An Ruixin never thought that when she rushed home holding the queen trophy, she saw her best girlfriend and her boyfriend cheating on her back!

In   Nuo's master bedroom, the dim yellow light was drenched and projected out of the bedroom through the crack of the slightly opened door.

  An Ruixin stood outside the door, her eyes widened, and she looked at the two people who were hugging and kissing inside the door with shock.

  The two people in the house didn't even notice someone outside the door. After kissing and kissing for a while, the man's hand dropped more and more, touching the indescribable part of the woman's body.

  The woman couldn't help groaning, but she still retained a trace of reason, and she greeted her if she wanted to refuse: "Don't... Rui Xin she..."

  "Don't worry about that stupid woman, she is going to attend the Kimber Award ceremony tonight, she won't be back so early. Baby, hurry up... give it to me, don't you know how much I miss you?"

  The man was eager to pick off the clothes on the woman, but the woman actually cooperated with him, and also reached out to pull the clothes on the man.

   grieved and complained: "Brother Lin, I also miss you. I want to stay by your side all the time, instead of being sneaky like a thief like I am now."

   "Take it again, and tolerate it again, that stupid woman is obedient to me now. As long as I secretly transfer all of her money, I will kick her immediately and marry you."

"Really? But before that, Brother Lin, first help me find out if An Ruixin has any songs she composed herself. If there are some, try to steal them all. You also know that Jinghai is now in a period of rising career. , If there are a few more singles, they will definitely be popular!"

   "Knowing that you are thinking of your brother, all right, in two days I'll use that stupid woman's words and ask her to spit out all the manuscripts of the songs she wrote."

  The woman was overjoyed, and she seemed to think of something, a little worried: "Brother Lin, in case An Ruixin finds out about Jinghai..."

"What if you find out? That stupid woman is very acting, but she has a broken gong voice that is not complete. It would be a waste to put these songs on her, so I might as well give it to Jinghai. Besides, I have been patient with her for so many years. There is no credit and hard work. What's wrong with asking her for a few broken songs? Alright, don't talk about that stupid woman, I'll get angry when I say her, let's do serious things earlier."

  The man said anxiously and threw the woman onto the bed, tearing off the last layer of cover on her body.

  The woman exclaimed, but she soon chose to cater, and the two hit it off.

  For a while, only the woman’s cry and the man’s whispering gasp are left in the entire bedroom. From time to time, we can hear the excitement of the two

   "Brother Lin, I am so comfortable, you are not comfortable..."

   "Of course, Brother Lin is also comfortable."

   "Brother Lin, tell me honestly, I make you more comfortable or An Ruixin's **** makes you more comfortable?"

   "Of course it is you, good wife, you are the best, no one can compare to you."

   "Really? But I heard that you just proposed to her not long ago..."

"Of course it's true! I have never done it with that stupid woman." The man said, his face sank, and he spit, "Bah, An Ruixin, that bastard, every time I touch her, I shirk it for various reasons. I also said that some things can only be done after marriage. I really want to be a **** and want to set up a torii. Who doesn’t know that this place in the entertainment industry is a big dyeing vat, she can climb to her current position, maybe in private How many people I have followed, I think she is disgusting when sending me, and dare to take Joe!"

The disgust on the man’s face is not like a fake: "As for that proposal is just a slow-down, how can I really marry that disgusting stupid woman? Wife, baby, don’t you understand my heart for you? I just love You, being good to that stupid woman is only for her money."

  The voice in the room sank, replaced by more and more sticky low breaths and groans.

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