If the last second is the scene of a car accident, the next second will see the female ghost...

Do you know what it feels like?

The female ghost in white is close to your face, staring at you with a sly look, long hair fluttering, no eyes in the eyes, red blood stabbing down the empty hole, accompanied by the ghostly wind The wind is sorrowful and the trees are hazy.

The scene is too real, it seems to happen clearly in front of you!

The blood on the body seems to have gathered in the brain, and the heart slams through the chest. The Chu Yan feels dry in the throat, the adrenaline is secretly secreted, and the panic is all erected. He almost wants to think. I have to turn and run away! until--

The female ghost suddenly smiled and pulled a **** mouth, reaching out through his body.

Chu Yan: "..."

After the horror and nervousness of the scalp, Chu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time there was a lot of memory and information in the brain.

After five minutes, Chu Yan digested the complicated information with his temples and threw the vr glasses that had been killed to the side.

It is the spring of 3016, and it is the capital of the Chinese nation.

The first thing after Chu’s waking up was to pick up the vr glasses that had just been thrown aside and look at it carefully.

Said to be glasses, in fact, this is more like a black box.

This is a rectangular black box about 8cm wide and 15cm long. It is supported backwards from the sides with a similar thing to the glasses frame. The weight is not heavy, but it is better to lie down on the eyes. Comfortable.

Chu said that after carefully observing this thing for a while, he switched the video played in the way of memory, then put on a small advertisement again, and finally put the glasses down.

To what extent will science and technology progress in the world after 1000 years? This is something that no one can imagine.

However, this technology has not progressed to the extent of “letting big people through” and “discovering aliens”. Only in the material world that was originally prosperous, people began to put more resources and resources in pursuit of richer spiritual enjoyment. The cost has been invested in the construction of the entertainment industry, which has created such a thriving cultural world.

Just now, Chu Yan saw a movie called "Terror" through the world's new product, vr virtual reality glasses. The film is said to be a new horror film released this year. The horror is extremely high and the box office is not bad.

The original Lord was probably watching the movie, and was scared to death by the white female ghost inside.

Scared to death by a horror movie, this kind of incident happened in the memory of Chu Yan. And just the experience, the female ghost is sticking to your face, blood seems to be dripping onto your face, you say that terror is not terrible? She can tear you away in the next second!

After leaving this vr glasses aside, Chu Yan walked around the room for a while, observed the things in this room, and then conveniently used the original account to log in to the world network - Skynet, search again some information.

Although inherited a part of the memory of the original Lord, but these memories are too fragmented, many things are not complete, but also need to say how much to ponder.

The owner of this body, also known as Chu Yan, is 18 years old and has just grown into a month. The appearance of Chu and Chu Yan is similar to that of the seven or eight. In the past six months, he was just discovered by a scout, signed an entertainment company to become an entertainer, and once advertised, but there is no reputation at all.

The parents of the original master died of illness many years ago, leaving a property that was enough to complete the university. However, it is a pity that the original owner had no interest in going to college and taking a diploma. Last year, he spent his parents' legacy. If there were not scouts to find a door, I am afraid that the original owner would have to worry about life.

But now it’s time to switch to Chu Yan’s life.

The world's entertainment industry is quite strong, and it is doomed to fierce competition.

The appearance of the original owner was very good, and the advertisement also brought him a certain popularity. However, after that, the original master tried several times, and even if he had not said a few words, he was brushed down first.

According to an assistant director at the time of the audition, that is: "Chu Yan also knows what is acting? He does not have this thing at all!"

Therefore, even if the shape conditions are very good, after three failed auditions, the company temporarily gave up the road to let the original owner walk the entertainment circle and began to train him to develop in the music world.

But the original master's singing talent, it is not as good as acting!

In the act of acting, at least the advertisement can still fool the past, but when the original owner shines, don’t say how good it is, it is a tone that is not adjusted! Congenital five-tone insufficiency, even if the medical career has developed to the present level, there is no rule of law!

However, the original owner is also a person with "ambition". In the memory, singing can't be done, acting is not good. The original master turned to think: "Where to be a variety cafe general manager?" This year, funny artists also have a lot of good, three hundred and sixty lines to go out of the champion, can make people laugh is also a gift!

- But the original master really did not have this talent.

Thinking of this, Chu Yan could not help but sigh deeply, and the words flashed in the mind of the original master agent: "Chu Yan, God really put all your talents on your face, how do you grow Such a good face!"

This time, it is not dry, no education, and do not want to sell strength, the original owner is closed and his eyes are closed: Lao Tzu does not do it.

Anyway, there is a fixed salary every month in the company, and it is always hungry and immortal.

So the original owner was probably at home for three or four months. Last week, his agent also introduced him to a good audition, but the original master did not go, and single-mindedly thought about mixing the days and paying the wages. The broker was so angry.

Chu Yan did not understand how the original owner never thought about the future life. His contract with the entertainment company was only three years. If the past three years, the people would not sign another rice worm again. What should I do?

The original owner does not have to worry about these problems, but Chu said with urgency.

He searched for some information on Skynet, and probably calculated how much cash he had left. He finally found tragically that there was still a week away from the payroll date, but there were only four or five days of meals left on the account!

People eat for the sky!

In the past life, he said that his parents died prematurely, and they fell into the entertainment circle alone. At a young age, they won the crown of the movie singer. Now how can they be stumped by a meal? !

When he comes to the place, he occupies the body of the original Lord, and naturally he must live better together with the original Lord. But this time, he will not live as mediocre as the original Lord hoped, and he will eat and die every day. He will have to take two people and live more wonderfully!

Apart from anything else, just coming to the first day of the world, Chu Yan searched the Internet for some information about the world according to the original memory, and used the vr glasses to understand more deeply the next day. The life of a normal person in this world.

When I waited until the third day, I saw that the money would be spent. Chu said that I used the original account to open a recruitment website of the company and searched it carefully.

The dense information was suddenly in front of you, and it was not able to adapt to such high-end computer imaging methods. Chu Yan recognized the word for a long time, and finally chose a TV drama and two online dramas and sent out his own interview request.

The entertainment industry has developed to this intensity, not to mention TV dramas and movies. There are millions of online dramas every year in the world, and the number is huge enough to smash any supercomputer a thousand years ago.

There are a lot of crews to film, so the demand for the dragon actor will naturally be very strong. Webpages like this kind of recruitment are available in every entertainment company's official website. The entertainment company that the original owner is in is only moderate in the industry, but there are also a bunch of crews on their official website to post job information every day.

These three crews selected by Chu Yan have one feature: signing the same day, paying within three days!

After eating something in the evening, Chu Yan opened Skynet and went to see the reply messages of the three crews. He was surprised to find that the two network dramas did not say a word, and unanimously refused their interview application!

The other TV series was euphemistically rejected, leaving a sentence: "Mr. Chu, we need an ordinary small staff, your looks are not very consistent with our requirements."

Chu Yan: "........."

Look good, blame me?

Standing in front of the mirror carefully looking at this face, Chu said a brow, the beautiful teenager in the mirror also picked up an eyebrow; Chu said a lip, the beautiful teenager in the mirror will also be slightly thin lip.

Junmei Xiulang's face, white and delicate skin, this face looks really good, even in the entertainment circle of beauty, it is counted as one of the best, very recognizable.

In fact, in normal terms, even if the original master has no acting skills and sings, he is a background board and a beautiful vase, and he can definitely mix in the entertainment circle. However, the original main temperament is relatively gloomy, especially when looking at people, the eyes are straight hooked, sinister, and laughter is a smog.

... Yes, in the original advertisement that the original owner only shot, he played a vampire.

Slim and jealous fingers squat gently on the cheek, in the "destroy the image for a meal" and "apologize to the agent for another chance", Chu Yan sighed heavily, still choose The latter.

But this time he just picked up the communicator and didn't dial it yet. A familiar number is displayed on the screen.

Chu Yan slightly surprised to raise the eyebrows, pressed the answer button of the communicator, and for a moment, a holographic projection of a fat middle-aged man appeared in the room.

Seeing the coming people, Chu said that the scorpion has turned, and I have thought of countless kinds of rhetoric. In the light pupil, the holographic projection shines, and the full lips are lifted up. Chu said calmly and said: "Zhao Ge, is there any notice that I can go recently? I also figured out this time, the past I did something wrong, I am still young, I don't want to end like this."

The voice is low and pleasant, and the gesture is not humble. Even when talking about the words of apology, the teenager is like the upper-ranking person who sits on the frosty day, with an elegant and reserved temperament and graceful indifference.

This looks like the agent sneaked a sneak peek, after a moment, he looked strangely: "This way, Chu Yan, you come to the company first. Here... cough, here is something to discuss with you."

The agent did not conceal the meaning at all, and Chu said at a glance, he found the embarrassment and dodge between the other side's looks.

He squinted and then smiled and asked: "Zhao Ge, is there anything? I can go directly to the company, do I need something?" It’s a bit of a breeze. Picking up, Chu Yan whispered: "Is the behavior of my past time making the company angry?"

The agent said that he also knew Chu’s words for half a year, but he never saw such a child’s frowning.

The original Chu Yan was long enough to be beautiful and beautiful. When the temperament was cold and cold, people could not pay attention. Now suddenly they made a look of loss and worry, and the broker let the broker stunned.

Subconsciously, the agent said: "This is really not your problem, it is not good for me, it is not good for me! Chu Yan, if you have a bad time after the cancellation, you can also find me, we also know this I have tried to introduce you to you for a long time."

The two eyes are wide, and Chu Yan’s heart screams, and two large characters are echoed in my mind one hundred and eighty times.

Solution! approximately

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