As everyone knows, Bai Yinghou had a baby named David shortly after she married a foreign entrepreneur Mr. Gray Irwin.

  This baby has inherited his father’s beautiful blue eyes and mother’s black hair, but after he grows up, this black hair gradually becomes brownish.

  Fortunately, the baby’s facial features and facial features have inherited most of the advantages of their parents, especially those beautiful blue eyes.

  Whenever he stares at you with his eyes motionless, you will feel that those eyes are like magic.

  As long as you watch for a while, you will be sucked in by it, and you can’t wait to hold out all the things you can give to this child.

  However, the little half-breed prince who has been in the circle of aunts and aunts recently encountered a particularly big problem in life!

  ? "Mommy, Mommy..." The four-year-old little David rushed into the house like a small cannonball and rushed straight into the arms of his mother.

  Bai Tingxue hurriedly hugged her baby son and looked at his aggrieved appearance, with some doubts: "Baby, what's the matter with you? Who is bullying you?"

"I said I want Sister Xixi to be my wife." David hugged his mother's waist, squashed his mouth, and looked aggrieved. "Brother Mu Mu suddenly became angry and drove me out of their house. Don't let me go to see Xixi sister to play again."

  Bai Tingxue was shocked by the sudden revelation of her son: "David likes Sister Xixi? I ​​want Sister Xixi to be your wife? David, do you know what a wife means?"

  David’s chubby little head couldn’t help but point: “Of course I know that Dad said that his wife is a person who spends his life with him, just like mom and dad, mom is dad’s wife."

  Bai Tingxue was stunned, her small face flushed, and she scolded Owen as being too insatiable. How could she say this to a child? !

   "Even if... even if you like your sister Hee Hee, you can't just say that you want someone to be your wife. You will scare them like this."

  Bai Tingxue froze for a while after speaking, always felt that she was a little fussed. When the children played with the family, how could they understand these corners? Would it be too heavy to say that?

  However, David's next words quickly dispelled Bai Tingxue's thoughts.

  He said: "Can’t you say it? But Daddy said, "Like" means "Like", and you have to say it. Otherwise, how can the person you like know? Daddy also said that he chased Mommy like this."

  Bai Tingxue blushed even more when he heard the words, how could Irving say everything, how old is the child, how can he tell him there are none!

   "Anyway, you should pay attention to it in the future. Don't let Twilight hear you say this, otherwise he will be angry and drive you out."

   "Why? Did I do something? Why is Brother Twilight angry?" David stared at his mommy with a confused look.

Bai Tingxue coughed awkwardly: "Because Mu Mu also likes Sister Xixi very much, but not yours. If you marry Sister Xixi as a wife, Mu Mu will separate from Xixi. , Brother Mu Mu is of course unhappy, and will separate you from your sister Xixi and not let you play together."

  Bai Tingxue can’t wait to cover her face and grab the ground with her head, my goodness, what is she talking about? She must have been infected by Owen, she must be!

  As soon as he was about to rescue him, when he said something else to change the subject, he saw his precious son nodded with a serious face: "I know!"

  Bai Tingxue: "..." Son, what do you know?

   "Since Mu Mu also likes sister Hee Hee, let the three be together. I like Mu Mu too!"

  Bai Tingxue: "!!!" Son, your idea is too dangerous.

   "No way!"

  Bai Tingxue’s sudden low drink frightened David, and the child looked at Bai Tingxue with tears, feeling aggrieved: "Why not?"

   "Because of marrying a wife, you can only do it to one person, that is to say, you can only be together with two people, not three people." Three people are crazy, too hard, son, wake up!

  Facts have proved that the thinking of children is far less complicated than that of adults. As soon as Bai Tingxue said this, David struggled with embarrassment for a moment.

   Soon, it seemed as if he had made up some kind of determination, and said solemnly: "I know, then I will only tell Xixi sister I like her in the future, and I won't let Brother Mumu know about it."

  Bai Tingxue breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

  David finally found a way to understand the important things of determination, and left happily.

  Bai Tingxue looked at his distant back, and suddenly woke up, realizing that she had just said something to the child, and couldn't help but want to cover her face again.

  This child was a surprise and a pleasant surprise for her and Owen.

  At that time, after she and Owen opened their relationship, she simply took a plane to travel around the world.

  On the way, they went to too many places.

  They went to the Great Barrier Reef to see the coral reefs, to the Taj Mahal to see the stone walls of the spires, to fish in the lakes of the Rocky Mountains, to ship in Venice, to see the lavender in Provence...

  They have left footprints in many places in this world, as well as photos and memories.

  This child was diagnosed when they went to see Sakura Grass. She was a little uncomfortable when she came out of the flower field.

  Owen saw that her face was not very good, and she had to take her to the hospital to be relieved. As a result, she found that she had been pregnant for more than a month.

  As for the children, the parents of Bai's father, Bai's mother, and Owen's parents had hope, but they weren't particularly demanding, so they didn't put them under too much pressure after the two got married.

  For this reason, the two of them didn't pay too much attention to it, and everything went with the flow. They didn't expect that they were really pregnant with this.

  The two parents are very happy to receive the news, but they are not assured that Owen will take Bai Tingxue to drift around again, and he has to take Bai Tingxue back to China to have a good baby.

  Owen also said the same. When he took Bai Tingxue back, the smile on his face couldn't go down.

  Bai Tingxue looked at him and couldn’t help but smile and asked, “I’m happy to have a baby?”

  Owen hurriedly nodded, and said solemnly: "Of course, our family has a title to inherit."

   "Puff..." Bai Tingxue couldn't help laughing.

  This is when Owen was learning Chinese before. On the Internet, I always saw others mocking the parents or elders who gave birth to boys and patriarchs. "Does your family have the throne to inherit?" Then I followed them.

  This will make some changes, it is really nondescript, but it also echoes the situation of the Owen family, he does have a title that needs an heir to inherit.

  Bai Tingxue asked wickedly after smiling, "Then do you love me more or your baby?"

  This is simply a proposition!

The expression on Owen’s face was slightly stiff, but he reacted quickly, and said seriously: “Of course it’s you. Haven’t you heard a saying that parents are true love and babies are accidents. I still love you the most, just because of love. You, so love Wu Jiwu, and love him."

   "Greasy mouth and tongue!" Bai Tingxue blushed when he heard what he said, but she had to admit that she was somewhat ecstatic, even if he had a baby, he cared most about himself.

After Bai Tingxue became pregnant, the two people’s plan to travel around the world went bankrupt. Fortunately, An Ruixin was also pregnant at this time. Owen feared that Bai Tingxue was bored at home, so he simply bought a manor near An Ruixin’s home and became a partner with them. With neighbors, they can take care of each other and visit each other.

  ? More than seven months later, Bai Tingxue gave birth to her next baby boy, named David.

  Bai Tingxue still remembers that the second sentence Owen said to herself while holding the child turned out to be: "This child looks...a bit ugly."

  ? If she hadn't been weak and unable to move after giving birth, she would have slapped him with a slap, and even dared to dislike her son, or she was not biological!

   Thinking of the scene at that time, Bai Tingxue couldn't help laughing.

  Owen just came back from the outside and saw Bai Tingxue smirking at that person. Seeing her so happy, Owen couldn't help laughing, and walked behind Bai Tingxue and took the person into his arms.

   "What happened? So happy."

  Bai Tingxue leaned into Owen’s arms and smiled: “It’s nothing, just thought of the past. Why did you come back so early today?”

   "The company will come back first if nothing has happened."

   "Oh, just right, I have something to tell you."

"what's up?"

"About our son, you know that he likes Xinxin's eldest daughter, right? Tell him what you like, and say we... Anyway, the child is still young, so you tell him the mess. What is he doing? I'm not afraid to teach him badly!"

  Owen froze for a moment, and quickly realized what Bai Tingxue was talking about, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly: "What did I say? Isn't what I said is the truth? That's how I chased you back then."

   "You!" Bai Tingxue gave him a blank look, a little annoyed.

  Owen hurriedly relented when he saw this: "Okay, well, if you don't like it, I won't tell him this in the future. Isn't that the end?"

"It's pretty much the same." Bai Tingxue held Owen's arm in satisfaction, and then as if thinking of something, she asked in a low voice: "You said, if I go to Xinxin to talk about their eldest daughter and our son. For the matter of deciding a baby kiss for the two of them, will the men of the Ji family beat up our son?"

  The elders of the Ji family love An Ruixin’s dragon and phoenix fetuses very much, especially for the female doll Xixi, which can be said to be a collection of thousands of pets.

  If you want to be married to her, the first group of elders who can pass the test is the group of elders.

   "No, they will only beat me as a father."

  Bai Tingxue was amused: "Puff...Forget it, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. When he grows up, if he really likes it, let him follow it by his own ability."

  Owen also smiled, bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek, and said with a smug: "With such an excellent dad like me, he will definitely be able to chase people back in the future."


  The warm summer wind blows the gauze curtain by the window, and the opening just allows the sunlight outside the window to shine into the house.

  The bright sunshine crossed the window sill and spread on the two people who hugged closely in the house, warm and harmonious.

  The happiness that belongs to them continues, and the happiness of the children will eventually continue in the near future.

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