In March, the grass grows and the warbler flies, and the trees sprout, giving the whole village a touch of greenery.

It is the spring plowing season. In the usual noon, most people in the village have finished their morning farm work and went home to rest for a while. Today, many people gathered outside the Shen's yard and looked inside curiously.

"Inhale, exhale... Yes, force! This has been several hours, you have to stick to it, you can definitely give birth to the baby, force!"


After vaguely hearing the noise, Fu Bao regained consciousness. She opened her eyes wide and looked left and right, and found that she was in darkness.

Strange, where is this oneself?

Fu Bao hadn't figured out the situation before he was squeezed out.

"Born, finally born! Blessed by the bodhisattva, I thought that this child would not be born, but I did not expect to be born safely. God blessed her!" The elderly midwife excitedly picked her up and slapped her big rough hand. Fu Bao felt a pain in her **** and started crying reflexively.

Why would you cry like a baby?

Only then did Fubao react to what happened.

I was originally a carefree little lucky star in the heavens. Didn’t I just run into that big boss in the demon world, and when he was chased by the heavenly soldiers and generals, he skinned him and gave him a little blessing of fortune, which allowed him to get rid of the chase smoothly. Soldier, he violated the rule of heaven... Then he was ruthlessly smashed to the mortal world to receive experience, and only after completing the mission can he return!

Life in the heavens is actually quite boring. She often sneaks out to play while the old lucky star is not there, and occasionally goes down. She knows that earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world. Now in the 1980s, people have changed their appearances, and life is completely the same as before. It's different.

But in Heaven, except that the language has become more fashionable, nothing has changed. It is really boring. So being demoted this time was just what she wanted!

Right now, she has become a little baby through her womb, just born from her mother's belly, it would be a long way to go to complete the task and return to the heavens.

"Is the baby a boy or a girl?" The woman on the bed had just finished giving birth, her body was extremely weak, her beautiful face was pale, and she was sweating profusely, looking at the newborn expectantly.

"It's a girl, a beautiful girl, who looks like you!"

The woman sighed in relief when she heard that it was a baby girl, and a satisfied smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, as if she had accomplished some important task.

She couldn't wait to reach out her hand, "Quickly, let me see..."

The midwife smiled and said, "Don't worry, don't worry, wait for me to wash the baby first."

Fubao felt that she was quickly put into a tub filled with warm water to clean her, her small body was gently wiped dry, wrapped in a soft cloth, and handed to the woman's arms.

The house was simply cleaned, and the midwife opened the shabby blue curtain and went out.

The man who had been wandering outside in the yard anxiously saw the midwife coming out and rushed up immediately. His dark, handsome face was full of anxiety, his eyes were red, and he was about to cry, "Did you give birth? What about my daughter-in-law? kind?"

Another old lady with gray hair and a rickety back came up, with the same worried and anxious expression, "I seemed to hear the baby's cry just now. Did you give birth?"

Behind her, four little boys of different heights also rushed over and surrounded the midwife, all nervous and looking forward to it.

The midwife nodded cheerfully and said: "I gave birth to a baby girl, mother and daughter are safe!"

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