Bai Tingxue was choked by Ji Chengyi, and it took a long time before finally regaining her own voice. Zhuangruo asked inadvertently: "I think there are four pairs of invited guests written in your plan. In addition to the two of us, there are also Who is there?"

  Ji Chengyi heard Bai Tingxue’s words with a guilty heart and smiled: "Sister Bai, what are you asking about this? Don’t you know when you meet? How mysterious is it to say it now?"

  Bai Tingxue furrowed her brows slightly, and glanced at him faintly. The Bai family and the Ji family are family friends, and the kid Ji Chengyi is the one she grew up watching.

  What conspiracy and tricks does this stinky boy have in his heart, how can he hide it from her eyes?

   Seeing Ji Chengyi's guilty conscience, Bai Tingxue felt more and more that something was wrong, and immediately said: "You can't tell me? If you don't tell me, I will refuse to accept Owen."

"Sister! I said, I said, I said it's okay? The other couples are me and Tao Xinyuan, sister-in-law...Miss An and my brother, and Nie Wenjing and his junior sister. Look, they are all that show. Actor. I'm helping your show create momentum!"

"Moreover, Tao Xinyuan and Ms. An are now our company’s artists. The company is very optimistic about their potential. Sister, you also know that you are the most famous among these people. You say that you are doing reality shows, but you are actually borrowing your reputation. Give them a hand. Sister, if you don’t pick up, what's the point of our filming of this show? You said before that you hope to bring the company's new artists and retire early. Isn't this a good opportunity?"

  Bai Tingxue's expression became a little subtle after hearing Ji Chengyi's words: "Are you sure that this reality show is just for our new drama and their newcomers?"

  Bai Tingxue stared at Ji Chengyi, looking at him with an expression of "I read a lot of books, and I am not a fool."

  A small reality show, where the two brothers of the Ji family are all mixed up here, saying that there is nothing tricky in it, what a lie?

Ji Chengyi was guilty of her conscience by her, and only smirked and replied: "Sister, don't worry about this, anyway, this is a good opportunity for you and Mr. Owen to show off your love in front of the public. The opportunity is not to be missed. ."

   "Oh, so this is also a good opportunity for your brother and Xinxin to show off their affection in front of the public. Okay, I get it."

  Ji Chengyi: "..." Sister, since you know everything, why keep asking me? As the meat glutinous rice between you, I am the most desperate person, OK?

After getting a rough idea of ​​the real purpose of this reality show, Bai Tingxue mentioned it to Owen that night.

  Unsurprisingly, Owen agreed after hearing her explanation without thinking about it.

  As soon as Ji Chengyi said, such a reality show made Bai Tingxue pair up with a strange man, and Owen felt uncomfortable thinking about it.

  Secondly, this is indeed a good opportunity to show off your affection in front of the public and should not be missed.

  Three times, he still has no real feelings about Ji Chengze's already having someone he likes, so he can take advantage of this opportunity to see with his own eyes whether the two people are really together.

  Of course, the last and most important point is that since Ji Chengze also participates in this show, it is difficult to guarantee that the two will not be in contact by that time. At this time, it is better to guard against it.

  I have to say that after being with Bai Tingxue, Owen's jealousy gradually increased.

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