As a large-scale literary film, "The Sound of Paddle" is not likely to be the same as those of the color film. On the contrary, **** is also a way of expressing character and plot conflicts. Excellent movies are for plot and sex.

So ten days before the filming, Bai Qiran did not encounter any large-scale drama.

At most, it’s just a couple of times, so that’s all.

Feng He Xuan is a very high-minded person, high and proud, living in the east of the fishing village. Behind his yard is a large piece of reed land. The lake and the small fish are hidden in the lush reeds. You can hear the frogs at night, and you can hear the sound of the ripples in the daytime.

Every day, the matchmaker will come to the door to find him to talk about the media, but they are all rejected by the old butler and do not give the matchmaker the possibility to go to the door.

Feng Hexuan sits at the window near the reed land, or reads a book low, or writes a pen, never asks about the fishing village. Until one day, he heard a groaning sound in the reeds, and soon there was a sound of water, a reed was drawn by the boat, and a dilapidated bow suddenly appeared.

At that time, Feng Hexuan stood calmly in front of the window, watching the broken ship appear on the edge of his backyard, and then a worn-out young man smashed out from the hidden reeds.

This is the first scene of Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze. The director chose to have a more conflicting encounter in order to make both of them feel better and integrate into the movie. Be familiar with each other.

Bai Qiran remembered that he was jumping from the bow in costume and saw Gu Shenze as soon as he looked up.

The black hair was quite docile, wearing a white robes, and Gu Shenze looked at him with his eyes closed, not talking, not even a little expression, but the calmness in his eyes made him I was angry and subconsciously followed the other side and really entered the play.

"You are Feng He Xuan? I heard that you refused to mention the relatives of the Cui family next door, really fake?"

Feng Hexuan ignored him, but he looked at him calmly for a long time, then suddenly raised his hand and closed the window.

This action can make the rest of the voice not suffocating, directly entangled in this arrogant young master.

Every day, he sneaked into the study of Feng Hexuan, and Feng Hexuan did not open the window. He was outside the yin and yang. First of all, what do you say, "You can't even look at the Cui family, that is the most beautiful girl in our village." Later, I began to say "I heard that you came from Xuancheng, is Xuancheng very big?" You are bored here every day, why not be bored."

Responding to him, it is Fenghe Xuan as always, closed the window.

Yu Sheng was originally a blind man in the village. After being so cold and neglected for two months, he gritted his teeth and took a hatchet directly to the back of the cabin and began to smash the window. When I saw the window, I opened it. The rest of the voice blew whistle, and the next second I heard a deep voice: "You want to rob the room?"

After a sigh of relief, he turned to see Feng Hexuan standing behind him.

Still wearing a white robes, I don’t know what the pattern is, it looks good.

After staying for a while, I saw Feng Hexuan sneer and smacked his lips. He seemed to be ready to pull the rest. He was scared, and the rest of the retreat was reflexively backward. Whoever expected this step did not stand still, and the whole person fell backwards, and he also pulled Feng Hexuan who reached out.

"Oh la la la -"

Two big men fell into the water.

On the evening of the same day, Yu Sheng entered the Fengjia Gate for the first time, and Feng Hexuan sent him a suit.

The old butler was surprised how suddenly a person emerged. He wanted to ask who the rest was. Whoever expected Feng Hexuan sneered: "He is a dumb man, he has nothing to eat, he jumps into the lake and commits suicide. Come over."

The rest of the voice is dry and blinking.

When the old housekeeper left, he shouted: "What told me to be picked up by you? You can't water the dry ducks, is it that I can save you?"

Feng Hexuan sneered: "Who took me down?"

The rest of the voice suddenly smashed.

This scene is the smoothest scene of Bai Qiran's shooting. Even the director did not expect that he would interpret the expression of the remnant sound so well, which is impeccable. The faint faint yellow light illuminates the white face of Zhang Junxiu's beautiful face. It is a small scorpion in a small fishing village. It is lively and exhilarating.

These days, Bai Qiran and the people in the crew have a very good relationship, but they have not spoken to Gu Shenze.

The people in the crew also saw it. It seems that there is a mismatch between the two stars. Apart from filming, they never communicated at all, not even saying a word.

But it doesn't matter, as long as the film can be shot. The performances of these two people are all good, especially Gu Shenze, who often brings white chess into the play. After the filming, White is only depressed and gathers his head. He said, "How is he led by him? The nose is gone."

This smooth state continued until the first boat play, and it really fell into a deadlock.

Yes, this is not a typo, it is a boat play, not a bed play.

Although Feng Hexuan is so lonely, he is not a cold-hearted person. Yu Sheng said two months outside his window, and he also made him a little loose, and looked at the little fisherman a little. Then Yusheng played the advantage of rogue shamelessness and unilaterally announced that Feng Hexuan became a friend.

Friends, it is to play and have fun.

Yu Sheng took Feng Hexuan to his small broken ship, paddling the paddle and took Feng He Xuan to the depths of the reed wetland.

Deeper into the depths, the lake is clearer and the small fish and shrimp are clearly visible. The magnificent sunset is gradually sinking in the sky in the west, and the colorful sunset is reflected in the lake, as if it has been colored with colorful colors.

By the time of this play, the makeup of Bai Qiran has become more formal. At least the hair is not so messy and the face is washed. Now the rest of the voice is Feng Hexuan's "friend", of course he has to correct it, so he reveals the only good-looking face that is worthy of merit.

Standing in the halo of the evening, the rest of the voice laughed: "How, beautiful, we are not worse than your Xuancheng!"

Feng Hexuan did not care about him, just looked around and his eyes were calm.

After all, regardless of his cold attitude, he took a piccolo out of his pocket and began to play it. The sound is not too good at all, but it also has its own melody. In such a microwaved lake, the surrounding reeds hide the boat, and this unconventional little song is actually a bit of an atmosphere.

When I finished blowing, I heard that Feng Hexuan was staring at himself with a scorpion.

In the light and shadow mottled, he seems to see the other side actually smirk the lips and smile, the beautiful face of Zhang Junmei is like the spring and the ice melt, everything wakes up, suddenly hit his heart, let him loose, small piccolo It landed on the dirty ship board.

Feng Hexuan frowned, and began to pick up the Piccolo to give the rest of the sound, who expected him to be close, the rest of the sound actually scared to stand up, swaying backwards backwards. Feng He Xuan brows, and then push forward; the rest of the sound will go back, all the way back to the ship's edge.

Seeing it, it seems to be amused, somehow, Feng Hexuan suddenly laughed and said: "Your flute." Then he went forward and prepared to hand the flute to the rest.

Just between the electric fire and the flint, the rest of the voice suddenly widened his eyes, and shouted and hid, and the whole person fell into the water.

Without hesitation, Feng Hexuan’s fingers tightened and quickly jumped into the water, and then... was saved by the rest.

The hair was wetted into a bundle, wetly placed on the head, and the narrow and graceful peach eyes were exposed. The rest of the voice sighed on the board and waited for the young master sitting next to him. Not angry, said: "You can't swim, what are you doing, dry duck!"

Feng Hexuan sneered: "What are you doing?"

After all, the voice shut up. After a while, he shouted: "I am too hot, can I go cold and cool?"

Feng Hexuan heard the words and looked down at the young people in front of him. The deep eyes were all looking at the look, and the rest of the sound was cold, but after a while, he couldn’t help but laugh, and no longer had the atmosphere of the young master, while laughing and saying: "You are like a frog that has turned a belly, and you have to make a bubble while you are still stubborn."

The rest of the voice is anxious: "You are the frog!"

Feng Hexuan continued: "I am a frog, what are you?"

Yu Sheng suddenly stood up from the ship board: "If I am a frog, you are 癞 □ □!"

Feng Hexuan looked up at him and smiled like a smile: "I am 癞 □ □, then what are you?"

The glory of the setting sun was laid down from behind, so that Feng Hexuan had more eye-catching features of the handsome and elegant, and the rest of the voice could not help but swallow his mouth, then subconsciously whispered: "You are 癞 □ □, I am swan meat..."

When the voice just fell, the ghost made the difference, and the whole person suddenly rushed up and kissed the bitter lips.

Feng Hexuan was stunned by the whole person. After waiting for a while, he began to want to push away the other party. However, the other party thought that he would hold himself to death, and there was no gap. Feng Hexuan did not know whether he was angry or angry at the moment. After a strange feeling came up, he pushed the scorpion on the ship board with a force, and the whole person pressed up.

After the sound hit the board, the whole person was dizzy and looked up, but he saw that the noble and young master was sneering at him, and began to undress, without any image: "I am 癞□ □ ?, that Laozi ate you this swan meat today!"

Until now, the whole show has performed quite well.

In the miniature camera, whether it is the romantic and romantic lake water around, or the swaying and dilapidated boat, this ambiguous atmosphere has been shaped by 10 to 10, and when you see the pro and the relatives, Gu Shenze’s hands are drawn into the white. Chess in the clothes, but when Gu Shenze was preparing to kiss the lips, Bai Qiran but the whole person was stiff.


The man’s finger suddenly slipped into his sensitive place, and a low-pitched voice couldn’t help but sounded. White’s heart panicked and subconsciously pushed Gu Shenze, Gu Shenze was pushed into the lake and splashed. Water flowers.

"Oh la la la -"

Waiting for the staff: "..."

Pushed down by innocence, and traveled on his own to Gu Shenze: "..."

The white heart is very fast, and the whole person is not good: "..."

The director yelled angrily: "White! Chess! Of course! What are you doing! Do you want to rebel?"

The author has something to say: I told you that ** is not allowed to drive, you said swollen what to do!


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