The days before Dabao and Yu’s three years old were spent in the old house of Hejia.

Chu Yan and He Baishen are busy with their work. It is impossible to stay at home for 24 hours to take care of the children. Therefore, the old man will take the task of "milk child" and take a look of selflessness.

There is always a saying in China, called Lao Lai. In this era, life expectancy has reached more than 100 years old. He is only more than 70 years old, and his body is very strong. He is holding two children all day, and he can’t wait to use his belt to put himself on his body. it is good.

Wang Guanjia pushed the glasses: "Master, the young master cried."

He congratulated the old man: "You go to toss him, I am teasing my family."

Wang Guanjia: "..."

Yes, from small to large, as long as he is here, he has not received any good treatment.

Funny kids? Well, hold it first! Feeding grandma? Well, feed me personally!

"The boy, it is to be a little rough. At the beginning, He Baishen was used to being used by his parents. Since childhood, he was mischievous. Now it’s good, it’s like this cold ice, it’s not cute!” He said. .

When the two children were three years old, Chu Yan and He Baishen took the children home and raised them personally. He’s father sent two children in tears and ran to see the children every week. Every time they brought a lot of things to you, as for Dabao?

He’s father’s big arm: “Give money! If you want to buy it, buy it!”

Wang Guanjia: "..."

Chu Yan: "..."

He Baishen: "..."

This difference is also no one.

Despite this, I have been particularly attached to my brother since I was a child. The body is not very good, but Dabao is very healthy. After all, Chu Yan and He Baishen’s “infertility” physique is saved by medicine. It is fortunate to have children, not to mention two. Behind this kind of luck, it is accompanied by a congenital physical weakness.

When he was three years old, Dabao began to learn Go calligraphy piano and violin. He liked these activities by nature, especially like Go. Whenever he practiced, he moved to a small bench and sat down and watched, and he had to doze off, and then he was taken to sleep in the bedroom by the big bet.

At the age of five, Dabao had literacy for two thousand. He took the work of telling stories to his sister at night from He Baishen and Chu Yan.

A white and lovely little boy combed his neat hair and sat quietly in front of the bed to tell his sister a story. This scene is so cute. Especially when Dabao used his short little meat to flip the pages of the book, Chu said that he couldn’t help but laugh every time he saw it, and then listened to Dabao’s soft, soft, very serious voice. The words are even more laughable and can't be self-satisfied.

At the age of seven, Dabao and Yan were enrolled together.

The two children are dressed in powder and jade, one is like He Baishen, and the other is like a Chu. Dabao’s eyes are especially like He Baishen’s, sharp and narrow, and he has a face all day long. He is a child’s version of He Baishen. My eyes are very similar to Chu Yan. The color of the pupil is very light. Because of her weak body, she likes to hide behind her brother and look at people. She looks at the big eyes and is innocent and lovely.

Dabao...cough, Chu Yuxi is indifferent to nature, but it looks too good to look good, so many little girls love. He Si's character is soft and his voice is awkward, giving him a desire to protect. All the students in the class take care of her.

Waiting for the first winter vacation of school, Chu Yan took two children to Yang Fangxing to see White Chess. Eight years ago, Bai Qiran and Gu Shenze were also married. The two men used the gene to cultivate two young boys. One was Bai Haochen, the Xiaoming morning, and the other was Gu Muzhen and Xiao Minglu.

The four children have played very well since childhood. The morning and the age of the aunt are one year older than Dabao and Yi, but Dabao is the leader of the four children. Every time the other three children were playing around, Dabao was sitting there quietly. Or is it to play chess, or to read a book, never to go in and go in.

Dabao doesn't play, so I don't play, I sit on the side and accompany my brother. This time, the morning is not happy.

Bai Haochen learned the appearance of his dad, smashed his clothes, slammed his legs on the stool and squatted on the stool. He said: "The surname Chu! Your homework is done right? Are you connected? The homework teacher has finished the homework? My dad said yesterday, did you get the tenth grade in the piano last month? Can you give us a living path?"

Chu Yuxi calmly coveted reading, and ignored the noisy children next to him.

Bai Haochen: "..."

After a moment, Bai Haochen became angry and said: "You guy! You can't play more, what do you do all day!"

How do you say that? Every child’s childhood has a “children from other people’s homes”.

After Chu Yuxi was officially raised by Chu Yan and He Baishen at the age of three, he began the terrible daily trip. To learn Go, calligraphy, and to learn piano and violin, if there is a Chu language to stop, this child also wants to complete the primary school curriculum in advance and study at multiple levels.

Chu Yan used only one sentence to stop the behavior of Chu Yuxi: "Your sister needs you."

Super sister controlled Chu Yuxi nodded: Well, yes, hey still.

This is for Chu Yuxi, he is naturally interested in these things, do not like to play. I am not very interested in playing. It is very easy to take care of these two children. As long as there is no notice and stay at home, Chu Yan can talk and chat with two children very much.

Chu Yuxi will take care of you. The only thing that Chu said must be to tease the two children and pinch their soft little faces.

This kind of life is different, so that Chu Yan is more comfortable, but for the two little children of Bai Qiran's family, it is undoubtedly shocking.

Today, Bai Qiran took a table: "Bai Haochen! You have leftovers! Do you know how much people are in Yuxi..."

Tomorrow, White will hold his ears: "Bai Haochen! You actually took the test for 40, you look at the people in the west..."

Gu Mu is not bad, although people can't compare with Chu Yuxi, but it is also a top excellent child, but this Bai Haochen, every day is everywhere to play, the results are a mess, with a seemingly cute face, in my heart It is a bad idea of ​​a stomach, a mischievous day, so that White is speechless.

This time, the Chuyan family of four came to them to play, and Bai Qiran had already ordered the death: "Bai Haochen, you dare to cause trouble, believe it or not, I will hang you up!"

However, this is the case, Bai Haochen went to find troubles in Chu Yuxi.

Chu Yuxi does not play, the lovely sister-in-law will not play!

This kid is too bad. He doesn’t play with others and doesn’t play. He’s still so lifeless all day long, but his dad has always praised this kid, making Bai Haochen depressed.

Under such circumstances, Bai Haochen pulled up his brother Gu Muzhen and sweared: "Brother, this time we have a good time to play around."

Gu Muqi asked with a smile: "Why do you want to play with him?"

Bai Haochen said of course: "Because my father praises him every day!"

Gu Muzhen slightly decapitated, scorned two times and said: "Then you can do it with confidence."

Bai Haochen said: "You are not coming?"

Gu Muzhen calmly said: "I don't expose you to Dad, Daddy, Uncle Chu, Uncle He, you will be content."

Bai Haochen said "no loyalty" and then prepared his own revenge plan. Where did he know that he had just left his forefoot, and Gu Muzhen walked to the side of Chu Yuxi with a smile on his face, and took a book from the bookshelf. He said calmly: "White Haochen seems to be whole."

Chu Yuxi: "..."

After a while, Chu Yuxi asked: "Your brother is so bored?"

Gu Muzhen turned to look at the little Loli on the side, did not answer the question of Chu Yuxi, but instead talked with others.

Next, Chu Yuxi really saw what was called "the childishness of the eight-year-old child."

Bai Haochen’s mischief method is too inferior. In a while, he put a bug on the table: he was pinched and thrown out by others without hesitation; in a moment, he saw a corner of the stool in the middle: the west of Chuyu does not change color. Read a book by the side.

From the morning to the evening, watching the people in Chu Yuxi is unscathed, but he is trying to smash these things into a dog, Bai Haochen teeth bite, and began his own ultimate calculation!

When Chu Yuxi was ready to go back from the garden, he saw a thin line hanging in a low position. This line is very thin and close to the ground, normal people will not pay attention. Chu Yuxi can think of his eyes closed. After the door, he must have something hanging, or he will pour him a water, or he will pour him a gray.

Chu Yuxi sighed softly and whispered to himself, "This is much naive," and then he planned to step over the line. It was only when he was about to go to the door, the cockroach in the living room ran over happily and kept shouting "Brother."

Chu Yuxi, a pair of sisters, striding over, pushed his sister to the back of Gu Muzhen’s arms, and at the same time...


Water drenched.

Stay in the same place: "..."

Somewhat wrong Gu Guzhen: "..."

Chu Yuxi, who is covered in water: "..."

Bai Haochen, who laughed aside: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Chu Yuxi, you have today! You have today!"

Chu Yuxi raised his hand and wiped the wet hair of the forehead. It was only seven years old, but he walked very maturely and steadily to the side of his sister, holding the round and tender little face, whispering: "Don't Cried, the weather is hot, just showering, your morning brother and I are joking."

He Sizhen gently nodded, and the golden beans that were spinning in his eyes slowly took it back.

This scene was seen in the eyes of Chu Yan and Bai Qi, not far away. White was so angry that he picked up his sleeves and intended to give the idiot a violent temper, but Chu Yan stopped him.

Looking at the four children in the distance, Chu Yan slightly stunned the scorpion and said: "Xiao Bai, sometimes it is impossible to let the children reflect on the mistakes by playing only. This matter is handled well by the Western Conference. Eight years old, it should be less messy."

In the evening, during the meal, four adults and four children sat together and ate quietly.

This is quiet, only relative to Bai Haochen. In fact, as long as the child is not in trouble, there will be no one in the audience.

White Chess then widened his eyes and looked at him with a shocked look at his own little devil in the world! He had been stunned for a long time. When the two people left after two days, he actually saw his little demon head down to the front of Chu Yuxi. He bowed his head and said: "Dabao... Chu Yuxi, you are Let me know."

Chu Yuxi looked at him with a look.

When he left, the child just politely said "Bai Haochen goodbye" and did not say anything else to him.

Sitting on his own private spaceship, Chu Yan, while drinking tea, smiled and said: "Sure enough, my genes are good, you see the Chu Yuxi, and the little white king of Xiaobai is trained to obey." ”

He Baishen did not care to look at the lover in front of him, laughing lowly: "Chu Yuxi looks like me, you are like you, especially cute."

Chu Yan’s eyes are awkward: “Is there no genetics in Chu Yuxi?”

He Baishen shook his head quickly and said helplessly: "Yes, yes, of course, your genes. But why don't you call Dabao now?"

Chu Yan whispered silently: "I have to dare to call a big treasure, your son can ignore me for three days and three nights."

Bo deep pounded his desk: "Anti him, and now I will give you to beat him!"

Chu Yan beat more forcefully the table: "How dare you beat my son I'll beat your son?!"

When the voice fell, the Chuyan was also a glimpse. The two men looked at each other and smiled. He Baishen whispered, "How suddenly you are so stupid today," and then in the sneer of Chu Yan, Mr. He spent the unforgettable life. One night.

As for how Chu Yuxi is educating the world's little devil, Bai Haochen?

In fact, everything is very simple.

This little gentleman's child just walked to the front of Bai Haochen, and ignored the other party's laughter. He looked at each other calmly. After waiting for a long time, when Bai Haochen couldn’t smile again, the beautiful black eyes were already cold.

Chu Yuxi said in a word: "I will do anything to do anything to me, but if there is a day you dare to touch my sister, Bai Haochen, are you ready to be bullied by me for a lifetime?"

At this time, no one can think of it. After many years, the cockroach that needs protection has become a tall woman with a height of 180. The temperament is elegant, and it is in the banquets of the upper class. The royal sister is overbearing and really tells himself. Father, what is called "Shaw Father".

Other children have changed into another appearance.

As for this, it has been a long time since many years.

The author has something to say: pinch you~

Fuwa is so hungry, go out for lunch!


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