The ghost made the difference, and Bai Qiran found his agent on the same day and wanted to push the show away.

When the agent pushed the glasses on his nose, he asked: "Oh? Comrade Xiaobai, you are telling me why you should push "The Paddle"? This is your favorite feeling. The scum-like role, you are ignoring the billions of investments in this movie, or do you think that the main team of this drama is not big enough?"

White Chess suddenly slammed down. After thinking about it, he could only say: "I don't want to play this movie."

The agent looked at him: "reason."

I felt uncomfortable when I thought about playing against Gu Shenze!

- How can such a statement be said?

In the end, the agent silently slammed White into the crew.

I have already signed the contract, and I have already set the itinerary long ago. Is it a push that you want to push off? There is still no professional ethics. Moreover, this drama is the work of this year's impact trophy. You don't cherish such a good show on your head? Still thinking about going out? Wake up!

As soon as he came to the crew, Bai Qiran saw Gu Shenze.

At that time, Gu Shenze was making up, and many staff members were busy beside him. Gu Shenze sat there so calmly, without talking, but it was different from everyone else next to him, and he could notice him at once.

I don't know why, Bai Qi looked at it for a while, then he was taken with makeup.

"The Sound of the Paddle" is a warm art film. This warmth refers not to how warm the plot is, but the tone and tone of the film are particularly warm. The background of the movie In the Republic of China more than 1100 years ago, Feng Hexuan, played by Gu Shenze, was a young master of a pawnshop. He came to this small fishing village because of family escape. He met the white chess player. sound.

Feng Hexuan even if the family is in the middle of the road, the mind of the young master has never disappeared. Moreover, even if the family is shattered, he can live quite well in this small fishing village, and even have an old butler who takes care of him. Feng He Xuan can't look down on anyone in the fishing village, but there are a group of spring-hearted girls who love him and want to marry him.

Faced with such a situation, the rest of the living in the other side of the village could not sit still.

Yu Sheng is a fisherman who is idle all day, and has a good-looking face, but there is no one on his mouth. When he was born, he died. When he was ten years old, he would kill the whole family. It is the biggest disaster in the fishing village. star. Yu Sheng was a singer, and the family was very poor. It was a broken ship and a broken wooden house, but because the face was really beautiful, there were girls who would marry him.

However, two consecutive Huanghua girls, the former one was ready to marry, and died of illness. The latter one just invited the matchmaker and died.

The girl in the fishing village is very good in water. The girl can actually die. Everyone is even more disgusted with the remnant. He is absolutely a star of the sky.

Yu Sheng is twenty-four years old this year, and he is one year older than Feng Hexuan, but no one is willing to marry him anymore. Even talking to him will not work. Seeing that the matchmaker had to level the threshold of Feng Hexuan, the rest of the voice decided to go to the rumored young master, and began a short and gorgeous love.

The makeup artist is making a white make-up, but the white-eyed eyes are lightly floating on Gu Shenze not far away. Gu Shenze wore a brocade silk dress, and the white silk used silver needles to outline the complex and magnificent diamond pattern. He just sat there, like a proud and quiet family master, even if it fell into the dust, it was A savory swan meat.

On the other hand, what about white?

He wore a coarse linen, a black hair and a mess, and it was completely incomparable with the neatness of the people.

Looking at myself in the mirror, Bai Cheu’s mouth is pumping, and I don’t feel uncomfortable in my heart.

After the makeup was finished, the director arranged for Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze to take a set of makeup photos, and also took a photo of the publicity. Bai Qiran stood by the studio to drink water, and the scene gave him a talk about the script. He was drinking water, but for a long time he saw Shen Ze slowly walked across the opposite side.

"Cough and cough..."

The scene was awkward and asked: "Chess, do you think I have any problems?"

After the white chess calmed down, he smiled and looked at the scene: "Nothing, Li Ge, very good."

Xiao Li nodded and continued to say: "Today we have taken a set of makeup photos and then we can have dinner. Wait until the afternoon to shoot the first scene..."

Bai Qiran listened and listened to the gods. He didn't notice the opposite side of the studio. The tall and tall man was looking at him with his eyes open, his lips slightly squirming, revealing a touch of unnoticeable smile.

Ten minutes later, Bai Qiran hated his own distraction.

Director: "White Chess, hold Gu Shenze's waist!"

Director: "White Chess, you are his lover, can you be close?"

Director: "White! Chess! Of course! You are now facing the people you like, not your enemies!"

White Chess: "..." qaq he knows, certainly nothing good! Certainly nothing good!

White Chess is crying and tears. Suddenly he feels that his waist is being taken along with him. The whole person slams into the past and suddenly slams into a warm embrace. "咔嚓", the miniature cameras began to shoot, and the white chess also slammed the head. The whole person was held in his arms by Gu Shenze, and then saw the pair of fascinating scorpions.

Many people have said that Gu Shenze has a pair of infatuated eyes.

The black eyes are quiet and quiet, as if depositing a vast ocean, looking into the invisible bottom, and when he looks at you, you feel that you have been placed on the apex of this person, and placed it in his life. The place.

White chess was stunned and stunned, and then the lips were hot and kissed by the other side.

The two sides are big and big, and Bai Qiranly pushes the man directly, but listens to the roar of the director from the ear: "White Chess!!! Do you have to go with me today? Just a few public photos, you Can you shoot well? Can you shoot it well! Do you want to switch on today?!"

White chess: "..."

The temperature on the lips seems to have not faded. Good professionalism has allowed White to calm down and listen to the director’s repeated photos. What to embrace photos, kiss photos, etc., all the publicity photos will be completed directly this morning.

For the rest of the day, as the director said, the crew did not boot.

Hug is still a good thing, but a few kiss photos of these two people have taken enough for two hours!

The angle is wrong, the expression is wrong, the body is stiff...

What kind of problems are there.

The two had kissed each other for at least thirty or forty times, and they failed to meet the director’s request. The director’s hair was lost. “This is not a kiss, and I will not be able to wait until the filming scene. What can I do? ......"

Bai Qiran’s assistant has been psychologically grooming him. The little assistant is very strange. Although Bai Qiran is not an actor who is particularly passionate about acting, he used to be very dedicated. The first kiss on the screen was long gone, and there were real shots in the borrowing. How come this time is always a problem?

The little assistant frowned at the head: "Little white, don't wipe your lips with a wet wipe, your mouth is red."

White chess is a stiff move.

The little assistant said with a dismay: "What happened to you today? Didn’t you still have a filming with Chu Yan in "Starlight" before, and I haven’t seen any problems. Otherwise, I will talk to the director and publicize the photo. We will make up later, and the state will not work today."

It is said that Bai Qiran is shaking his head.

Soon after, he began to take pictures again. Gu Shenze stood in the center of the studio and looked at Bai Qiran calmly. The latter walked step by step into the studio and then settled in front of Gu Shenze.

Gu Shenze slightly raised his lips and finally said his first sentence with Bai Qiran today: "Tense?"

The sound is low and mellow, like the most beautiful music.

White chess is in the heart, and the embarrassment of the mother’s sentence seems to have come to my ears again. After a while, he snorted and provoked his provocation: "What is nervous, I can be a little nervous when I can cooperate with Gu Yingdi, but I am not a newcomer. It was a bit bad when I was hungry. Now I am eating. Full, let Gu Yingdi look at the jokes, let's fight for it again."

Gu Shenze stunned, and did not seem to think that his short two words would get such a long list of answers. The sound of Bai Qiran is low, the nasal sound is a bit heavy, it sounds soft, and with this arrogant tone, Gu Shenze can not help but can not help.

However, he was stunned by this young actor.

When the director sang "Beginning", Gu Shenze just reached out and stopped the waist of Bai Qiran. Suddenly he felt that he was being pulled down by the people. When he was caught off guard, he was suddenly kissed by the young man.

The soft lips pressed tightly on his lips, and the hot temperature passed over, as if a fire, and Gu Shenze’s heart burned in an instant, and all the thoughts were burned.

This is not the first kiss, but the most letting Gu Shenze accident, the most let him be unable to parry.

He was forced to pull by this young man, bowing his head and kissing each other. The child's warm exhalation sprayed on his face, making time seem to be still. There was no clutter in the ears, no director's guidance, and only the heavy, heavy breathing sounded in his ear.

After the end of this long kiss, the director applauded happily: "ok! I just took a lot of angles and I can."

Upon hearing this, White smugly raised his chin, as if a cute puppy was licking his chin, lazy, soft, and even his eyes were laughing and screaming. The deputy's strength.

Gu Shenze slowly licked his throat and looked at the children not far away.

The assistant behind him said: "Azer, wipe the wipes with a quick wet wipe, and then eat a fresh sugar. Finally, I took a good photo. Today, ng has been too many times, and we have finished eating sugar. I will prepare you for tomorrow. Fresh sugar."

Gu Shenze has nothing to clean, but for the kiss, most actors will clean up the mouth afterwards, and Gu Shenze is no exception. After all, it’s not really a good idea to kiss the other person. It’s normal to deal with it.

However, this time, when the assistant was handed aside for a minute and was not picked up by Gu Shenze, he asked again. Just listening to Shen Zhe suddenly laughed low, he turned to look at his assistant, said the temperature and said: "It doesn't matter, since we finished shooting, we will go back."

The assistant said: "You don't have to clean up?"

Gu Shenze did not turn around, just waved his hand: "If you want to go back, then go back and talk."

The assistant looked confusedly at the wet towel and fresh sugar in his hand, mumming

The author has something to say: Muttered to himself: "Go clean up after going back? Why?"

- Because, that child seems to be very interesting.


Yes~ this kid is quite interesting 23333333


Thank you

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