"Rebirth One Piece: Deputy Captain" started from the first chapter, and has gone through more than 600 days and nights, and the number of words has reached more than three million. At this moment, it has finally reached the final moment.

First of all, thank you readers for your support. Your support is my motivation for writing up to now. Without your support, there would be no current deputy captain.

Back then, writing novels was just a hobby. I liked to write a personal thing under my hand, but I didn’t expect to keep writing until now, until my university is about to graduate.

To be honest, this ending is a bit hasty, but now the ending is the best ending I can think of.

Lin Tian and Luffy are still adventurers in this sea, the Pirate Flag of the Straw Hat Pirates is still flying, Luffy becomes the One Piece, Sauron becomes the world’s largest swordsman, Lin Tian also stands on top of the world, Know the ultimate secret.

The secrets of the'D' clan and the final history are just my guess. Perhaps it is necessary to really see how Luffy became One Piece, and what the rumored ONEPIECE is, I am afraid it will be revealed in Oda more than ten years later. This answer, maybe I will sit in front of the TV with my children at that time to watch the final One Piece finale.

Okay, not much to say. In short, here, the deputy captain of the rebirth of One Piece is officially over. Thank you again for your support.

Finally, I want to promote my new book, "Rune and Wizardry"-Runeland, where magic is everything. The world has become more brilliant due to magic. With the rise and decline of heroes, young people are searching for the breath of immortals in this magical atmosphere. .

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