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Rebirth of the Almighty Goddess (Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!)

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This novel is also known as Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Interstellar boss Zi Yi is reborn.

Rebirth is obviously a wealthy daughter and a respectable grandfather’s family, but he was deliberately disabled by his stepmother and was instigated to be alienated from his grandfather’s family;

She was labeled a shameless woman in the circle as “a dude, a big straw bag, shameless, and even grabbed her own cousin and boyfriend.”

Faced with such a situation, Big Zi chuckled.

Big straw bag?

Let you see what is called the most powerful brain.

Robbing your cousin’s boyfriend?

Don’t ask why crooked melons and cracked dates can get into the eyes of Big Purple?

Accidentally messed up the world financial circle, hacker circle, racing circle, Ai circle… and countless other bigwigs panic.

But Big Brother Zi calmly recognized a relative and fell in love.

Unexpectedly, the object turned out to be the Emperor of Quan Sect with a clear and noble wrist in the imperial capital.

The emperor is good at everything, that is to protect his shortcomings. The most common sight is that someone bullies his daughter-in-law. His greatest hobby is to spoil his wife!

So, scumbags shiver!

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Short Title:ROTAG
Alternate Title:重生全能女神美爆了 / Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!
Author:Wishful year
Weekly Rank:#1088
Monthly Rank:#729
All Time Rank:#197
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Rebirth, Scientists,
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21 Comments on “Rebirth of the Almighty Goddess
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  1. I really liked it until the middle of it, but then she gets pregnant and the romance slow A LOT. He Fei and Ouyang Ming were obnoxious and annoying and when we were just about to breathe a sigh of relief BOOM Tang Ze the most annoying idiot appears. Always opening his mouth to ask stupid questions, asking questions at times where if this wasnt a shitty chinese novel his large sewer mouth wouldve gottem them in trouble several times and author TRIES HIS MAXIMUM to capture every single thing Tang Ze does, say or thinks. You will start questioning who really is the MC. And the Zerg cat & mouse game just gets dumb.

  2. But the FL here is not a sitting duck at least. Chinese novels have this weird mindset of "They are worms and I wont bother with them" and this shit is Just so stupid. It happens some times in this novel but FL couldve solved things so much easier if she just used the Oh so Holy MENTAL POWER and just brainwash everyone that goes AGAINST her. She almost doesnt kill humans but deals with them with other means, she only KILLS zergs and shit.

  3. This novel was good until u read a dozen times of assassin plot and brain dead human's schemes... Some event was solved fast and some were drag too long. And that Dongfang family live too long...I don't get it why Ajing leave them after he said he wanna solve them. In this novel ,even the misunderstand/scandal were explain with proof ,there is still brain dead bitch didn't believe it. And all the time I read this novel, I keep thinking how kill them all and solve the problem. No need to talk nonsense and proof.it useless anyway. Hefei and ouyang ming is a character that I can't read and predict. Especially ouyang ming ,the second I think he fall in love with Ziyi ,then he turn into her enemy. Hefei is the biggest 'MISUNDERSTAND' human that Ziyi ever meet. Because of him ,Ziyi was in scandal ,because of him too that other think think Ziyi and Ajing kill Ouyang Ming.

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