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Rebirth In the College Entrance Examination: Making a Fortune with a Rough Man

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In the previous life, Yuzhi was arranged by her best friend to marry a rough man from the countryside, and she felt resentful.

He failed the college entrance examination and had no hope of returning to the city, making the family restless.

Satisfied with the divorce, she returned to the city happily, but what greeted her was one disaster after another.

A kind uncle, a kind cousin, with a sinister face undoubtedly revealed.

The man who had hated her for ten years was burned beyond recognition in order to save her.

In the end, she failed in revenge and died tragically.

Returning from rebirth, at the scene of the college entrance examination, there is still time for everything.

The unfinished revenge in the previous life will continue in this life.

People who didn’t have time to love well in the previous life, love with heart in this life.

I just didn’t expect…

The dead father returns with glory.

The missing mother returns with a high profile.

There is also her mother-in-law’s husband who has disappeared for more than 20 years and her old father-in-law who has disappeared without a trace, all of them are awesome.

The husband is a talent, the son is a genius, and the daughter is a general. She has become the family’s favorite.

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Short Title:RICEE
Alternate Title:重生在高考:带着糙汉发家致富
Weekly Rank:#24
Monthly Rank:#11
All Time Rank:#2922
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Betrayal, Comedic Undertone, Complex Family Relationships, Doting Love Interests, Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Male Yandere, Multiple Protagonists, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Rebirth, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Special Abilitie, Strong Love Interests, Twins, Weak Protagonist,
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  1. Excuse me,can anyone help me find the book? It's about girl who has a system to watch movies and anime in her mind. And ml lead was the crown prince of the kingdom and he has a ability to watch others mind. So he saw mc watching anime during class and he chase her to watch anime. And king also has the this abilty and he encourage ml to chase mc so he also can watch movies.

  2. Can anyone help me? I remembered reading a beast card master cn, there is a part there where the mc owned a psychedelic butterfly beast card that can control the mind..i just suddenly remembered it but i already forgot the title..please help my..thanks a lot..

  3. Can anyone please help me.. I once read a cn, the story started with the MC being attacked by a vampire and he successfully killed it and the vampire turned into a card that he can summon., That' all i can recall because i don't remember the whole novel..thank you for the help..🫡🫡

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