August 2017, Mount Mary, Monticito, USA

Two middle-aged men and a young girl walked in through the back door. Just after riding back, several people sweated slightly.

"Uncle Cheng, why didn't Grace come with you?"

"She will graduate soon, and she's posting her resume everywhere, so she won't come out!"

"I really envy Sister Grace, she can earn money on her own!"

Marry is less than 15 years old, and his pocket money is heavily controlled by his parents. Since she spends most of her time in the United States, she is no different from an American girl.


A few people, chatting while walking. As soon as he walked in the door, the hostess greeted him and handed everyone a towel.

"Xiaocheng, go and wash, the worker has already put the water!"

"Okay." The guest took the towel. But instead of walking to the guest room, he was attracted by the scrolling news broadcast in the living room.

The two hosts of CNN are enthusiastically talking about the latest shocking news, the World Trade War.

"It started again early!"

"What's ahead?" The host came up from behind.

The guest did not answer, but stood silently in front of the huge display screen.

Both of them didn't speak, just stood quietly.

"You two, what are you doing standing there? Why don't you sit down and watch?" The hostess put a plate of grapes on the coffee table and reminded her aloud.

"Yuan Shuai!" The guest turned around and glanced at his partner beside him.


"If you have the opportunity to go back in time, what will you do?" The guest hesitated for a moment, or asked his own question in a low voice.

"Me? Shall I start again?" Yuan Shuai was puzzled.

"Yes, do you have any desires to go back to the past, make up and realize?"

"I! Then I must be my first choice to make a fortune! If there is this opportunity, wouldn't the world's richest man now belong to me?"

"Get rich? You are still not satisfied! The ranking of your couple is in the top 20!"

Yuan Shuai and his wife have been regular visitors to the rich list in recent years. All semiconductor stocks benefited from the surge in memory chip prices that began in the second half of last year. "Besides, it's just a few of you who are fighting over and over. What's the point?"

"Yeah! It doesn't mean anything." Yuan Shuai scratched his head, then looked back at the woman who was watching with great interest.

"Then I will chase you in my freshman year!" Yuan Shuai walked over with a smile, and put his arms around the shoulders of the hostess.

"In this way, you won't be alone, drifting for so many years, and having suffered so much!" After speaking, Yuan Shuai gave the customer a triumphant look.

"You two don't need to look at me! It's not my fault!" The guest shook his head disapprovingly.


"What about you? If you were asked to start again, what would you choose?" The hostess was not confused by her husband's sweet words, but broke away from his embrace.

"Me!" The guest was lost in thought.

"Yes, it's you! If you were asked to do it again, what would you do?"

rare! The old classmate actually took the initiative to mention this topic, and Yuan Shuai was also interested.

"If it were me, I might choose to be a teacher!"

The guest hesitated and spoke a new choice. Because God did not keep the house, he did not notice the language problems of the two classmates.

"Why?" Both the couple were taken aback by this answer.

The middle-aged man's gaze cast through the floor-to-ceiling living room glass window to the wide back garden, where there is a green.

"A person, no matter how hard he tries, the things he can change are always limited!

If you give me another chance, I will try and change more people. Then see if it will change the world! "

The man's voice is full of loneliness. "It might be better that way."


"You have done well, no one will do better than you!"

The hostess didn't care about her husband's gaze, stepped forward, and took the initiative to pull the guest's hands up. I hope to use my body temperature to bring a touch of kindness to this old friend opposite.

"Yes, you have changed a lot of people. We all know these, and we are grateful to you!"

Yuan Shuai also came over and put his hand on it.

The task of the Whampoa Corps for a period of time in the future is to continue to urge governments and parliaments of various countries to create greater freedom for guests.

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