All the time, the scene was not filmed. . .

It is no longer the last bed problem, but from the very beginning, it has been a lot of small mistakes, and it seems to be very out of shape. Under his influence, somehow, even Shen Ze also ng a few times, so that the director was angry with the fire, directly announced today to temporarily end the filming, let White adjust the state.

The assistant of Bai Qiran gave him a towel and water in a serious face. He seemed to be constantly comforting something. Looking at this scene, Gu Shenze’s assistant sighed softly. After a while, he smiled. : "In fact, it is not normal. After all, he and Aze, you are shooting a bed, not nervous."

The makeup artist is removing makeup from Gu Shenze, and he looks at the makeup mirror in a faint look and listens to his assistant.

"White's acting is really good. It's no wonder that Tiansheng has been a niche for the past few years. The momentum of Tiansheng has been really fierce recently. Their newcomer is very powerful and does not lose white. Chess, it really is a big business, strong."

The assistant just said something that didn't hurt, and then he didn't say anything again.

In a film crew that is constantly improving, ng is a very common thing, and it is rare to see it. Although there are very few things in this state of direct holiday adjustment, it is not without it. It is probably only that White is unable to enter the state at once. His acting is not bad. Just give him time to be successful.

Gu Shenze’s assistant thought this way without any doubt, but when he and Gu Shenze went to the parking lot, they listened calmly to the instinct of the instinct of the film, “Where is the dormitory of White Chess? Do you know?"

The assistant said: "Ah? I know."

Gu Shenze gently "oh", and then taken it for granted: "Tell me, I am going to find him."

assistant Manager:"……"

Excuse me? !

You are not like such an enthusiastic person! ! !

When White was watching the script in the living room, he suddenly heard the ringing of the door. He didn't go too far to open the door, and opened the door and shouted: "You forgot to bring the key? I took the night and night so late, I am starving to death..."

The sound suddenly stopped at the moment I saw the visitor.

White Chess has wide eyes and looks at each other incredulously. But at the gate, a handsome and handsome man smiled and said: "Is it watching the script? It’s just fine today. I came to you after a walk. Do you need me to help you? If you want to be tomorrow, I’m a director. The face will look bad."

Bai Qiran very much wants to tell the other party "Don't thank you for seeing the debts," but the gentleman who cares about Shen Zeze's words, the words are also good for themselves, so that he can not pick.

Under all kinds of helplessness, Bai Qiran invited the big film emperor to the house and gave him a cup of boiled water.

Gu Shenze looked at the glass of water and smiled: "Cold?"

White Chess said with a look of sorrow: "There is only this, do you want it?"

Gu Shenze raised an eyebrow and calmly took the cup over.

For the next half hour, as Gu Shenze said, he seems to simply help the white game. I have to say that playing with such a good actor really makes White a great benefit. He gradually feels that he seems to have caught that point, but when Gu Shenze suddenly put him on the sofa, he But he was in a stiff, gazing at the man on his body.

These eyes are sharp and beautiful Danfeng eyes, the pupils are dark and dark, and the light shines from behind the man, so that the white is covered by the shadows.

It stands to reason that the normal play is not to be too excessive. Even if you directly recite the lines, you can count them as a play. However, when Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze are playing against each other, they seriously take each one seriously. The plays are all perfect.

At the same time, as in the daytime, he was once again overwhelmed by the man.

This is what the script says: At that time, Feng Hexuan didn't know what the ghost was, but he pressed the **** little scorpion, and then on the broken ship, he really got on this person.

From beginning to end, the rest of the sound did not resist, and even helped him to fade the clothes, the two frantically do in the reeds | love.

At this time, it seems that there are only two of them left in the heavens and the earth, surrounded by dense and lush reeds, the clear water waves are swaying, the boat is constantly shaking in the middle of the water, and the layers of reeds will bother the two heavy gasps. Hiding, no one knows.

After finishing it, Feng Hexuan and Yu Sheng lay down on the ship's board and stared at the sky.

The sky is as clean as it is, and there is no difference between the two. There is no snoring. No one has ever commented on the fierce sexuality of the past, but there is no doubt that it was a wrong beginning. It can even be said that it is the most wrong decision made by these two people in their lifetime.

Now, for White Chess, the most wrong decision he has made in his life is to pick up the **** movie "Rocking Sound"!

What is the big production of nearly 10 billion start-up investments? What is the world's top production lineup? What can be combined with Gu Shenze's double male master...

Oh shit! ! ! It is the most annoying thing to be with him.

The throat gradually dried up, and the white man looked stiffly at the man on his body, dumb and said: "Bottom... shouldn't you have to play again?"

What else can be underneath? Of course it is a bed show!

Gu Shenze did not seem to continue any more. He smiled and daggered, and calmly got up and sat on the sofa next to him.

His move was very natural, without hesitation, but he suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart. Bai Qi was so unhappy that he picked up the cup and drank it. He drunk half of it but listened to the sound of Shen Ze’s fluttering voice: "The cup is my water."


Upon seeing it, Gu Shenze laughed low.

Listening to this laughter, Bai Qiran his brain, and somehow he said: "I can't drink your water? This is my cup!" Gu Shenze looked at himself meaningfully. White swallowed his mouth and said with conviction: "I... I didn't say anything wrong! It's not an indirect kiss, I didn't clean it. We both kissed so many times, you still care about this little thing." I don't want to abandon you, you can rest assured."

Gu Shenze was speechless. After a moment, he asked: "You don't want to abandon me?"

White Chess nodded. "Yeah, I will not give you a glass of water, but it is not that you suffer."

Gu Shenze: "..."

When the assistant of Bai Qiran took the door to the door, he just saw Gu Shenze leave. He looked at Gu Shenze with a look of surprise, and even greeted the filmmaker, and then closed the door, he hurriedly said: "Hey, Xiaobai, how did Gu Yingdi come?"

White chess while holding the bag in the night and night, said: "He came to help me play."

The little assistant said differently: "Gu Yingdi is so enthusiastic?!"

Bai Qiran said with a sullen voice: "Yes, he is so kind."

After thinking for a while, the little assistant shot the thigh: "Also, I heard that Ann Sister said in the company before. Gu Yingdi is really very nice and very dedicated. I heard that as long as he is filming, he will take every actor. Take care of them and treat them equally, and try to make the whole team work together."

After listening to this, Bai’s action of drinking coffee suddenly stopped. He murmured: “He will help everyone in the crew?”

The little assistant nodded: "Yeah, Ann Sister said so, saying that Gu Yingdi is a rare good heart."

Anyangyang, who is on the capital's star: "..." She was originally said to be a sigh of cool words, and she was completely disgusted with the sad face of Shen Ze, who was heartless and hung up! ! !

In any case, the next day will come.

Before the official start of the shoot, the director pulled White to the side and asked with a strong heart: "How?"

White Chess gently daggers: "Too much to fight today."

The director was surprised: "So confident?"

White Chess then smiled and opened a white tooth: "You still don't trust me, how clever I am."

The director snorted and gave the slick a white eye.

The director naturally does not believe in the words of Bai Qiran. According to the state of Bai Qiran yesterday, it is not bad to be able to shoot this morning. However, he did not expect that this time, it actually passed over.

When the man suddenly pressed on himself, White’s ear suddenly sounded the little assistant’s phrase “Gu Yingdi’s equal treatment”. He was bored and suddenly kissed Gu Shenze’s lips passionately. In the slightly different eyes, this intense bed scene began.

In this era, the filming of bed games has become quite advanced.

Some stars will use **** | for example, after all, the technology is very developed. However, in order to pursue better results, some stars will actually play live.

Both Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze belong to the former, but for the "The Sound of the Paddle", the two of them chose the latter in unison.

In the mottled light and shadow, the young man bares his body and sits on the man's body. It’s bare, but it’s just naked. It’s wearing tight clothes in the private part. When you edit it later, you will choose a lens that has a occlusion. For example, you can use reed leaves to block important parts. A "seems to be really full | naked" effect.

At this moment, Bai Qiran straddles Gu Shenze's body. He is single on the man's shoulder and keeps his waist.

This action is tempting, mixed with the hot breath, the young man is blurred from his eyes and looks down at the man under his body, don't mention how hooked. It seems that it is really into the play, and it seems to be provoking. This bed play has a real fragrance.

A clear lake surrounded the boat and covered the inside with a dense reed. Only the miniature camera can fly into it, and all the other staff members look at the inside through the virtual projection on the director's side.

No one knows what the customer Gu Shenze feels, but when watching such a video, there are a lot of onlookers who feel that their heartbeats are accelerating a bit, breathing is a bit heavy, and being swayed by the boat. The little goblin caught the soul.

Such people, it is no wonder that people like Feng Hexuan who are cold and self-disciplined will be tempted! Will make such a mistake!

Just thinking, everyone sees Shen Ze suddenly turned over and pressed White Chess.

He pressed the tempting little goblin under his body, and the crotch gently rubbed up and down. The upper body leaned down and bitten in the white ear. Normal people in this kind of scene feel that they are in the **, and some staff members feel that: "Gu Yingdi is really good acting, and even the bed plays are considered so thoughtful."

But they didn't know. At this moment, Gu Shenze's low voice rang softly in the white ear: "You are hard."

In just three words, the face of Bai Qiran suddenly became red.

He can feel that his unspeakable things are really hard, and they are still on the other side. He can even feel that when Gu Shenze’s chest is close to him, the skin touches. The place seems to be burning, making him breathe and getting hot.

Bai Qiran never felt that the security clothing for film and television was so inconvenient.

He really wanted to fade the last piece of clothing on his body and really release himself, but he was defeated by the other three words with laughter. The whole person suddenly collapsed.

Although the heart is very frustrated, even shame wants to immediately exit the crew, but on the bright side, Bai Qiran still plays deliberately. He felt the man's body rubbing gently behind him, and through the thin cloth, he continued to rhythm in the imitative | love posture, but his heart was depressed until -

He suddenly felt that the other party’s things suddenly hardened, and it was hot... It seemed to burn him!

White Chess then widened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him, but he saw the other side smirk and bent his throat, and suddenly leaned over and kissed him.

This time, it was no longer a simple kiss for the filming. The flexible tongue suddenly passed through the teeth and penetrated into the mouth of the youth. The rich male hormone is permeated in the nose of Bai Qiran. The man **** his lips hard, and the tongue has already passed through his mouth, causing a burst of sensation.

At this time, it seems that there are really only two people left in the whole world.

Feng Hexuan abandoned the secular in the reeds and the rest of the world. At this moment, he forgot the crew of the crew not far away, and reached out to Gu Shenze's waist and responded to his kiss.

When the fierce lingering kiss ended, the silver filaments were intertwined between the lips of the two.

Both of them gasped heavily and looked at each other with a sly look until the director shouted a "card."

The show ended smoothly, but some things seem to have changed.

The face of Bai Qiran has always been very thick. Chu said a few days ago and he said: "You are really narcissistic and can't be saved."

But this time, he was ashamed to even have his ears red. After the film was finished, he left the studio and sat on the field, drinking and drinking. When the assistant asked him how his face was so red, White said with sincerity: "I... I am nervous! I am worried that it will be ng, so I am nervous to sweat!"

Little assistant: "...white, I am saying that your face is very red, not that you have a lot of sweat."

White was smashed by the water, and he said loudly after breathing calmly: "It is because of nervousness that it is blushing!"

Little assistant: "..."

And over there, Gu Shenze made a more decisive decision. He drank directly with ice water, and there was nothing special on the outside. Only a place covered by a towel had stood upright. Although no one noticed it, he looked away from the distance. Young, a look like a smile.

The next scene is a break between the two.

Gu Shenze pressed his own desires with great control and continued to film. He is very good at controlling emotions, but White is obviously unable to do this. Bai Qiran has not slowed down from the fierce bed play just now, and he has finished the scene three times.

After Feng Hexuan and Yu Sheng did that, the two lay on the boat board and rested. When the rest of the voice sent Feng Hexuan back to the cabin, the man just got on the shore and froze, and after a long time. I turned around and looked coldly. "Today is my fault. You haven't happened anything. If you need any compensation, you can come to me. As long as I can do it, I can do anything."

After that, Feng Hexuan stepped away and left only a dumb voice.

After so, the sound of the boat was returned to the home. He was always afraid of the day, but after hearing the words of Feng Hexuan, he felt that his sky had collapsed. There was some pain behind him. The walking posture was very weird. When the neighbors saw him, he asked him if he had fallen. Only he knew that the previous speed was strong. The pain is now. How violent.

Obviously, Feng Hexuan was a young girl, all shot in his body, and the rest of his mind was dizzy and did not clean. It can even be said that neither of them had this consciousness, which made the sound of fever worse for three days.

Feng Hexuan sent a lot of things over there, so that all the people in the small fishing village were shocked.

Is the big master and the nephew who came from the city a friend?

Is it true that the young master is very appreciative of the rogue? !

All kinds of rumors spread quickly throughout the small fishing village. After the rest of the illness was really awake, he gnashed his teeth and all the tonics and gifts sent by Feng Hexuan on the ground. : "I don't want you to smash you, let you feel the taste of being abandoned, Lao Tzu will not call the rest!"

In the evening, Yu Sheng paddled to Fengjia, this time he found that the waterway he used to walk was actually blocked by a fence wall!

"His mother's Feng He Xuan! Lao Tzu and you are not the same!"

Naturally, this kind of small thing can't be difficult to rest. Who is he? He was the thorn-headed rogue in the village who didn't dare to provoke. He spent two nights tearing the fence wall into a hole, and once again, he entered the Feng Hexuan room and took it with the night. A hatchet arrived at the neck of this shameless person.

The cold temperature made Feng Hexuan sober. When he blinked, he saw the nephew sitting on his body and said: "You tell me clearly, do you want to break with me!"

There was no such thing as being intimidated at all. Feng Hexuan looked at the sounds calmly and looked quietly: "Yes."

The voice of Yu Sheng seemed to fall into the hail at this moment. After a moment, he suddenly threw the hatchet and leaned down to kiss the lips of Feng Hexuan and proved his feelings with practical actions. Who expected Feng Hexuan to subdue him, turned over and pressed the scorpion under his body, staring at him with cold eyes.

Feng Hexuan asked: "How come you come from the wall?"

Yu Sheng sneered: "You said that you, this person, you are what Huanghua big niece, but also blocked the wall to stop. That kind of small broken things I want to break through how many can break through, I am strong today | Do you know what you are? Last time you were strong | raped Laozi, you are not saying that as long as you can give all the compensation? Come, let you let you go back to you, so that is fair!"

Feng Hexuan is a stiff body.

The rest of the voice is just casually said that he is not particularly tempted in these days. He didn't know what he felt. He just told himself that he was smashed by Feng Hexuan. This kid actually disliked him. This made him very unhappy, and he wanted to retaliate back.

However, after listening to a moment, Feng Hexuan whispered: "Well, I will let you come back."

After the voice fell, Feng Hexuan released the hand that had been subdued, and lay down on the side.

This scene is to let the rest of the voice completely froze, he looked at Feng Hexuan slowly closed his eyes, a look like "how to be with you."

The anger burned in the chest, and the rest of his teeth bit his teeth, tearing open the brocade silk dress of Feng Hexuan with resentment. He touched the other body with the rough hands, felt the other side gently tremble, and finally kissed. The lips of the other party.

When he took off Feng Hexuan's trousers, Feng He Xuan did not stop at all, still keeping his eyes closed.

In the end, the rest of the voice was red, and suddenly stopped at the last step.

The next step is a very difficult scene in the whole play, and it is also a test of the performance of White Chess. In the dark room, this little scorpion sits between the men's legs and never goes any further. Feng Hexuan is closed his eyes, as if he is a dead person.

At this time, the hot tears smashed down and squatted on Feng Hexuan's chest.

After the sound of hoarseness, while trying not to let the other person hear that he was crying, he said, " hate me?"

When the tears fell on the chest of Feng Hexuan, he was shocked.

Tears are still flowing, and they are lying on his body.

The resounding voice still sounded in the quiet room: "I don't want to go to you, it is very uncomfortable. I know, you will have a fever, you will feel very painful, especially over there, it hurts very much. It hurts. You will lie in the room alone, you can only look at the ceiling slyly, there is no other way. You will know that someone is constantly giving gifts to your home, and a lot of people in the village have seen you go around. People, they all come together to ask you this, ask you."

"They will ask you, what is your relationship with the young master of Fengjia?"

"You said, how can I answer?"

"He has broken up with me. He is not my friend. Because he and I did, but he disliked me, he never wants to see me again."

"Wang Zizi, a fortune teller in the north of the village, said, "I am a lonely star. Feng Hexuan, you are my first friend. I don't want to break with you. I can think that nothing has happened. You will be My friend is good. We are friends, we have no other relationship, you didn't do it with me that day | love, I didn't do it with you | love, we are only friends."

"I will not take you to rowing again in the future. I will never make any jokes with you in the future."

"Feng He Xuan... When my friend is good?"

The answer to the rest of the voice is a silence in the dark room.

He raised his hand and wiped the tears from his face. He finally smiled and said: "Since you refused, would you let me kiss you again? I didn't kiss the girl's mouth, but I think your mouth is very soft. Xiang, I don’t think anyone will marry me in the future. Just let me kiss you."

The voice fell, and the rest of the voice leaned down to prepare to leave his last kiss. No one expected that he had not acted. He suddenly saw the eyes and did not know when they had opened. Under the bright moonlight, the eyes are beautiful, with complex and deep emotions.

The emotions of this kind of emotions can't be understood. He has no culture. He doesn't even know how to read, but he feels that his heart hurts badly.

After the rest of the voice does not speak, Feng Hexuan will not speak.

In the end, Feng Hexuan sighed heavily and said with a dumb voice: "You said, how good you are, this is my life."

In the next second, Feng Hexuan turned over and pressed the other side down, reflecting a hot kiss.

If it is said that such a rogue-like little person does not know how to open the heart of Feng Hexuan, then for Gu Shenze, he clearly knows that there is a potion in the tears of Bai Qiran, but when he really When I saw each other in the blink of an eye, I felt my heart melt.

The face was full of tears, fragile and pitiful as if it were broken.

Such a person, no wonder Feng Hexuan will abandon his benevolence and ethics for more than 20 years, and willingly sink with it.

Because he is worth it.

In the director's virtual screen, Feng Hexuan and Yu Sheng are entangled, really opening the taboo road. They are crazy to do | love, under the quilt, the two are tightly intertwined, seeing others are blushing.

In the occluded place, no one except Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze knew that they were both hard.

In the script, Feng Hexuan is a great scholar who reads a poem. He is very obedient to the ritual. In addition to being forced by the remnant, as long as he is in bed, he can't help but cover the two people with the quilt. Counted as a kind of shame.

The director only thought that the two of them had a good shot, but they didn't know that under the quilt, they were rubbing each other through two layers of clothing, and they felt that they were all hotter.

Gu Shenze’s kiss was accepted by the white, even if the other party sucked a hickey on himself, which is beyond the scope of the script. White did not stop it. Instead, it was covered with squeaky, as if it had been shocked.

The off-site personnel only thought: "Gu Yingdi and Xiao Bai are really dedicated!"

They didn't know that in the bed play of that field, they were doing more and more exaggeration, and even the last step was left, doing everything that the couple could do.

This is in the drama, but as soon as the play is over, Bai Qiran never cares about Gu Shenze. Gu Shenze seems to have not come to him very tacitly. The two respect each other, but when they film, they unleashed their enthusiasm and kissed each other, using the feelings of the people to do their own thoughts. Things to do.

The next seven days of the show are all the love scenes of Feng Hexuan and Yu Sheng.

Feng Hexuan has never seen such a shameless rogue in his life. After that night, he was entangled in this dog skin plaster. Every night, the other boat was rowing into his house, sometimes it was after the sound. He will also take him out to sneak out, the two will be in the moonlight, do in the reeds | love.

In that era, homosexuality was sinful and discriminated against by everyone.

However, Feng Hexuan seems to be a demon, regardless of the person with this person.

The sound of this scorpion is really the wave, and his tricks have made Feng Hexuan gradually let go of his stubborn stubbornness, and devoted himself to the love that is mixed in sex.

Everything is taken for granted.

Everyone in the fishing village knows that the sound of the scorpion on the west side of the village seems to be friends with the young master of the family. Many people can't step into the door of Fengjia, and they let the matchmakers give gifts to the rest of the voice, hoping that Yusheng will help himself.

Yu Sheng smiled and took the gift down. Every night, he ran to Feng Hexuan. When the man was approaching high | tide, he suddenly stopped him, and he was angry with all the matchmakers he met during the day!

This time, it will be considered twice, and for three or five days, Feng Hexuan will be driven crazy.

Finally, Feng Hexuan told the housekeeper: "Wang Shu, you and the people in the village say, I am not a relative."

This sentence is very normal, and the Wang Guanjia cannot doubt it. Because both of them know that Feng Hexuan is just taking refuge, he will leave the fishing village sooner or later, he can't marry anyone in this village, even if it is impossible for Mrs. Na.

Fengjia is a large family of Xuancheng, and it is the richest man in the South.

Feng Jia Da Shaoye is the dream lover of all the girls in Xuancheng. The descendants of Feng Family are arrogant, and even the prostitute is dressed better than the most beautiful girl in this fishing village. Perhaps the prostitute grew up without the most beautiful girl, but the temperament of the city is not comparable to these country girls.

Not to mention the ladies in the city who have been devoted to the Feng family.

Wang Guanjia nodded and said: "Yes, Master, you really should have told them that there should be no such thoughts."

Everymore, every day, "Feng Hexuan, this guy is really arrogant, I can't look down on people all day!", but he doesn't know. In Fengjia, this magnificent young master is the most amiable one. He never looked down on people. He just didn't want to be too entangled with people. Since it is a stranger in the morning and evening, why should he involve more?

Wang Guanjia only thought that his young master thought that the small voice of the west of the city was interesting and he teased him to play. He did not know that the most distinguished young master in his mind was such a relationship with the inferior and dirty little nephew.

On that day, when Wang Guanjia suddenly saw the broken ship at night, his heart was cold and the whole person was stunned.

He leaned in the door of the young master's room, listening to his young and noble young master while gasping, while talking about those difficult words. Accompanied by the snoring of the young master, it was the laughter of the voice of the scorpion. The sly little scorpion smiled softly and even mocked his most respected young master: "Feng Hexuan, are you a fool? You Look at you like this, are you not eating enough, no strength at all? Well..."

Feng Hexuan’s sneer voice passed through the door panel: “I will kill you tonight, okay?”

The rest of the voice smiled lowly: "You said um... I am waiting."

Wang Guanjia sat on the ground and the whole man was stupid.

Wang Guanjia sat in the study for a whole night, and finally he shook his fingers and began to write letters. He wrote words in tears and vented his resentment in the letter.

"Master kisses: There are a total of forty-six households in this village, but the literacy is only three households. The people in this place are very popular, and the humanity is despicable. The most resounding of the city's scorpion is the most... Looking at the knowledge, the Feng family is pure and strong, and the young and the young are in order. The young master has been wounded for one year, and the family’s inner struggles are handled by the young masters, and they are not always sheltered. The young master’s body is good and can be taken seriously. Wang Shushu.”

The skinny dead camel is bigger than the horse. Even if the family is down, it is not an ordinary person who can compete.

Wang Guanjia sent the letter home. From beginning to end, he did not mention the relationship between the young master and the nephew. He did not want the reputation of the young master to be defiled by that kind of person. However, the paper couldn't hold the fire, and the family sent Feng Hexuan's cockroaches to pick him up. Then he stayed for two days and noticed the difference.

So eloquent in the house, how smart, directly asked the old housekeeper, asked the truth.

He was once a big family, and she was not as flustered as the housekeeper after she learned the truth. She calmly asked for detailed things, then asked the address of the remaining voice, with her own **** and a lot. Gifts come to visit.

After seeing Feng Hexuan's cockroaches, Yu Sheng was shocked. He quickly lit the only oil lamp in the house and wiped the table with his own sleeves.

Seeing the rest of the sound, I was surprised. This remnant sound is not as humble as the old housekeeper said, but it seems a bit embarrassing. After she had been inquiring for a while, she found that the rest of the voice was really a big word, even a girl, this life is not going to the door of Feng family, at most to make a room.

She didn't show it immediately. She sighed and smiled. "In these days, I really appreciate your care."

I heard the head strangely: "Is it true?"

I was surprised to say: "Yeah, son, are you really a good friend?"

Yu Sheng shook his head in a fog, but he smiled and shook his head: "Hey, look at my memory, the child is really the word of Hexuan. He studied under Mr. Nan Lao, when he was 12 years old, he got the old gentleman. Give the word, Fengjiahexuan, the table is true. Didn't the son really tell you?"

After all, the whole person was in the same place and did not answer.

Feng He Xuan... did not tell him.

Even he could not understand, what is called a word, what is called a word.

When he was with him, Feng Hexuan always listened to him and occasionally told him two stories in the wild history, and he was very happy to listen. And what will he say to Feng Hexuan? It is nothing more than the people in the village who have caught a few tens of pounds of big fish, or the head of the village who opened the meat today and made a big feast.

The great feast of the village chief, the excitement and Feng Hexuan painted for a long time, but Feng Hexuan did not react much.

Nowadays, the proverb says warmly and said: "On the day given the word, Feng Jia put on a three-day, three-night banquet. Every day, he placed a hundred tables and banqueted the guests of the whole southern country. This is just a word. That time was really grand, Fengjia’s ten-day and ten-night water banquet, a total of three hundred tables, feasting the world’s heroes. The appetizer is eight wild game...”

Everyone in the fishing village knows that the Fengjia Grand Master in the village is very rich.

But they don't know what kind of status Feng Family is.

Yan Yue said that the sound of Yu Sheng’s heart is cooler. He has never said anything ironic or bitter from beginning to end. Her tone is very calm, her smile is very harmonious, and she has a dignified temperament. However, the rest of the voice felt that his body was fixed, and he only nodded and listened honestly.

In the end, on the verge of walking, he smiled and said: "But that is also the old thing. Before the uprising in the south, the Feng family suffered a bit of hardship, and the family also had some trouble. You are a true friend, you can really It’s a blessing to meet you when I am wounded. When I have really left for two days, I believe he will take you away, but you are a rare friend."

When the voice fell, I listened to the smirk and said, "You can also ask Mr. Yu to have a cup of wine at the time. After the master returns, he should become a relative."

After the sound was frozen, he glanced at the cockroach, then turned around and looked at the sound of the remnant. He smiled and said: "You lick me, it’s a broken mouth, a big happy event, so fast. It’s leaking out. But she’s right to say that you’re a real friend, and you’ll definitely invite you to have a drink of wine. But this marriage is not really satisfactory, just to reinvigorate Fengjia. He is a young master of the Feng family. What he should do is clear in his own heart, and he is also embarrassed to say it."

However, for a long time, he left the small broken house with a donkey.

Looking at the back of their distant, the sound suddenly disappeared, the whole person fell down against the door, and finally sat on the floor and sat all night.

When Bai Qiran filmed this scene, it was ng several times. Gu Shenze stood by and looked at it. He watched the little girl stumble over his face, watching the guy who had never been so heartless, turned into such a sorrowful look, his eyes were dark and he didn’t know what it was. Kind of mood, I only feel that my heart is mixed, and even the throat is full of bitter taste.

After the filming, the whole movie has come to an end, and only three days of drama will be finished.

White Chess just finished the makeup, Gu Shenze walked over, leaning against the mirror, laughing and looking at him.

White chess pretended not to see each other, and he wanted to go when he got up. However, the latter suddenly grabbed his wrist and stepped forward to settle in front of him. The dark and dark scorpion hangs down slightly, looking at the children in front of the eyes with a calm gaze. Gu Shenze’s mouth twitches slightly and smirked: “I’m going to the last few scenes, do you need me to help you?”

White chess body is stiff and stiff, and laughs: "No, Gu Yingdi."

Gu Shenze laughed lowly: "Call me Gu Shenze, boy."

White Chess heard a glimpse of it and only came back after a moment. He pointed at himself and said, "You are talking to me?"

Gu Shenze gently decapitated: "Yes, white children."

Gu Shenze is 189 tall, and White is about 184. He looks down at the other side. He really has a different style of elders, quite calm and calm.

But Bai Qiran is not happy: "You are five years older than me. Why do you call me a child? Oh, no, according to birthday, you are four years, three months, three days longer than me! What are you calling? My little friend!"

Gu Shenze's tail sounds slightly: "Oh? Do you know how to know my information?"

White is swinging his hand: "I have been backing up for more than a decade. Is this called understanding?"

Gu Shenze smiled and said: "So, do you know what I am?"

Bai Qiran subconsciously said: "I know your height and weight, know your birthday, know that you least like to eat parsley, know that you can eat pepper very much. Also know that you seem to like exercise very much, obviously only when you debut 185 Now, it has grown to 189. You talk about it, is this the result of exercise..."

The voice suddenly paused, and White looked at the man in front of him with a sullen look, only to find out what he said.

Gu Shenze looked at him like a smile: "Do you know me?"

White said with a big tongue: "I... I am because my mother likes you! When I was a child, she chanted you in my ear every day. She is your super fan, so I know it! I am all at all. Don't care about you, don't know you at all!"

Gu Shenze smiled and said: "You still live with your mother?"

White Chess did not react at once: "No."

Gu Shenze asked again: "Then you talk to your mom every day?"

White Chess: ", two or three days."

Gu Shenze gently decapitated, "oh" after a low voice, said: "So, know that I am now 189, is your own understanding of things, is your mother telling you in your ear every day?"

White chess: "..."

Holding such a depressed mood, Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze continued to shoot the next scene. The two have already cooperated tacitly. Although the camera is over, White is angry and screaming at Gu Shenze, but it does not affect the smooth progress of the filming.

When the last two beds were played, White then took off his clothes again, leaving only a thin, short underwear. As soon as he looked up, he saw that Shen Ze had already lie on the bed, looked at himself with a smile, and waved at him to make a mouth shape.

White chess: "..."

Who wants to go to your bed! dream! ! !

That is to say, the bed on the bed, it still has to go up. Just this time, very strange, Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze actually ng.

Naturally, it is impossible to accommodate everyone in a small room. Except for a few dedicated cameramen, all the staff are directly watching the effects on the virtual screen. Then they were surprised to find that the bed scenes of the two people were always halfway through the accidents, and they had to stop.

What everyone can't believe is that this time, Gu Zhe is always wrong!

Bai Qiran's face was red and his skin was hot. He was pressed by Gu Shenze under his body. The lower part of the two were covered by quilts, but they were already standing tall. This time again and again, the play of Bai Qiran was all provoked. The foreplay has been done countless times. His chest has been sensitive and numb, and his sense has also invaded the brain again and again.

But the most important place is always not to relax.

The place that was wrapped in tights was so torturous. When Gu Shenze was once again ng, White kicked his neck in resentment and whispered in his ear: "Gu Yingdi, are you there? Acting, will you act? You have to ng several times! Can you get to the point faster?!"

But listened to Shen Ze gently smiled: "You want me to enter the topic?"

White is taken for granted: "Of course."

Gu Shenze said with deep meaning: "That... I really got to the point."

When the director’s next sentence “Begin” sounded, White kissed Gu Shenze’s lips as always.

This time he was very active, because in the plot, the rest of the voice knows that he can't match Feng Hexuan and decided to let go. So this night he came to say goodbye. He said all the rumors that he couldn’t even say in the past. He responded to Feng Hexuan with his most enthusiastic body. He wanted to remember this night. Remember to remember the only man he has ever loved in his life.

Here in the vip group, remember to come back and continue to see below.

The two felt the final pleasure, and the director outside the court was also surprised to shoot the thigh.

After the scene, the props group planned to go forward to deal with the props, but the director suddenly stopped them, and said with a serious face: "Let the actors feel the scene again, I think this scene is very good, Gu Both Shen Ze and Bai Qiran finally grasped the feeling. If possible, I hope that some of the previous scenes will be retaken."

Bai Qiran’s mind was dizzy. He didn’t even hear what the director said. Gu Shenze raised his eyebrows and asked: “Qi Lao, what do you want to retake?”

Director Qi turned his head and smiled. He looked up and looked at Gu Shenze and said, "What do I want to shoot, Xiao Gu... You don't know why."

Gu Shenze smiled slightly, no more buzzing.

After the end of the day, White returned to his dormitory and tossed and turned in the living room. When he heard a doorbell, he hurriedly ran over to open the door, and when he saw the man, he quickly converges on the expression of surprise, and snorted: "What?"

Gu Shenze leaned against the door frame and smiled: "The rest of the sound is not cleaned because it was shot inside, so I am sick. What about you?"

Bai Qi did not expect this guy to say so straightforward, his face was red, shouted: "I... I am what I am? I am very good! What are you doing, there is nothing to do, there is something to say, nothing to do Give me a go!"

In the past, it was absolutely impossible for White to say such a thing to Gu Shenze, not even to Gu Shenze. Even if he faced a predecessor, his attitude was very respectful.

However, now, he has to let Gu Shenze go.

Gu Shenze heard the words but he was not annoyed. He looked at Bai Qiran with a smile and laughed. After a long while, White was not able to hold it. Seeing that Shen Ze never spoke, his eyes gradually became red, and his heart was inexplicably suffocated.

The person being hired is him, and he is willing to allow Gu Shenze to do that kind of thing. But now, Gu Shenze has no reaction at all. He knows that he likes Gu Shenze, and even likes it for so long, but Gu Shenze... Maybe he is just playing with him? Maybe if you put in anybody to play this movie, Gu Shenze will take care of it.

This is the same.

Seeing that the little boy’s eyes were so red that he was going to shed tears, Gu Shenze finally stopped teasing him. He gently pinched the soft face and couldn’t help but smile: “I thought I played the bed before. Is it so bad for other actors?"

White did not care about him, and suddenly opened the hand.

Gu Shenze reached out again and pinched the soft cheek: "The reason why I don't want to be naked, instead, white children, because the object is you."

Bai Qiran is preparing to shoot this stinking hand again. After listening to this sentence, the action suddenly froze.

Just listen to the sound of Shen Ze’s low alcohol and continue to sound: “Or, the reason why you can become the rest of the voice is because... I agree. Because it’s you, you can have “The Paddle” and because it’s you. Only then can I have the rest of my voice."

White Chess looked up at Gu Shenze, but saw each other's thin lips and a slight hook. A pair of good-looking Danfeng eyes had already smiled and bent. Gu Shenze looked at himself with a helpless look, and said in a tone: "You said that you have been saying bad things about me at the Golden Awards? Really I didn't see it, you are your friend... It’s Chu Yan? You have been telling me bad things with Chu Yan. You said that this person is cold and proud. You said that my eyes are on my head. You also said that I definitely can’t get the Golden Award winner.”

White chess muttered: "But you really didn't get it..."

Gu Shenze looks awkward: "That is what you curse me."

White is not evenly sloppy: "I can't decide the award, you are filthy!"

Gu Shenze did not care to "oh" and said: "I said that because you cursed me, you cursed me."

"You are nonsense, you didn't get it yourself!"

"White kid, because you cursed me, I didn't get the movie."

"You are filthy!!!"

"It is you cursing me anyway."

"Gu Shenze! How are you like this! You scold me!"

Gu Shenze chuckled and reached out to the young man in front of him. He took the door with his hand and pressed the child to the wall. He smiled low and said in a low voice: "What to do, you curse me, If I didn't get the Golden Emperor's Award, then you have to compensate me, um... I will compensate me for a lifetime."

He bowed his head and blocked the child's next rebuttal with a warm, gentle kiss.

Eleven years ago, White never imagined that he would be with the young, white-haired actor.

Just like the eleven years later, he couldn't think of it. He would actually do that kind of thing with the man in the face of a large audience. With the secret help of the director, he can kiss the man as much as he can, or he can fully play the role.

The rest of the voice entangled Feng Hexuan, just a short seven months, but he gave a heart to the man, and then personally sent the man to leave. In the face of this man, he swears his own tricks and says that he is only with revenge for the other side, just wanting this man to try the taste of being abandoned.

Feng Hexuan naturally did not believe it until he rushed to the home of Yu Sheng and saw the scene.

Then I saw the little nephew he liked, the little nephew who always provoked him and said that he didn't have enough to eat. At the moment, he was on the bed with the widowed widow of the fishing village. He saw the man he loved the most, in front of him, on others.

He looked at this person and looked at himself with a look of disgust. He even said the most vicious words in the world: "Feng Hexuan, have you ever been to a woman? I tell you that a woman's body is the softest under the sun. Things, and women do | love is the best thing in the world."

The widow giggled: "Xiaoyu, you are moving, sister can wait for you."

Feng Hexuan does not believe: "The rest of the voice! You said, that day in the reeds, you are the first time!"

But the sneer laughter of the rest smashed his last firmness: "I said what you believe? Grand Master, do you have any brains, I am a big man, I will be a chick like you? You still Let’s not say that your root is like that, it’s much worse than Liu Erqi in our village."

The widow made a resounding voice: "Xiao Yu, have you done it with a man? Have you done it with a few men? Is it exciting?"

Yu Shengxiao haha ​​said: "Not much, not four or five, you see this rich master, he is the last one. I think it is still a woman, soft and fragrant, right, Li Jie."

In this scene, Feng Hexuan's blue veins collapsed, and the words of the rest of the voice caused the old wounds in his body to recur again. His heart was hot, and suddenly he spewed a blood and sprinkled it on the floor.

Feng Hexuan trembled and looked up. He thought that he would get the distressed care of Xiaozizi. Whoever expected that the beautiful and delicate face was full of disgust, the restless voice said coldly: "Fengda Master, you have to vomit blood and don't I spit in this room, dirty my floor, are you going to rub?"

The blood of the whole body is frozen at this moment.

Feng Hexuan did not know how he got home. He never believed that the little nephew would be like this to himself. But the gimmick he sent told him that after he left, Yu Sheng and the widow of Li had been smashing the phoenix in the room, and did not look at him at all.

Feng Hexuan who got the news again spit a blood, fainted for three days, and was directly brought back to Xuancheng by the old housekeeper and the old housekeeper.

And he naturally didn't know. When he left the room, Li Widow sighed helplessly and said, "You like that kid so much?"

This sentence made the aftermath suddenly froze, he laughed and said: "No."

Li Widow took out her body and smiled: "I cried like this, and said nothing? Young is so good, I am a child like you, even if you have someone you like, you Li sister, I am not. I will take care of you. But when you go to me, you can’t do anything. I don’t want to go on with your children like this.”

Yu Sheng reached out and wiped his face, only to find that he had already burst into tears.

While wearing a dress, Li’s widow said: “According to the character of the Fengjia Grand Master on the east side of the village, it is estimated that I will not believe you. I will stay in your house for a while, and wait until he is sure to leave.”

After the silence, he nodded as he wiped his tears.

Li Widow sat on the edge of the bed, watching the rest of the voice gently touch the blood on the floor with his fingers, and kept touching. The smile on her face slowly disappeared. In the end, she finally couldn't help but ask: "Why don't you be with him."

There was silence in the house. After a long time, the rest of the voice was dumb and said: "He is the young master of Xuancheng Fengjia, he is the phoenix in the sky, I am the chicken in the mountains. He is with me, he is not The way to inherit the family business, he can only be a mountain village husband, he should be able to reinvigorate the family, he can go further, as long as he is not with me."

Li Widow sneered: "If you believe in him, you should not do this. It is his business to choose not to become a mountain villager. Who said that he wants to be a young master? And, who said he is gone? The family will be a mountain village husband, and he can make a comeback with his own."

Silence for a long time, Yu Sheng said: "Li Jie, I am a man, with me, he will always be laughed at. Even in this small fishing village, as long as I know about me and his things, he will be a lifetime He will be beaten with eggs, and he will be smashed with rotten leaves. For them, the two men are together in sin, and I can't see him in his life."

Li widow laughed and got up, but when she got to the door, she turned her head and said: "The old lady is most sorry for your love and love. What do you think of others, even if the children in the village were Going to the hamsters in my yard, the aging mothers are all taken down! The aging mother is still afraid of them? I have only a few decades left in my life, and it is the most important thing!"

After finishing this passage, Li Widow closed the door, but the rest of the voice still sat on the ground and touched the blood.

After a long time, he heard a low-mute female voice outside the door: "I like a person, what does it feel like?"

Yu Sheng slowly looked up and said with a smile: "Sister Li, I didn't like to be a person. I only loved one person. I think that when I love him, even life can be avoided. When I love him, as long as he is good. My dignity and self can be trampled by myself. I understand what you said, but... I want him to be the best person in the world."

At this time, the rest of the sound did not know, Feng Hexuan once again spit a blood, was brought back to Xuancheng by his family.

When he heard that Feng family had left the village, he rode a small ship to the abandoned wooden house overnight, sitting on the cold bed in a foolish way, sleeping alone all night.

Thirty years later, the owner of Xuancheng Fengjia returned to this small fishing village.

It is said that it is a fishing village, but it is not. There is no fishing village here, and it has developed into a bustling town. The cold and serious old man stood in front of a reed, his eyes looked calmly. He stood behind a row of descendants. Feng family had already regained its glory. It was not the marriage, but the power and wrist of the owner.

Feng's next heir is called Feng Yusheng, and his name is from his uncle, who is now the master of the family.

Feng Hexuan had never been alive, but when he was old, he liked to listen to the drama. He liked to listen to "Lu Fu Dang".

Now he is standing in this vast expanse of reeds, even if it has changed a lot, he can see that the woods of that year. The Fengjia Chalet in the east of the village turned into a restaurant, a small broken house in the west of the village... but it also became a tea house.

Feng Hexuan stood in front of this teahouse, and he was too late to step forward. He was afraid to see that person, and he didn't know what to say. He stood in front of the teahouse and didn't talk. He just looked at it until an old woman came out of the teahouse and began to greet the guests.

The body suddenly froze, Feng Hexuan looked at the strange old woman, and smiled helplessly.

He took a passer-by and sent a piece of broken silver and asked: "Excuse me, who is that person?"

When the passers-by looked at the silver, they quickly accepted it with excitement. They even said: "Li Widow, that is Li Widow, the wife of the tea house."

Thirty years ago, the face that still has its charms suddenly appeared in front of me. Feng Hexuan’s throat is full of bitter taste. After a while, he smiled and said: "This is the boss, then ask the boss? How is he doing now? Is the body okay? With a few children?"

Whoever expects to hear this, the passerby is surprised: "Boss? Where is the boss?"

Feng Hexuan stunned slightly.

I saw this passerby shoot a thigh: "Hey, you misunderstood, this tea house has only the boss wife, no boss. Because it is a woman who is a widow, so we all call her boss, there are not so many rules in your city. ""

Feng Hexuan’s fingers trembled. After a long time, he asked with a hoarse voice: “So... what about the rest of the family who lived here?”

The passerby shook his head and confused: "Yu Jia Asheng? Who is this?"

The voice of passers-by was a little louder. An old man sitting in the teahouse smiled and said: "Yu Jia Asheng? Isn't that rogue scorpion? He has been dead for twenty-nine years. How can anyone still remember him? Who is still? Remember him, let me see... ah! Are it was the village of Dongfeng’s family..."

When he heard the word, Feng He Xuan had already been in the same place, as if everything was far away.

Dead for twenty-nine years...



Across the water curtain, I only listened to the old man’s family: "Yes, your relationship with that voice is good, and you often send gifts to his house. That kid is also a bitter, twenty-eight years ago, our village was The upper head was raised into a town. He didn't catch up with him. When he died, it was just a famine in the village. He went to the reeds by boating alone. Hey, it seems that the reeds are close to your home. It was the land in the east of the village. When he died, he was already skinny, and he was dying. It might have fallen into the water one night, and his stomach was hungry, so he didn’t swim."

Feng Hexuan stepped back one step afterwards, and all of his body had no strength. He gritted his teeth and looked at the old man in front of him. He said with arrogance: "You don't want to talk nonsense! I gave him a lot of things, he can definitely live. He has money, he..."

"There was no movement in the money. After he died, he seemed to have a will. All of them were given to Li Widow, so Li Widow opened the teahouse." The old man continued to say with trepidation: "You don't believe, you ask." Li Widow, she knows better than me."

Feng Hexuan turned his head and saw the old lady with a staggered figure standing not far away, looking at herself.

That face is no longer the glamorous beauty of the year, but Feng Hexuan will not forget this life. In the room that day, the owner of this face and the only person he loved have left a life for himself. nightmare.

Li Widow and Feng Hexuan came to the house and moved all the thirty-one small boxes out and placed them in front of Feng Hexuan. Li Widow let Feng Hexuan open, Feng Hexuan did not move, the old lady smiled and opened all the boxes.

The things inside, Feng Hexuan remember all.

There are good tonics, lots of money, and some books and papers.

Li Widow said with a smile: "These things are all given to me after the death of the original. I didn't spend it. Don't listen to them outside, this teahouse is my fight, how can I spend the rest of my life? The rest of these things are not willing to spend, if I spend it, I will not be a ghost."

The throat seemed to be stunned, and Feng Hexuan shook his body, and he couldn’t say a word.

Li Widow smiled and said: "You want to ask me, why do you not want to spend the rest? Yes, I asked him twenty-nine years ago, why don't you spend it, you have to live to have more hope. But he and I said that if he doesn't spend these things, he may still be able to support him for another month, but after spending these things, his heart will die, and there will be no more things to think about. He can't live for a day. ""

"These things are his life, the young master, do you say I can spend it?" Li Widow raised her eyes and calmly looked at the majestic man in front of her eyes and suddenly smiled: "You are so young." I am afraid that when I die, I am probably much older than you look. On that day, he went to rowing again. I said that you are all hungry and have no strength. Why do you have to row? He said that he is dead and he is going to leave the person. The place died, and three days later, we found the broken ship and his body was salvaged."

Feng Hexuan was about to fall back in the whole man, and there was a sweet sputum in his throat, and a **** squirt.

In the house, only he and Li Widow, see him, Li Widow looked stunned and then smiled: "You remind me of thirty years ago. You also vomit a blood, then leave, but You don't know, I was really tossed by both of you at that time, and the rest of the voice didn't harden. You can't even see such simple things, and believe his ghosts. You certainly don't know, he always cries after you leave, and still rubs the blood that you spit, not too dirty."

Feng Hexuan's eyelids are red, and the lips are bleeding and bleeding. It has long been said that he can't even say a word. He shuddered at the colorful box and looked at the gray things inside. Every word of Li’s widow was stabbed in his heart, and he almost fell down, only one breath was supported.

He turned around and wanted to go and see the place. Whoever expected Li Widow suddenly laughed again, and she whispered: "You can turn around and let me see you again." ""

Feng He Xuan turned around.

But seeing this Li widow has already shed tears, but still smiled and said: "I want to know, what kind of person is it, it is worth a kind of rogue person to be heartbroken, not face and dignity to love. ”

The movie ended in a long pitching sound.

The waves waved softly, and the wooden paddles slowly sounded. A thin and thin figure supported a lonely paddle and walked through the faint sunset. Suddenly, a low male voice came from behind him: "The rest!"

The man turned sharply, his expression was surprised first, and finally it became a surprise.

He waved with a smile and shouted happily, then a fall suddenly fell into the water.

When people say that people are dying, they will always take a breath and want to see the most important person. The donkey waited for three days, and finally heard the call, as if from the other side of the call, let him cross the ship's edge without hesitation, stepping into the water.

Still in such a place, a temperamental old man sat in the bow and looked at the blue waters. In the dim daylight, time seems to go backwards, and he returns to the appearance of youth. As always, the beautiful, as always, refined, at first glance, let the little scorpion indulge in and start to harass every day.

The man sat in the bow, first laughed, and finally began to cry.

He cried so hard that he cried as if he wanted to lose his mind.

In the end, he stood at the bow, as if he saw a illusory illusion. It was the time for the man to take him out for the first time. He was sitting in the middle of the boat. The man was standing on the stern and paddling. The man began to blow up the piccolo, and the flute was melodious and gentle. A light paddle.

Time seems to have gone by in a hurry, and time seems to have been still.

The picture gradually faded away, only listening to the sound of "噗通" falling into the water, and everything turned into silence.

When Bai Qiran watched the film in Gu Shenze's private theater, he cried and depressed the man beside him, dumbly said: "You said, why are you coming so late, why are you? Can't come early!"

Gu Shenze took his hand and said helplessly: "I want to blame you, why lie to me?"

Bai Qiran ignored him and continued to swear: "It is your fault!"

Gu Shenze took the child's hand on his chest and said: "Yes, yes, it's all my fault. I heard my heartbeat. I was shocked when I saw your face in the movie. Only a little crocodile tears than you."

White is angry and said: "You are the crocodile tears! Right, don't let Xiaoyan know that I am crying, he must laugh at me."

Cry for this movie, this kind of thing is really too faceless!

Gu Shenze whispered softly, and comforted with his own children. When Bai did not cry, he laughed: "Otherwise, our future children will also be called the voice. Gu Yusheng, very nice."

White Chess is shaking his head: "My child should not have the same name as others!"

Gu Shenze thought for a moment: "What about Gu Yu? What?"

After thinking about it, Bai Qiran nodded with satisfaction and agreed.

Seeing the appearance of the child, "I just reluctantly promised you," Gu Shenze couldn't help but laugh, and the boring heart disappeared.

After all, you are the rest of my life.

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