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Tang Huai loves her husband Jing Peng very much!

I have been in love since I was a young girl.

How much love is there?

Love has been married to him for three years, and there is no resentment before the round room.

And thinking that he is Jing Peng's wife, he can sleep sweetly with his miss every night.

On the day of his marriage, he had not left his seat, so he received an urgent task and hurried back to the army.

This is three years.

In the past three years, he has given her only ten phone calls. There is no way. Who made her Jing Peng a soldier!

Yesterday, he came back and said that the army organized a free medical examination for the family. He took her to the best Yingxin Hospital in the city for a checkup.

During a kidney function test, she was injected with general anesthesia and when she woke up, she was lying on her ward.

Jing Peng told her that during the examination, if she found a problem with her kidney, the doctor removed it.

Now the anesthesia is over and the wound is terribly painful.

But thinking about the next few days, Jing Peng will accompany her, no matter how much pain she can bear.

"Jing Peng really loves me and finds that I have a kidney problem and immediately asks the doctor to remove it." Tang Huai lying on the bed was full of happiness.

At this time, the door of the ward was gently pushed open, and her cousin Tang Ying, who was in her wheelchair, was pushed in by a nurse.

Seeing Tang Huai's face with a smile on her face, she asked: "Who are all so happy lying in the hospital?"

Tang Huai consciously had a good relationship with Tang Ying and talked to her. She did not answer Tang Ying's words, but murmured: "I don't know when my wound will heal and when your brother-in-law will return to the army."

After she finished speaking, she looked at Tang Ying and saw her sitting in a wheelchair. She asked in surprise: "Tang Ying, how are you in a wheelchair?"

Tang Ying waved towards the nurse to signal the nurse to go out.

After the nurse went out, Tang Ying didn't answer Tang Huai's question: "So anxious to recover?"

Tang Huai was full of joy, and his head was full of thoughts about Jing Peng. She did n’t ask much about Tang Ying ’s wheelchair. She smiled shyly. He is back. If I can round the house, I can get pregnant again. It would be nice if a man of your age like your brother-in-law will have soy sauce. We are still around. Are you sad?

"Brother-in-law is no longer here." Tang Ying's eyebrows passed with a smug glance.

Tang Huai smiled stiffly and looked at Tang Ying with surprise: "What are you talking about?"

Tang Ying smiled at Tang Huai, "You are everywhere, the brother-in-law is not, and he still has children."

When Tang Huai heard it, his emotions were excited, "Impossible! You lied to me! He is a soldier, I am his wife, how could I not know if he has children!"

"My brother-in-law retired before marrying you, and Yingxin Hospital was opened by him." Tang Ying raised his chin and looked at Tang Huai arrogantly. The name is taken, the person my brother-in-law loves has always been me. "

Tang Huai's heart shrank, she wanted to sit up, her waist just moved, and the wound hurt so she lay back again.

She stared sharply at Tang Ying, wondering whether it was wound pain or heartache. She shivered and shouted, "You lied to me! I don't believe it!"

Tang Ying puckered her lips proudly, with a slight contempt in her eyes, "Brother-in-law married you because of your kidney!"

"what did you say?!"

Tang Ying lifted her chin slightly, a look of pride, "You have a kidney on me."

"You bullshit!" Tang Huai suddenly lost control, shouting at Tang Ying.

Compared with Tang Huai, who was out of control, Tang Ying was more calm, she smiled, "I'm not talking nonsense, don't you forget why you lie here, why should I take a wheelchair?"

Tang Huai's body shook even more when he heard it.

Tang Ying continued: "Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a kidney problem and needed a virgin kidney to recover. But the doctor said that if a kidney transplant is performed, the pregnancy will increase the burden on the kidney. The operation is equivalent to doing it in vain, suggest me Ask your child as soon as possible while conditioning, and wait for the operation after finishing birth. I know that you have always loved Jing Peng, so I and Jing Peng discussed with him to let you marry you, otherwise you would marry another man, and it ’s not a virgin kidney For my health, Jing Peng had to grieve himself for marrying you, and then used the pretext of being unable to leave the army to stay away from home for years. In fact, he has lived with me for the past three years. One year ago, our son was born and nursing As soon as the period ended, he scheduled my surgery and he was always nervous about my body. "

Tang Huai was completely out of control, struggling to sit up and trying to pounce on Tang Ying. His aching body rolled heavily from the bed and hit the ground.

After the smash, she felt that her whole body was split, and the pain spread all over her body. She looked up hard and shouted sharply at Tang Ying: "I don't believe it! Jing Peng will not do this to me!"

Tang Ying looked coldly at Tang Huai, who was struggling on the ground. He looked like a clown jumping on the ground, his mouth raised, with a strong sneer, "You are not worthy of Jing Peng!"

"Tang Ying." At this moment, a deep and cold voice came from the door of the ward.

Hearing this voice, Tang Huai's heart shrank fiercely, and his body shook even more.

She tried to raise her head and looked towards the door. A tall figure walked in. She wept bitterly, "Jing Peng ..."

Jing Peng just glanced at her lightly, and that look, with a touch of disgust, was captured by Tang Huai, and Tang Huai's heart hurt.

Tang Ying looked up and looked at Jing Peng grievously, with a charming tone, "Jing Peng, I still couldn't hold back, all told my sister."

Jing Peng touched Tang Ying's head indulgently, and the tone of blame with endless tenderness, "You are too anxious, if the operation is unsuccessful, you still need a virgin kidney?"

what? !

Tang Huai's heart was so painful that he looked at Jing Peng in amazement. He wanted her other kidney. Isn't that killing her?

"A couple of dogs and men!" Tang Huai was furious and scolded. After the words were finished, his chest hurt, his throat sweet, and a spit of blood spewed out.

The wound on the waist is very painful, and the eyes are gradually darkening, and the consciousness is loosening. Tang Huai feels that she is dying. She looks up hard and casts her eyes on Jing Peng for help.


The head hurts, the will is clear, but the eyes can't be opened, and there is a sense of uneasiness in the ghost press.

In the ear, the cry of the baby came, and Tang Huai felt a shock: She was not dead?

"Cry, cry, you know crying, you killed your dad, you are so sorry to cry!"

Hearing this, Tang Huai was shocked again. Isn't this her mother's voice?

Mom died before she got married, how can she hear her voice now?

"There are no more men in the house. How will our four mothers and daughters live in the future? Ahhhh ..." Still the cry of mother!

Tang Huai suddenly opened his eyes.

The eyes are the simple mud brick house, the roof is still covered with tiles, there are several places, and there are spider webs hanging.

Tang Huai pinched his waist, it hurt, not a dream!

It turned out that she was born again! Back to the day she was fourteen, eighties!

At the age of fourteen, on the third day of the baby's birth, the sick dad died.

She fell on the way back from her father's burial, hit a rock on her forehead, fainted, and woke up the next day.

Outside, the cry of mother and sister kept on, and Tang Huai's brain buzzed.

"Liu Xiaoyu, is the money ready ?!" A fierce voice sounded.

Tang Huai was shocked. Wasn't this her uncle Tang Youming's voice?

Tang Huai got up hard and walked to the door of the room and saw Tang Youming and his wife standing fiercely in the living room.

The living room is very narrow, with a small table in the center, which is both a dining table and a desk.

By the window, there was a wooden bed, and at the end of the bed was a bamboo chair. The chair was covered with clothes and looked very messy.

Liu Xiaoyu was sitting at the head of the bed, at her feet, a baby girl was lying, and her 13-year-old second sister, Tang Li, was sitting on the ground with red eyes.

Tang Youming and Yang Hongxing suddenly rushed in, and scared Liu Xiaoyu's face slightly changed. She choked with sobs: "Third Brother, when you said yes, you lent money to Xinxin without any interest. It's been a few years, how can you come back and chase interest?"

"It was our stupidity! Anyway, the money is in your hands for two years, you have to pay us interest regularly according to the bank." Yang Hongxing said loudly.

Yang Hongxing has a mean face, only thinking about how to ask others to bargain, never allow others to bargain with her.

Five years ago, Tang Youxin borrowed 10,000 yuan from Tang Youming. When he borrowed, the brothers were very kind and wrote the debts under the witness of the village head.

Two years later, Tang Youxin returned the money to Tang Youming. When he returned, he also gave him 20 yuan more. At that time, Tang Youming did not want to live or die.

Later, the brothers quarreled a few times for a little bit of trouble, and the brother's feelings broke.

During the period of Tang's newborn illness, Tang Youming ran over two days to collect interest, saying that if he had deposited 10,000 yuan in the bank for two years, there would be 100% interest.

"I really have no money. I spent a lot of money in the year when I had a new illness, and spent money on burial." Liu Xiaoyu was cowardly because he never had a son, and always felt that he was inferior to the woman who gave birth to his son. Therefore, I am always willing to be bullied by my aunt and mother-in-law.

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