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Rebirth of the Campus Bussiness Woman at Age 18

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She’s a riffraff? Go check who’s number 1 in the city!

She’s fat and ugly? This oval face, this slender waist, these long legs – do you have them too?

Gu Ming returned to 18 years of age. The former top student found through her parents’ harsh scolds that she had become a useless person who fell in puppy love, a delinquent who told lies, a little ghost who even a dog would scorn. The once illegitimate half-sister, Gu Fei had turned into a full-on biological sister!

This daughter of a mistress had overtaken the legitimate heir to fight for the family properties. This little sister dressed herself up as a white lotus untainted by mud and in the eyes of others, she became a top student. Like this, she snatched away her parents and her boyfriend.

Stealing from me?

Gu Ming sneered. You have the gall to snatch, but do you have the lifespan to enjoy it as well?

Moreover, this time around she has a golden finger! It would only take a minute to kill a man.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:RCBW
Alternate Title:重生校园之商女十八岁
Weekly Rank:#5781
Monthly Rank:#7794
All Time Rank:#6318
Tags:Business Management, Identity Crisis,
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7 Comments on “Rebirth of the Campus Bussiness Woman at Age 18
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  1. Damn. This was supposed to be good. But because some chapters is missing and some chapter is in incorrect order, this made me so mad. I just felt like i wasted my whole day in it😵😵‍💫🤯

  2. O romance era tão bom, eu gostei tanto, infelizmente o autor desistiu, eu procurei em vários sites infelizmente não achei completo, só alguns capítulos a mais dos que já tem aqui e depois cancelaram ;-;

  3. They posted everything that’s available on Chinese publishing sites unfortunately, it seems like it’s a problem with the original work, a real shame considering how good it started and stayed even through some of the jumps and skips, I scoured multiple online publishing sites(of which there were few as this wasn’t from a well know/big website) and this is what you get unfortunately

  4. Oh your right there are like 8 missing chapters but it still just ends cold turkey I think, it’s hard to tell because the order of chapters seems to be different in different places

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