"Milk..." Fu Bao's tears fell instantly again.

Lin Xiujuan tried to squeeze a smile and said softly: "Fubao, if there is a chance, we will see you when your baby is born. Stop crying. When you cry, my mother really feels distressed."

Shen Jianlin sniffed and said, "Yes! Dad feels bad too!"

Old man Shen and his four brothers were pursing their lips and their eyes were red. They all tried their best to control their emotions, their throats choked badly, and some were speechless.

It seems to cry as soon as he speaks. This is a shame for a man!

But a few people still couldn't help stepping forward, and then hugged Fubao. Shen Zhile finally couldn't help crying, "Fubao, the fourth brother is reluctant to bear you, really reluctant to bear you..."

Fu Bao whimpered and said, "I can't bear you either!"

In fact, she should be happy to see her grandma and parents again, and she should not expect anything. However, when it came time to separate, tears were like dropped beads, and I couldn't control it.

Old lady Shen wiped her eyes, turned her head to look at Long Xiao on the side, and said with a request in her eyes: "Long Xiao, you shouldn't...you should be honored."

Long Xiao quickly said, "Old lady, you should call me by name."

Mrs. Shen smiled, "Well, Long Xiao, old lady, I have hardly asked anyone in my life, no matter how hard I am. But now, I ask you to take good care of Fubao, love her and protect her. Don't let her be wronged, or let her suffer. She is the heart and soul of our whole family, we entrust her to you, don't let us down."

Long Xiao glanced at Fubao, put his arms around her shoulders, and said seriously, "You can rest assured that Fubao is everything to me. I love her more than myself. Even if I fail everything, I will not fail. she was."

"Okay, okay... With your words, we are really relieved." The old lady Shen smiled knowingly, and shook Fubao's hand tightly, and finally exhorted: "Nannan, you and Long Xiao , Be good!"

Fu Bao nodded vigorously, his throat stuck and he was speechless.

She could only look at them reluctantly and smile at herself, and then, little by little, disappeared into the night with the wind.

They left her with familiar smiling faces.

There were tears on Fu Bao's face, but when everything was calm again, she curled up her mouth and laughed.

She saw her grandma, parents, brothers, and they are all very well. Moreover, they knew her identity and accepted it. She had always felt a little guilty for hiding her identity before, but now she is fine.

Finally relieved.

Long Xiao stretched out his hand and gently wiped the tears on her face, and said helplessly: "You, I knew you would cry like this, I won't let them come."

Fu Bao reached out and hugged him, seeing his eyes full of gratitude, "A Xiao, thank you, let me see them again, thank you so much."

Long Xiao laughed, bowed his head and dropped a bite on her forehead, "Then are you happy?"

"Happy, of course happy! This is my happiest thing this time!"

"Then it's worth it."

However, Long Xiao didn't tell her that in order to bring them over, he had a conflict with the underworld, with one enemy and one hundred, which took hundreds of years to cultivate. He was also injured a little bit, and finally he could negotiate a condition to allow the Shen family to leave for a long time.

At night, they must be sent back.

But these, she doesn't know better, lest this girl has to worry again.

Meeting his gentle and deep eyes, Fu Bao felt that he was about to melt.

Her eyes became gentle, "A Xiao, what luck did I take to meet you?"

Long Xiao looked at her steadily, and corrected: "You were wrong, it was my luck that I met you."

Fu Bao leaned in his arms and watched with him the silver-plated moon and shining stars on the horizon. His voice was ethereal like the wind, "A Xiao, I feel... fate is really a magical thing. You. Believe that it is destined to do so?"

Long Xiao hugged her tightly, kissed her hair, and said in a certain tone: "Well, I believe it."

He will never forget the day when he was young, he was locked in the wood shed dying, and at the moment of dying, he saw that the door that had been locked for a long time was opened.

A long-lost beam of bright sunlight came in, stinging his eyes.

In the dazzling sunlight, a little girl in a pink skirt came in. Perhaps she had spotted him. She exclaimed "Yeah", and then ran towards him, struggling to remove him from He was lifted up on the ground, not at all dirty or embarrassed, and asked with concern: "Are you okay?"

At that moment, he felt in a daze that he saw a fairy.

At that moment, her and his fate were destined to be entangled.

So, by fate, he believes.

Believe it all the time.

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