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[Women disguised as men x men disguised as women series]

Science fiction is hidden in the text.

Wan Zexi is the crown prince known to everyone in the capital circle.

The last life was muddled, so what if this life was reckless.

Looking at the unfamiliar and familiar self in the mirror, the young man’s eyes were contemptuous, his red lips raised wanton evil: “My lord, I’m back!”

Wan Zexi is addicted to petting someone, and when Mo Yu’s true identity is revealed, the whole people are boiling!

“You are a man, so you can return Master Wan to us!”

Mo Yu kissed the boy’s lips with cold eyes, “You didn’t have a chance when you were a girl? Don’t you have a clue now?”

Everyone: “…”

Wan Zexi smiled and said nothing, but when one day everyone knew that Wan Ye was a woman, the fans were silent.

This world is too crazy, they are addicted to Wan Ye and can’t extricate themselves.

PS: 1v1, men and women are clean physically and mentally.

The female protagonist Su Susu, the male protagonist can be salty or sweet, and it is not a loss to invest in shares

(mutual favorite article, involving entertainment, e-sports, campus)

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Short Title:RNCP
Alternate Title:重生之国民太子爷
Author:chubby plum
Weekly Rank:#4763
Monthly Rank:#6108
All Time Rank:#5800
Tags:Abandoned Children, Absent Parents, Acting, Androgynous Characters, Anti-social Protagonist, Assassins, Beast Companions, beautiful heroine, Betrayal, Black Belly, Bullying, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Character Development, Character Growth, Charismatic Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, College/University, Complex Family Relationships, Crossdressing, Cunning Protagonist, Death of Loved Ones, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Entertainment, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Gaming/E-Sport, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Harsh Training, Hiding True Abilities, Human Experimentation, Kidnappings, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Martial arts, Mismatched Couple, Misunderstandings, Multiple CP, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Previous Life, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Unrequited Love, Wealthy Characters, Yandere,
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  1. Does anyone know the title of this novel where the main female character disguises herself as a male and then helps two brothers who later become followers of the MC? Later, the MC and the two brothers go to a military base and join it, the two brothers getting roles in the consumption section and the MC being put into the core of the military base. Then the main male character is respected in this novel, even when the main character passes by, people will kneel but the MC refuses to kneel. That's all I remember, please let me know if you know the title. The setting of this novel is in the past, I forgot if it's cultivation or not.

  2. I don't know how many comments this has gotten, I'm really desperate to find this novel...please let anyone who knows the title tell me😭

  3. Just finished it,, it's been a while since i really enjoyed and finished a novel(⁠ᗒ⁠ᗩ⁠ᗕ⁠) for me,,it was worth a read and the story is really refreshing. There are a lot of cps but it didn't feel forced.The plot is also thought through by the writer considering that it was explained clearly from the mc's parent's past,his first life and this second life. I also love how each character can be connected to each other🤭 There's almost no cliche face slapping moments. The female mc is really tough and HER EQ AND IQ REMAINS THE SAME EVEN WHEN FACING THE ML! I love mo yu and zexi's duality so much. This novel will be one of my favorites that I've found here😭❤️ Just wished that there are more spicy moments though🤫❤️ Anyway,it didn't disappoint and i love it through and through~~ So here are some chapters with notable moments,,in case ur wondering When they met in the second life : ch5 Fmc found out about Ml's real gender : ch419 Ml found out about fmc's real gender : ch574

  4. Does anybody knows a novel about a girl who transmigrates into a wuxia novel in protagonist sister and she started cultivating

  5. Guys, do you know the title of this: Fl transmigrated to ancient China as demoted concubine, the system gave her a mission that she must slept(like she must take his virginity or something...) with the ML ( which was the Emperor) or else she'll die. So she kept on pestering and harassing the emperor about sleeping with him all the time which was hilarious, because the emperor somehow has the ability to read mind. I kinda forgot the title, but it was a good novel.

  6. Sounds a little bit like My Beloved Concubine Just Wants to Eat Melon - except I don't think there was a push for her to sleep with the Emperor.

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