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In the past, Tang Jingyun always felt that she was an out-and-out winner in life!

She struggled all the way from the illegitimate daughter of the Tang family to become the head of the Tang family.

Not only did she destroy her vicious brother and her vicious sister in Bai Lian’s appearance, she also sent her biological father who had betrayed her mother to a mental hospital, entered the house, and took charge of the Tang family. Lifted the Tang family upside down.

In the end of this kind of life, there is only loneliness, and there is no trustworthy person around.

Never thought that life can be repeated!

Now that she lives her life again, she decided to stay away from these disputes.
She is tired of those powers and fame and fortune, and she has played badly with those conspiracies!

In order to avoid the chaos of the past life, I found a man to marry, but didn’t want to meet a terrible character. From then on, the king and the king, set foot on the road of tame the mastiff to the loyal dog!

Once awakening the power, watch her unfold a rich, splendid and splendid life!
From the political and business celebrities, down to the three educators and nine liu, there is a myth that belongs to her!

The heroine pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, and grows up step by step, involving business, campus, investment, antiques, etc., not abuse, warm, passionate, and cool.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RCBW
Alternate Title:重生之名流商女
Author:Play flute
Weekly Rank:#135
Monthly Rank:#101
All Time Rank:#550
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Cold Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Eye Powers, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth,
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24 Comments on “Rebirth of the Celebrity Business Woman
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  1. (help me), a novel with fl which has a vest named YG, he also became the successor to a big company because he was chosen. fl has a grandmother (orphanage owner) who turned out to be a famous researcher. fl has 4 older brothers who love her. ML has a mysterious mother, and wants to find the cause of her mother's death

  2. Why is "Handsome Male Lead" even a tag? How many novels on here don't have a "Handsome Male Lead"? And besides since it is a novel and not a show or movie, "Handsome Male Lead" (& Beautiful Female Lead") are pretty useless as tags. It does nothing to hint at any plot points. You might as well just have a tag "Men" or "Women".

  3. Some people need to know that the female and male lead in the novel that they read are beautiful and handsome to satisfied their own imagination.

  4. I agree, I will not read the novel if the mc is not overly beautiful, but for male frequences it is not much different if he is handsome or not..

  5. I recommend this novel: 我打造了舊日支配者神話....The mc is a mentally ill person and have a system and this novel is horror and adventure....umm Lu Yi had heard before that many people who were burnt to death would lose consciousness first because of suffocation and eventually die. However, the traces on the scene told Lu Yi that when Amber was burned by the flame, she retained the clearest consciousness. She did not suffocate due to lack of oxygen, but felt the engulf of the flame throughout the process. The flame spread over her white and tender skin, tore it apart, and squeezed out the flesh and blood inside, swallowing it like a greedy monster, and finally did not let the bones go. The lovable hair turned to ashes in the fire, the dazzling clothes were burned out by the flames, the slender limbs, the delicate face, the eyes with the most beautiful brilliance in the world, were destroyed in the merciless pale flame. , There was only one ugly, scorched, foul-smelling corpse left, in this unmanned tall pavilion, imprisoned for dozens or even hundreds of years. During this whole process, Amber struggled, begged, and screamed to the last moment, ushering in the most painful death. While these things happened, the people underneath were cheering, jumping for joy, and celebrating, carrying on the grandest celebration. In the end, her life disappeared, transformed into something more pure. This thing will guard the world for decades, hundreds of years, and eventually it will run out. Amber's small, thin body will be beaten to shreds by those old witches, burned again, and turned into a small urn, displayed on the shelf in the main hall, never seeing the sun. This is the truth about the priest maiden. There is no authority above ten thousand people, there is no happy life, not even life. The chief priest is a sacrifice to the gods. And all of this was done by Lu Zie personally for Amber. If Lu Yi agreed to Humber's request and let her be an ordinary girl in the corner of the sea, then she would definitely not have to suffer such inhuman torture. If Amber's sense of responsibility is a little weaker, more timid, and more selfish, she can completely escape her destiny and embark on a completely different, but at least there is still a future path. It is precisely because she is so perfect that she will stand here. It is precisely because she is so good that she will usher in this end. Destiny is like a precisely biting gear, pushing her to this position. "You have become thinner again, Amber." Lu Tie sighed. The dry corpse was motionless, only the longbow in his hand was swaying. ...(my own comment: This chapter really makes me CRY...Fuck the author for killing MY WIFE 'AMBER'

  6. Actually, this novel doesn't have a lot of annoying things. ML and FL have a good relationship. It's just that I feel bored for some reason.

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