song Lingling stared at her coldly: "Let go!"

"I don't want to be surrounded by classmates, just follow me to a place."

"I just want to go home now!"

"My dad took your grandmother home, don't you know?"

Upon hearing this, Song Lingling gazed at Song Nuo with her eyes: "Do you think I will believe you?"

Grandma is in the rehabilitation area of ​​Yimin Hospital. Without her and Jing Yijun's permission, what is Song Kaiming's right to pick someone up?

"You don't believe it, you can call her." Song Nuo said with confidence.

Song Lingling took out the phone, dialed Ma Cha's phone, and shut down. Call the nurse again, the call is in progress.

Song Nuo looked up and looked at her proudly: "How? Can't get through?"

Song Lingling gritted her teeth and stared at her: "What do you want?"

"I want to talk to you."


In a coffee shop in front of the school.

"Yijun really likes you?" Song Nuoyu stared at Song Lingling and asked.

"Yi Jun?" Song Lingling sneered: "Before the poor kid or Jing Yijun called others, now it is called Yijun, aren't you ashamed?"

"Song Lingling, don't talk to me, do you think you deserve him?"

"I don't deserve it. It's not your turn to speak. Jing Yijun or his family said it deserves it."

"Song Lingling, don't be delusional. People like you can't enter their senior home. Haven't you seen the kind of rich lady in the giants? You are too shabby compared to them. By the way, if you are with Yijun, you will only be rejected and not liked. I think you are your dad's biological daughter, so I kindly persuade you not to be delusional, and quickly clear up the relationship with Yijun. "

Song Lingling looked at Song Nuo with a smile, she clearly wanted Jing Yijun, and she was delirious about Jing Yijun: "Gee, you are so nice to my sister, and I know to persuade me to do it Good thing. "

"How to say, you are also the father's daughter. In this circle, there are also many people who know your existence. Your every move represents our family. You don't want to think for yourself, but also for dad? Do you miss dad? Was the spine to be poked? "Song Nuo passed a look of contempt.

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