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Rebirth of an Entrepreneurial Life

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Early 2003.

At this time, Taobao has not yet been established, Xiaomi is nowhere to be seen, housing prices are not unattainable, and all industries are thriving…

With memories of the future, Chen Ping returned to 2003, a golden 2003.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ROEL
Alternate Title:重生之创业人生
Author:Single-plank bridge
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Monthly Rank:#2727
All Time Rank:#1194
Tags:Average-looking Protagonist, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Business Management, Businessmen, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Early Romance, Harem, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Previous Life, Rebirth, Xuanhuan,
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33 Comments on “Rebirth of an Entrepreneurial Life
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  1. This review is up to chapter 332. The review can be divided into 3 parts - When he is in high school Obviously it begins when she is reborn and realizes that she returns to her younger self, almost nothing is known about what she did in her future life only that at one point she had a bad time at school and had a problem family. It starts out well and is entertaining between the interactions and the trade that she makes, so it seems the whole plot will be related to the trade that up to now is a bit consistent. It also has a bit of comedy and romance. -When when she is about to start college Already at this stage she begins to depend much more on the trick of her rebirth, although it is relatively moderate it is too much to believe that she is infallible just for the fact that in the future she has been like that. Follows the theme related to the development of companies that, in order to form them, give important information to employees who occupy relevant positions. Comedy and romance continue but always in a secondary place. In this part it is a bit entertaining how you balance resources to achieve your goals. -When she is in college In this stage, the trick is already something habitual, with only this, the successes and failures of history are going away, although it is understood that you can use relevant information from the future that you know, you do not have the knowledge in particular areas that you treat as if he had it and never until now has he been said to have played such a role in his future past life. Romance is already totally understated, there will be something else but it does not matter except for one or two things. Comedy is shrinking too. The MC's attitude grows with his ego, he believes that as he is reborn, nobody can do anything to him, although he acts in some things with caution, the main thing is that it is the whole story for it and when he has the time to analyze / invent potential enemies / competitors He does not do it, if even the author said to mention that he sent someone to do it and maintain the suspense, he does not worry in the least simply because of the fact already mentioned. They add characters with mystery that again the MC worries but does not invent or ask questions and makes deductions as if he had the experience of having been in such situations when, due to everything said about the experiences that he has had, this is not included. The plot is only based on the fact that companies do not have enough funds for what they want to do and have to achieve these, very boring this part as it is repeating it over and over again instead of focusing on something it continues to diversify without having a plan and is pulling things out of nowhere. By the way, the university is only in name and the contact that the MC has with it is minimal. Conclusion: Start entertaining and seeing how you carry out your undertakings with the information and experience of your previous life but continue to decline into something boring and repetitive that only deals with the company that founded, expands or starts a new business and that requires funds for some of its Business. Besides everything, it also has filler repeating past successes or inflating the MC for his exis or stolen knowledge from his past life. The MC is an empty waterfall that is only based on the past life and has nothing from this life.

  2. I couldn’t read anymore after the idiot mc kept giving his high school graduate only friend important positions and 30% of every company and those shares are permanent. Are u stupid what use does that guy have. The Mc is a rebirth which means he will have a trillion dollar company in the future but by that point the richest man will be his highschool graduated friend with his permanent 30% shares. The bastard friend doesn’t even say no to it. I don’t care if its your best friend, girlfriend, wife, parents You do not give away that many shares. I would have kept reading if he gave like 5-10% which got diluted over time. Stupid author and stupid mc with no real advantage but knowing the future. Horrible novel do not read

  3. I agree with that on this opinion.... I have read one story before in which the MC started the business with the help of her jade eye. She started jade jewelery business and due to being underage and keep low profile she made the executive directors of her different companies have like 10-20% shares of respective companies but they were in the position to have them too. I like that and she didn't provide special benefits to her friends or family like giving them shares but help them getting jobs but not in high positions but where they qualified.. She helps her Mom and Aunt set up a beauty parlor but it was handed to them permanently so they shared that shares and MC just provided startup... That was a good read as she develops more and more her group was in the top 5 best group of country and she hold like 70-75% of the shares of all companies respectively.. Good Brain MC.

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