The sedan chair is gently swaying in a rhythm, and the joyful joy and the joy of the welcoming and sending the pro-team are hilarious and lively. The happy auspicious words of Xi Niang are in the ear, and the mulberry gently picks up the red hijab. The staring gaze is full of bright red, she finally confirmed that she is sitting in the red car sedan.

Gently lift your hands and look carefully, the complexion is fair and delicate, the nails are full and smooth, the jade fingers are slender and slender, and the palms are small and delicate. This is a pair of healthy and flexible hands. This is indeed the hands she once had.

She is born again.

At the beginning of the panic, she gradually calmed down. At this time, she had completely calmed down and accepted this fact.

Reborn, is it like a dry, desperate life to repeat again? Mulberry couldn't help but shuddered softly, his nails subconsciously slamming his palms, his heart was cold!

no, do not want! Such a dark and desperate life that is not as good as death, she must never come again.

Mulberry tightly held his palms, endured and endured, and then resisted the urge to open the curtain.

She knows that just outside this thin curtain, there is a handsome man wearing a big red dress, wearing a red silk flower, riding a tall horse and following the sedan chair. It is her husband, who has never lived together in this life. For four years, the husband of the first richest family in Qingzhou was the eldest son of the family.

Thinking of this husband, the coolness of the heart of Mulberry is deeper, and a sense of sadness that can't be said gradually spreads in the bottom of my heart, holding her reason tightly. She can hardly breathe.

At the beginning, I didn’t want to go to the home with a beautiful sweetheart. I was greeted by her, but it was a stimuli that forced her to have no place.

My mother died young, and she fell into the richest family in Qingzhou. Her own mood was more intense and embarrassing than her longing for her.

She is afraid, really afraid of it! I am afraid that my mother-in-law and my husband will look down on themselves. I am afraid that the servants of the family will despise themselves, and they will be afraid of not seeing the world. .

She is afraid of the unknown and everything she needs to face!

The only hope she gave birth was her husband. If he respects her and defends her, then her life may be much better. For her, he is like a life-saving straw, this is her only suspicion!

However, the facts are so cruel!

He has a cousin who loves her heart and loves her. In less than two months after she passed the door, her cousin Gu Fangzi became Gu Yu Niang! Then all her fears and fears have happened! The mother-in-law did not like her, her husband was indifferent, and the people all looked down on her, and she recited many words in her back to laugh at her little family.

She gradually became the air of the family, so she was forgotten in a remote corner until the heart died day by day.

The life that is completely ignored and abandoned, is more painful than all the tortures in the world, enough to drive a living and normal person to go crazy. She doesn't want to be like this, but no one has given her a chance, no one!

Mulberry mouth gently smacked a sneer smile, before she was numb, desperate, never and did not want to think about it, and now the fragments of the past one after another in the mind, she was shocked, Gu Fangzi, this woman From the very beginning, she used the friendly banner of "helping her", but it was self-defeating again and again, which made her anger her mother-in-law and husband.

So how can a sweet smile, so sweet laughter, and a friendly attitude be fake? Can be biased!

She showed her well, she was so pleasantly surprised, grateful and trustful. She accepted her completely without any doubt. The result was a life that was unhappy and desolate!

"The bride is falling off the sedan -"

Xi Niang’s screaming and screaming with a happy smile interrupted Mulberry’s thoughts, and the drum music outside the sedan chair was even higher, and the crowd’s laughter and playfulness became more and more lively.

It sounds like a good day, a happy day!

It’s back! She once again stepped into the time and became the wife of the family!

Mulberry’s brain stunned and felt his heart beat so hard that he almost jumped out of his throat! She took a deep breath and held her heart in a violent heart. The slender hand stretched out and gently put it on Xi Nian's hand, letting her help her down the car and stuffing the red silk into her hand.

She has no choice!

Even if she knew that the road ahead was rugged and bumpy, she only had to continue.

Fortunately, everything has just begun, everything, and room for turning! Since God has made her tragic life come back once, then she must not let it down!

Reborn at this moment, this is God's will, this is compensation, this is also - challenge!

Countless voices are filled in the ears. Like the past life, the mulberry stirs up a first two big, dizzy like a puppet, and listens to the instructions of a ritual until it is sent to the cave. Sitting on the bed of the embroidered snails painted in the Jinxiu shop.

The world of hustle and bustle finally calmed down, but the heart of mulberry couldn’t help but end up. The more she is close to the two, the more she feels nervous.

It is one thing to recognize reality and accept reality. Integration into reality is another matter. Her husband, the familiar, strange, familiar and familiar man, how can she get along with him?

Mulberry feels a headache!

The heavy phoenix crown became more and more heavy, and almost did not break her neck.

The mulberry sighed deeply, gently picked up the hijab, carefully removed the phoenix crown, and gently placed it on the red brocade sheet embroidered with the neck and the lotus.

"Miss, Miss, no, no, this is not the rule, you are still wearing it!" The dowry 丫鬟 Willow bud saw, immediately surprised and widened his eyes, stuttering.

When the family is not the richest man in Qingzhou, the wedding of the eldest son of Changfang is called a paving, arranging, and paying attention. In just a short half-day, Liu Yan’s eyes are dazzling and dazzling, and she can’t help but feel timid and inferior. Where to put it! At this moment, I saw that my own lady had actually smashed the red hijab, and suddenly she was shocked.

"Nothing, no one knows! My neck is sour, I have to break, I will rest and put on! Rest assured!" Mulberry twisted his neck, raised his hand and kneaded hard, and he felt soothed a lot. She couldn't help but feel relieved.

"But, but this will be unlucky!"

"Nothing!" Unlucky? In the past life, she was full of rules. She sat stiff for a long time and didn't even dare to move her fingers, but what happened? Geely? If you are not lucky, you can still go where you are!

"But, this is not the rules, and the family will laugh."

"T knowing that you know that I know, as long as we don't say, who knows?" Sang squinted, a smile on his lips.

"Miss, you are really-" Liu Ye grew up with her in the country, and the rules were not very strict. When she saw this, she couldn’t help but smile, and the nervous heart gradually calmed down. .

"A tired day, hungry?" Sang asked with a smile.

Liu Ye quickly nodded and shook his head. He said, "Yes," he was shocked. He took a pink handkerchief from his clothes and wrapped two cakes in his handkerchief. She held it to Mulberry: "Miss, this is coming. When Grandma gave it, he said that he could fill it with a belt, and the slave would have forgotten it."

The big grandmother that Liu Ye said is the big sang of the mulberry.

"It’s hard to think about me!" Mulberry’s nose almost shed tears, and her past life, because her weakness and ignorance, when she came to the big brother, the guest was greatly wronged, and the big cockroach was a sand in her eyes. After a big argument, she threatened to go with her big brother and her daughter, and then they and her really no longer have to go! And because of this, not only the people in the back of the family laughed at her in the back, but her mother-in-law and husband-in-law were also very disgusted.

"Really, Grandma is very good for Miss, she is a knife and mouth tofu!" Liu Ye looked at the mulberry and took it in the hands and looked at the god's noodle swallowing.

The mulberry heart was warm, and he took a piece of bread and handed it to the willow bud. "Come, let's one person!"

"Hey, thank you Miss!" Liu Ye took it with him and opened his mouth and ate it.

"Miss," Liu bud suddenly stopped and looked at the sang and smiled and said: "My grandfather's family is so rich, I don't know how many delicious things! In the future, the young lady can enjoy it! The slaves follow the lady, and they can't help. Light!"

The eyes of Liu Ye's yo-yo are shining and shining. The face of the pretty goose egg is a bit naive, and the corner of her mouth is a little bit like a smile, just like her.

The heart of the mulberry suddenly sank and the bones were in the throat.

"Liu bud," Sang 婉 婉 婉 , , , , , , , , , , , , , 婉 婉 婉 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳 柳Marrying to a family like this, the husband is the eldest son of the long house, I am afraid, our days will not be better!"

"How come!" Liu Ye stunned: "You are the grandmother of the time, the three media six hired the door!"

"Because that's why it won't be better!" Mulberry nailed the railroad: "Our sang family is like this now, and the family is probably not as good as the decent servant of the family. You think, I am in a high position. How can anyone be convinced when they meet?" In this case, how many right and wrong have been born!"

Willow buds still groaned, staring at the mulberry, she barely smiled and shook her head. "Slaves, slaves still can't understand."

Mulberry smiles, the buds are thick and big, and the life in the country is simple. It is not strange that she does not understand.

"But it! Liu Bu, you just have to listen to me. In this house, don't go too much in one step. Don't say a word! Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand! I just want to listen to the lady!" Liu Ye sighed with a grin, and the two looked at each other.

The sky is getting darker, and the mulberry has been re-appeared with a phoenix crown and covered with a hijab sitting on the bed. Hearing the shreds of footsteps and the joyful jokes gradually approached, the palm of the mulberry was tight again, and the body was stretched.

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