How could Bai Tingxue not know the little abacus he was playing in his heart, smiled helplessly, and didn't pierce him.

   Although she didn’t want to admit it, she actually listened to her and looked forward to showing him an open show of affection in front of the public.

When the    reality show officially started shooting, Bai Tingxue and Owen had already obtained the licenses and set a wedding time, and the wedding time was not far away.

  Therefore, in the show, they didn't cover up too much. They still used to be as tired as usual.

However, at the beginning, this reality show was really not favored by the audience. On the one hand, this show originally appeared on a whim, and the early publicity was not particularly strong. On the other hand, fans in the entertainment circle were very Most of the favorite stars have a certain degree of possessiveness, and would never want them to really fall in love with other people.

Therefore, as soon as the program team announced the official announcement, a lot of talents came out very contented to predict that this program will definitely be pounced, and the people who follow this program must be more black than fans, even if there is a topic of Bai Tingxue. The shadow queen still can't change the decline.

  Unsurprisingly, the ratings of the first period are not particularly high, but not particularly low, but relative to the investment and the lineup, it will still be ridiculed.

But what really fell through everyone’s glasses was that after the second episode, the ratings of this show increased at a flying speed limit, and what is particularly interesting is that the pair of Bai Tingxue who were originally considered to be the main viewers, the topic Degree is not as high as the two pairs of An Ruixin and Tao Xinyuan.

  In this regard, Mr. Owen, who has been chasing for updates every issue, expressed his dissatisfaction, and even confided his grievances to Bai Tingxue.

   "I always feel that we lost to them in showing affection."

Bai Tingxue looked at her man’s grievances and couldn’t help but laughed out: “Okay, okay, don’t be wronged. Although we can’t show off their affection, we have already obtained the certificate and the wedding is about to be held. It’s better than them. It's much faster. You think that Chengyi's pair is fake at all, even if it is sweet, it is fake. As for Xinxin and their pair, although the relationship has been determined, they have not yet reached the point of discussing marriage. In this regard We still won, don't be depressed."

  Owen was so comforted by Bai Tingxue, and finally he felt much better.

  Bai Tingxue looked at him like this, but he was a little bit dumbfounded.

  However, I have to admit that compared to the polite and gentleman man at the beginning, this man who occasionally gets jealous of himself and makes a child's temper for some trivial things seems more cute and more lovable.

  However, what Bai Tingxue herself did not expect was that shortly after she had finished speaking with Owen, she received a call from Ji Chengze.

   "You said you want to propose to Xinxin? How are you going to propose to her? At our wedding?" Bai Tingxue was surprised enough to receive Ji Chengze's call.

Unexpectedly, there will be more surprised. This weekdays, I always have a cold face. It looks like someone owes him 8 million and 80 million. He actually wants to propose to someone, and plans to propose at her wedding to Owen. Surprise a girl? !

  Bai Tingxue feels that the way she turned on her phone is wrong today. Is this still the chief president of the Ji Group?

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