December 9, 2019. Singapore. Central Hospital.


The hospital was bustling with hustle and bustle, and several people gathered around a middle-aged man.

"Sir! Sir?"

A fat female nurse tried to help people up.


Cheng Yongxing was shaken for a while, shaking so dimly.


"You are awake. What a shame you are!

Watching others draw blood, I actually fainted first! "

Cheng Ting looked disgusted. Surrounded by her classmates and parents, she has no face.

"What's the date today?"

"No. 9! Forget it, don't continue to be ashamed, go home."

Cheng Ting pulled up her father who was still not awake, and walked out as if fleeing.


11th Avenue, Yishun, big brand 435, married.

"I have something I want to discuss with you."

Cheng Yongxing spent a long time in the house, but still felt he had to talk frankly.

"What's the matter? Why is it so serious?

It doesn't matter if the blood is not donated. Faint blood is not a major problem. "

Liu Xuan found that since participating in a social event with his daughter, her husband has been thinking about it all the time. He is less happy than the daughter who has lost face.

"I have had a dream these two days."

"Really? What did you dream of?"

"In my dream, I became a physicist."


You are almost fifty, do you still remember the matter of applying for an exam?

My parents have passed away for many years. It's time to put it down"

"I'm not complaining about this."

"Then what do you mention it for?"

"In my dream, I proposed a few new theories and wanted to verify it. As a result, I woke up before the experiment was finished."

At a critical moment in the verification experiment of high-dimensional particles, even Cheng Yongxing himself took part.

As a result, he returned after an experiment accident.

In a familiar and unfamiliar environment, Cheng Yongxing actually felt at a loss.

The goal that was once struggling hard is reached so easily, how can the rest of life go?

"What then? What do you want to do?"

"I want to carry out a few experiments and continue."

"If you want to do it, do it. You are all this old, so you have to ask me?"

"But this experiment is a bit dangerous. I want to ask for your opinion."

Cheng Yongxing looked serious.

"How dangerous can it be?"

"If you are not careful, you can bring the universe back to its original form, the whole world will be destroyed, and the earth and human beings will all perish."

Cheng Yongxing even suspected that because the experiment was too dangerous, the world was afraid and kicked him back.

"Heh, is this a little bit dangerous?"

Liu Xuan curled her lips.

"But it doesn't matter. As long as you feel you should do it, and you want to do it, do it well. I will always be with you."

Liu Xuan simply put down the bowl she was washing in her hand and grabbed her husband's arm with her wet hand. Try to use the strength of the body to express the so-called firm support.

"Experiments will cost a lot of money."

"More money? How much?"

Liu Xuan's tone was obviously higher.


Forest Building, fourth floor, Lazer Computer Store.

"I want to buy 50 sets of i7CPU. And matching memory, motherboard, high-performance graphics card."

The strange guest, took out a list.

"50 sets? What do you want to do?"

The shop owner heard it and stood up.

50 sets of i7 and high-end graphics cards, plus the corresponding network configuration, cabinets, the total price exceeds 300,000 SGD.

This is the price of a three-room flat.


11th Street, Yishun, Blk 435.

"Dad! The power supply has tripped again!"

The girl's screams can be heard downstairs.


2020, January 8, Beijing, x office.

"Xiaocheng, why are you here? Why didn't you send a message in advance?"

Zhao Mengjia, who was in the image of a middle-aged eldest sister, walked into the guard room.

"If I send a message, I'm worried and I won't be able to come back."

On the way to Cheng Yongxing, he was very careful, especially when entering and leaving the customs.

"What's the matter?"

"It's nothing big, at noon, I want to invite you, brother, and Gu Yuan to have a meal together."

"How can I invite you? Since you are in Beijing, why should I invite you?

I'm going to call people now and call all my classmates in Beijing! "

Cheng Yongxing did not come to reunions several times. This is probably the first time in more than ten years.

"No, just a few of you."

Cheng Yongxing stretched out his hand to block.


Natural residence, hotel private room.

"Yongxing, what are you doing, so mysterious? Don't say hello before you come, and don't tell others after you come."

Gu Yuan yelled as soon as he entered the door.

He and Cheng Yongxing are not in the same dormitory, and they are not very familiar. For this lunch, all the students gathered were working in the aerospace system.

"Show you something."

Cheng Yongxing took out a cyan plate and put an iron spoon on it.

"Plate? Or spoon? This spoon belongs to the restaurant, right."

Gu Yuan picked up the spoon in front of him and gestured.

Well, exactly the same.

"Wait a minute." Cheng Yongxing opened the notebook he brought with him. With a burst of percussion, the spoon suddenly floated up and flashed with faint light.

"What's this? Anti-gravity?"

The whole house was stunned.


Songhexuan, Harbin.

A group of people stood in front of Feng Yan's tomb.

Hao Yunli stepped forward and pulled a middle-aged man who was silent and reluctant to leave.

"We should go now, there are many more things to do."

Hao Yunli's Aomeng Fund invested a lot of money in Zhang Jun Technology, and now both parties are regarded as colleagues.

"Don't be sad. Feng Yan has been away for so many years. If she knew that you still remember her and came to see her, she would be very happy."

Zhao Mengjia also came up to persuade.

All the students tested in 89 have returned for this special class reunion, and Feng Yan is missing.

"Come on, Vice President Zhang Yan is still waiting for us."

The trip for a while will be to visit his alma mater. Because in the next project, a large number of aerospace-related technologies and content are involved, such as the construction of aerospace warehouse. Cheng Yongxing didn't want to cooperate with the government, so he decided to go back to his alma mater and seek help.

"No. She's still alive."

Cheng Yongxing finally raised his head.

"This project was completed by her and me together."

For many things, Cheng Yongxing could not come forward, and Feng Yan organized outside. Only she can convince the crowd.

"My daughter, is she still alive?"

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