Bai Qiran first saw Gu Shenze, it was 13 years old.

Gu Shenze debuted very early, and the first drama was starring. The 18-year-old Gu Shenze plays a hero in a white dress. This TV series has very little investment and has not been broadcast on the stars. It can only be played on the Internet as a screencast. Who knows, but this small-cost online drama has actually become a hit online drama of the decade before, the male protagonist Gu Shenze also became a hit.

At that time, Bai Qiran was still a little boy who was just in high school. He thought about playing games all day, and he was very tightly watched by his own mother. He was only allowed to do homework in the house, and even the communicator was confiscated.

So when White was doing his homework in the room, White Mom used the vr glasses to watch the TV series in the living room.

Bai Qiran naturally can't see the things in vr glasses, but this does not prevent him from knowing the words that his mother shouted every day. What is "Liu Wenfeng is so handsome", "This young newcomer is really good." Ok, acting is also very good." Eating is saying that no one is given to anyone.

Under such circumstances, with a mentality that "this stuff is definitely no more fun than the game", White has two episodes of "The Ancient Way to Ask the Wind." Originally, he wanted to see a little something. He had a bit of dry goods in his stomach. Then he criticized his own mom, who was watching the soap opera all day, and did not let him play the game. Who would expect this to be... it was addictive!

The online drama only broadcasts one episode a week, a total of forty episodes, and White has been chasing for half a year!

When he returned to God, he had already watched the online drama. He wanted to swear two sentences, but he couldn’t say anything when he said it to his mouth. He could only mutter: "In fact, this drama The story is still ok, that is, the actor... oh oh!"

Mom and mother all day exaggerated male protagonist played well, male protagonist handsome, the actor must not drop, this is a matter of principle (?), can not compromise.

Probably because this online drama has caused a serious psychological shadow to Bai Qiran. Since then, although An Yuyang and Gu Shenze have risen up and dominated the Huaxia entertainment circle, he has never seen it again. Any of Shen Ze’s works, even the advertisements are skipped directly.

Then seven years later, Bai Qiran was smashed into the Communication University by his mother. When he was twenty, he finally debuted.

The handsome appearance is handsome and the acting is outstanding. The first class graduated from Huaxia Communication University, Cao Bai, the first drama starred in a big villain in the online drama. That is called a sinister sinister, it is called a scum scum, but because of this handsome to the horrible face, many people suddenly remembered, jumped into a second-line popular.

Then White is very stable. After being signed by Tiansheng, he was hailed. In the second year, he became a first-line student. After several baptisms of villains and TV dramas, his acting skills gradually abandoned the instigation and frivolity and began to calm down.

Therefore, Tiansheng’s head of the family was born.

Although there are not many first-line artists, it is still relatively easy to cross the second line, but the super line is completely different. There are more than 30 super-line artists in China, and how many people are behind this line. They can't take a step closer in their lives.

White is no exception.

Xu Yurong, the person in charge of Tiansheng, originally prepared a very good hard-core niche movie for Bai Qiran. He wanted to make White's transformation and find a new breakthrough direction. It is expected that the white chess will be ruthlessly directed by the director during the audition. The brush went down.

The director of Huaxia said with emotion: "His acting is very good. His appearance is actually a pass, but Xu Zong, the audience of the whole China, sees the white chess, and will never associate with the decent. The world is not every Individuals can do everything like An Yuyang and Gu Shenze. The temperament of Bai Qiran is not suitable for such a tough and decent person."

There are two good actors.

One of them can change his or her identity at will. Whether he is acting as a decent or a villain, you are very comfortable and will not have any habits.

There are many stars on this road, but most of them can't have a bowl of water and flat. They don't have their own characteristics. It's also a general debut and a villain. It's also normal. Huaxia can do the same thing, only Anyang. Gu Guze and several others.

The other is to specifically tap their own advantages and expand this aspect infinitely to become an advantage that others cannot overcome. For example, on the Huanhuaxing list, the seventh place in the film, her temperament is noble and elegant, just a look can make people feel refreshed and dare not resist.

This film often plays the role of a variety of female superiors, such as the Queen, the female president. As long as she plays such a role, even Anyang can not compete with it, a big difference.

This is the ultimate in some way.

Not only Xu Yurong, but even Bai Qiran knows that he is not the first actor, but the second. Therefore, he did not care, directly took the "Polar" anti-party Yuan Bohua, met Chu Yan, and then won the nomination, and then ... met Gu Shenze.

When he saw Gu Shenze at the scene of the award ceremony, Bai Qiran’s voice screamed as if he had seen Liu Wenfeng ten years ago. The white clothes are cool, the black hair is long hair, and a Hanhua sword comes from the wind. When the sword is swept away, it is a mighty blue sky.

This award ceremony is not a taste.

In the past, he used to sneak around every time, but this time he sat there honestly, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, his face went to another place, and even the rest of the light was not given to Gu Shenze.

Gu Shenze, who was on the side, did not seem to care. The entire award ceremony did not say a word to Bai Qiran. After leaving the venue, Bai Qi sighed with relief and thought to himself: Gu Shenze, who knows what Anyang, Oliver and other superstars may not even notice who he is. It!

With such a happy mood, Bai Qiran took the initiative to invite Chu Yan to eat a meal, and blessed Chu Yan to win the double prize.

This kind of good mood continued until the award ceremony of the Golden Awards. After a period of rest, White suddenly got an excellent resource. The person is the scum villain he is best at, and he is taking the path of emotional scum, so that Bai Qiran really likes it.

However, as the saying goes, it is a lot of words, it is a blessing.

When Chu said strangely to him, "Do you know who another actor is?", Bai Qi suddenly stunned, carefully pondered, and could only helplessly shake his head.

Then, I heard a low-pitched male voice with a gentle smile, shielding all the noise in the noisy venue, and screaming in the white ear: "Have you been talking about "The Paddle"? Really, I also took the film. Perhaps... you are my remnant? I met for the first time, my Feng Hexuan, I hope to have a good cooperation in the future."

Turning to see each other, Chu Yan stunned, and Bai Qiran even more horrified eyes wide open.

Under the bright and bright lights, the man's handsome and beautiful face is full of elegant smiles, his eyes are calm, and there is a meaningful eye that smiles and looks at the white chess in front of him. Gu Shenze is not out of his way, and can even be said to be quite oppressive.

However, at this time, he did not expect that the sentence he said casually was really a word.

Are you the rest of my voice?

Yes, you are the rest of my life.

The author has something to say: Ah, the end of Xiaobai’s end should be nothing, the girls are Kaisen?

Fuwa doesn't know that there are 2 more woods today. If there are more than 12 points, the sisters don't have to wait, what?=3=


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