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Rebirth of the Investment Boss

2.5 (26 reviews)
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What will you do when you are born again in 2008? Lin Han tells you, “First earn it a billion, and then…you know!”…

- Description from Unknown


Short Title:ROTIB
Alternate Title:重生投资大佬
Author:Green ink misty rain
Weekly Rank:#197
Monthly Rank:#51
All Time Rank:#1734
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Discrimination, Economics, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Poor to Rich,
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19 Comments on “Rebirth of the Investment Boss
  1. Passserby's disdain MC because his company registered for only two months and they can search it in a minute from Internet(?).. But internet don't have any information about MC's investment even when MC's company is the largest shareholder of a listed company(Netease) and possibly highest market capitalisation company in that time..lol.. As always brain disabled villian who feel offended without any reason!!! MC invests 100 million rmb for 40% share when the company has nothing but concept and they don't even have clear development goal unlike mc's reborn advantage.. So stupid you can just make a multi billion dollar company with 100 million initial investment!!!!! So overall an average typical rebirth novel with stupid MC...and hopefully it won't have any cultivation shit..

  2. Its the same crap we always get. Our MC slaps the face of young masters left and right. They are real villains, getting out of jail and causing trouble, trying to rape the girl the mc is somewhat interested in and it is so annoying to read. Its as if author has no imagination, its just so trashy, also novel is quite nationalist towards China. There's literally no redeeming qualities in the 20-30 chapters i've read, i should have dropped it sooner but i really like money making/investment stories but it is really not readable.

  3. Rebirth novel.. What MC needed most after they rebirth ain't money or capital to build up their wealth, but first they need a normal brain that functions normally. HAHAHA

  4. According to Chinese authors, what they need after they rebirth isnt money, strength or brain cells. No, according to them they need at least 6 girls falling in love with him cuz he looked at them for more than 5 seconds

  5. Right, but 6 is too less, at most all the population of Chinanumbawon will I agree with that. Plus, a look that last of one nanosecond is enough to make them succumb to the MC. Terrifying.

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