"I want to see my mother first." Shi Fengju coldly said: "I can't see my mother, I won't write."

"Seeing and not seeing what is the use, more than one thing!" Zhao Qi brows up, seeing Feng Li's cold face and not answering, he does not want to make extra-budgets, then nodded and smiled: "Well, then I will accompany you together. When the young master, you should not say anything, you should not talk about it, my mother is still pregnant!"

When Feng Feng listened to this, his heart was even more painful, and he snorted coldly.

When Zhao Qi saw it, he laughed more and more. He was in a good mood, and he couldn’t immediately pull the phoenix to the prison.

The two entered the women's prison, Zhao Qi avoided the body on one side, watching the phoenix lifted forward. He was watching alongside, and he believed that Feng Fen would not dare to play tricks.

At the end of today's case, he will be able to fly with her mother and go away from here! As soon as I think of this, Zhao Qi’s heart is fascinated.

He believes that his deep feelings will surely touch her mother. The hearts of the people are long and fleshy. Which one is worse than Shifeng? When Feng Fen can give her all he can give, when Feng Fen can not give her, he can also give! As long as there is a chance to ponder, he believes she will see him well.

"Fengju! Fengju!" When Sang Yu saw that Feng Xin’s heart finally settled down a little, he rushed to the ground and buried his head in his chest and hugged him tightly: "Fengju, you can count it!"

"婉娘!" When Feng Feng said that she was so attached to her, she was so sad that she was holding her hands mechanically, and she did not know what to say.

"Fengju, I didn't sleep well last night, I am so scared! I am afraid I will never see you again, Fengju, you are finally here!" Mulberry whispered in his arms, could not tell the provoke People pity.

When these words were heard in the phoenix, they were undoubtedly cutting their hearts. He resisted the emotions in his heart and patted her behind the stiff, softly saying: "Don’t be afraid, you can leave today. Here, don't be afraid!"

“Really?” Mulberry was overjoyed and couldn’t help but cheered: “Great, it’s great! Fengju, we will never separate again! I can’t live without you!”

"婉娘......" The voice of Fengju was a little hoarse, and the mouth was bitter and awkward, and smiled reluctantly: "Yes, we will never separate again... I want to think about our children, you Want to be good, you know?"

“Well!” Mulberry was completely immersed in joy and joy, nodded and smiled and said: “Our children are very embarrassed, these two days are also very embarrassing, and there is no such thing as a mother!”

When Feng Fengju saw her smile so sweet and sweet, she smiled a little, "Okay!"

"Well, my mother, I will wait for you to go through the hall, I can't stay here for too long. You must be patient, don't forget me to explain you." Shi Feng said softly, gently Caressing her face and reluctantly.

"Well, I remember!" Sang Fu was in love, but smiled: "Then go! Don't forget to pick me up at the door, let's go home together."

"Good!" Feng said with a smile, nodded and hugged her, then gently let go, turned and left.

Seeing Zhao Qi in the side, Shi Feng’s eyes turned cold. Zhao Qi heard that Sang Yu was very gentle and attached to him. His heart was sour, but he saw that he did not have nonsense, more or less diluted a bit of sourness. Like a smile, he gave him a look and took the lead.

After leaving the book, Zhao Qi directly ordered the Hongzhou State to prepare the case, and then carefully took the income sleeve and waited for the Hongzhiju judgment.

Several people in the back hills of the day, including the women and apricots, and the two women, were all taken in. Not only one of the mulberries, so the case was not seen by outsiders, and it could not be buckled at the head of the mulberry. on.

With the intervention of Zhao Qi, the case was even simpler. Hong Zhizhou simply took a step and ordered the people to draw, and then they put everyone. The woman must not be warned and intimidated, and her face turned pale, except for the promise of a mouthful. When Feng Fen was still not at ease, he ordered the privately to talk to the woman, and gave her a silver money, asking her to leave her to go to the Guanyin Temple in Qingzhou to go elsewhere. The reasons are all ready-made, only to be contaminated. I am restless in my heart, and I don’t want to stay here again. Sometimes the family is secretly active, and it is expected that the host will not be able to stop. As for the three descendants of this family, they are all used to the confidant, and there is no one who knows what kind of person, such as the twists and turns, knowing that there is no need to worry.

On the carriage, when the sang sees the phoenix, there is no doubt about it. The big housekeeper laughs and says that the young master and the adults of the state have something to say, please ask the grandmother to go back. Mulberry is on the rise of excitement, but also can not care more, feel a smile, then quietly sitting in the car, put down the curtain.

There is a copper incense burner in the car, the light sweet smell is very good, the mulberry gradually feels a little sleepy, the eyelids are heavy, and I feel sleepy.

When I woke up, the sorrowful discovery of the sorrow was on the boat and I was shocked. When I saw Zhao Qi again, my face was white and bloodless.

"How am I here? Fengjue? Where is he!" Mulberry's voice was a little bit flustered, and looked at Zhao Qi, full of vigilance and defense.

"婉娘!" I heard and witnessed her attitude towards Shi Fengju. Now, in two contrasts, Zhao Qi’s heart suddenly feels a little uncomfortable. He smiles bitterly: "You are so unwilling to see me?"

"Feng dynasty? Feng zhi where is he? I want to see Fengju, I want to go home to see my husband!" Sang slammed out of bed, vigilant back.

Zhao Qi’s heart was sour and sour. He said: “He won’t come! Hey, I’m already away from you. He handed you over to me. Let’s go to Beijing. My mother, what am I doing to you? Don't you still understand? Go with me, I will treat you all the time, hurt you, pet you, and will not let you suffer a little bit! The child in your belly is my biological child!"

"No!" Mulberry's eyes passed through the pain, and he saw him coming back to himself and hurried back and said: "Don't come over, don't come over! Fengju will not want me, I will not go with you!"

The two worlds are human beings. She can't escape the fate of his wife. When she is born again, her heart is filled with despair and darkness. But since there is a chance to come back again, how can she still be willing to obey the fate of the past, the bitterness of the past lives, and the sins that have been suffered again? Fortunately, although she walked through the thin ice and walked step by step, she never reopened the world and gained a new life.

I don't know when she found out that he was not as cold and ruthless as she was in her memory. She was cheated by Gu Fangzi, and why was he not in the dark? When she had her in the center of his eye, she suspected, hesitated, and resisted, but after all, he could not resist his deep affection.

Today, everything is over! In any way, Gu Fangzi has got the punishment she deserves. From now on, no one will ever lie between her and him.

She thought that they could live together happily ever after, and I don't want to, Zhao Qi, but it has appeared again!

Mulberry is extremely painful: Isn't she and his fate destined to be so short?

"I didn't lie to you," Zhao Qi's voice was as warm as a spring breeze, but the words were cut into her heart. I saw him taking a piece of paper from his sleeve: "This is what he wrote and left, he You must know the handwriting?"

Mulberry slammed back, did not pick up and leave the book, stubbornly said: "Even if it is true with the book, then what I said in the prison, I still remember, you forced him, he naturally can't Resist with you."

Zhao Qi sneered: "Yes, I am persecuting him! I told him that if he refused to give you to me, then I would let his family's business never do it! Oh, in fact, he is quite good to you. Ok, it’s been a night of entanglement and I’m determined to write and leave the book! You can understand it?”

Mulberry face was whiter and shook his head and said: "I don't believe it, I don't believe it, he won't do this to me, he won't."

Zhao Qi has no mercy: "Why not? Can you still compare with the business of the time? If the family is destroyed in his hands, what is his face to face the whole family? What is the cause after death? Face the face of the ancestors of the ancestors! His choice is just a human nature!"

Mulberry does not want to, tears in the water, squatting down.

Zhao Qi saw a very distressed, soft voice: "婉娘, but I am different, I don't have a family, I don't need any **** reputation, I can protect you as long as you. I am very good to follow me. Well, I don't mind if you used to be a wife, I really don't mind at all, my mother..."

Mulberry looked up and looked at the man with deep affection in his eyes, and hated and saddened in his heart. Impossible, there is already a phoenix in her heart, and there is no possibility of committing another person in this life!

"You are right, even if Fengju chooses it, it is human nature. I don't blame him at all! If he insists on me, when the troubles finally fall, the family will be defeated. How can I be safe? I don't Blame him!" Mulberry shook his head gently. "I only hate you. If it is not forcing you, how can he do this. Feng said that he treats me, I know it well, and you can shake it with your words." of……"

"You!" Zhao Qi told her that she had a sigh of smoke, but there was no way. She is so angry with him, he is also reluctant to deal with her when dealing with Feng Li, he is reluctant!

"Little Houye," Sang went down, mourning and pleading: "Let me go back, beg you, let me go back, I will be grateful to you for the life of Feng Li!"

"You can't think about it!" Zhao Qi only felt the chest sullen and sore, and he finally took her out of Shi Fengju, how could she let her go back?

I have said everything on this one, and she still remembers the phoenix! Zhao Qi was annoyed and embarrassed, and said: "He has given up on you. In his heart, you can't compare with his family, not the industry of his family. Why do you still want this? What does he have? Ok, and I, how bad it is in your heart! My mother, your heart, I don’t even want to give it to me!"

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