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Rebirth of the Craziest Female Student

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Rebirth the heir of the night family waste?

Say sister waste, sling! The best relatives, crush! Decathlon hybrid, Midi Mimei is crying and begging to hold her thigh!

By the way, receive one from the system, surrender in seconds, and donate doglegs every day.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host, a big wave of peach blossoms is coming to you, please accept it!!”

Peach blossom value? What the hell? !

A certain “Peach Blossom” evil charm smiled: Wife, don’t you stamp it?

After confirming the look in his eyes, this is the woman that his emperor will spare all his life!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RCFS
Alternate Title:重生最狂女学生
Author:Eighteen Nights
Weekly Rank:#118
Monthly Rank:#127
All Time Rank:#142
Tags:Academy, Complex Family Relationships, Cunning Protagonist, Empires, Female Protagonist, Military, Nobles, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator,

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9 Comments on “Rebirth of the Craziest Female Student
  1. I like the story very much,the rewards are a little too much,I ignored them by the time I reached half the story.. for all faceslaps,you get rewards... Also I haven't seen her once in the slumps,she has always been strong,very smart,this is a little illogical sometimes because the system is a little omnipotent and solves many things

  2. I like how even though at first the MC will be enemies with some one of the chara but she can allies with them too. It’s better then some of the novel where the MC will totally destroy some chara that are arrogant and then they just fade out of the novel. The system is alright and it’s like a cheerleader to the MC not totally useless.

  3. Why do i feel the system is useless, just only adding attribute or maybe later theres new in it..i hope it has after all im getting bored reading this novel..

  4. The summary of this novel its not enough, i dont even feel what interesting in it, i think its better to add those interesting, like what the system can do and other thing..

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