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Rebirth of an Ugly Girl Turned Around

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(Ability + Appreciation Treasure + Sweet Pet + One Child and Two Treasures + Shuang Pet Text )

Qiao Yi’an was reborn and returned to the night twelve years ago when he was drugged and rolled with a strange man.

In her last life, she was called Tiansha Lone Star by her mother, who punished her six relatives!

He was set on fire by his fiancé and his face was destroyed, and he was miscalculated by his relatives, and was sentenced to ten years in prison!

As a human being, she no longer expects her mother’s love and affection, and no longer thinks about that illusory love. She just wants to keep the two children who unexpectedly appeared in her womb and live a quiet life.


Why was that strange man, the golden thigh fiancé of her enemy in her previous life? ! Hello! What are you doing so close? Get away from me!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RUGTA
Alternate Title:重生丑女翻身:帝少甜宠鉴宝娇妻
Author:Shen Junwan
Weekly Rank:#151
Monthly Rank:#256
All Time Rank:#152
Tags:Disfigurement, Eye Powers, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Naive Protagonist, Rape, Rebirth, Revenge, Strong to Stronger, Twins, Ugly to Beautiful,
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  1. Does anyone know a novel name where mc murdered by step sister and adopted brother in past life and ml frame by them...she had system where she can get point when she physically contact ml..

  2. Alguien como la novela donde la protagonista renace en un bebé y es la única niña siendo mimada en su familia pero renace en la era antigua y en su anterior vida murió por ser muy débil cuando salió a caminar por favor si saben el título.....😁🙏

  3. help me, I'm looking for an apocalypse novel with technology, it starts with the boy going back in time to before the apocalypse, then he borrows his friend's car goes to the nearby forest (there was a couple having sex there) to get a technological artifact that appears there. He washes the house and using the artifact he makes microrobots to enter it and strengthen his body, soon the government people find him and take the artifact. All the people in this novel have one of three abilities; plan (build technology plans), analysis (ability to analyze plans) and construction (build plans) the main because nanobots have all three.

  4. Does anyone know the name of the QT where the Fl is the fiancé of the male lead then she breaks it off when a girl from ancient times comes through and says she will willingly let her be the main room that’s all I can remember does anyone know the name ???

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