Recognized by the powerful Pirates in the New World, the name of One Piece Straw Hat Boy Luffy spread throughout the world, and the world was shaken.

However, the world of Pirates was peaceful, and many pirate groups were watching. What should the Straw Hat boy do after he became the King of Pirates?

But the world government has long been in a mess. No, it should be limited to the remaining three top five stars of the world government, as well as the Tianlong people.

They can understand very well what is buried in the ultimate island of Lovedrew. It is a shocking secret that the world government was established eight hundred years ago, or a secret that can never be revealed. Once it breaks out, the world government will be conquered by the world.

At that time, Roger crossed the foggy sea area to block, and went to Lavdru to learn the last secret. The Dragonites and the world government leaders were deeply afraid and used a series of forces to chase and intercept Roger Pirates, but in the end Roger disbanded the Pirates, Roger Pirates The group members are scattered all over the world, and many crew members have disappeared since then.

However, they captured Roger, but Roger described the secret as the great secret treasure ONEPIECE, which opened the era of the big pirates, which was beyond the expectations of the world government. Fortunately, there is a piece of the historical text of going to the ultimate island of Lovedrew in the high-level world government. In the hands, the world government is not very worried. Without a map, no one can go to the ultimate island of Ravdru.

However, Lin Tian’s treasure house was stolen by Lin Tian, ​​leading to the disclosure of the historical text road signs, so that Lin Tian gathered the map and went to Lavdru.

In order to guard the last secret, the world government high-level Yasuyuki Masutani and the two five old stars of Masato Noo and Denon used all available power to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates before the secret was revealed.

The action of the world government is still unfolding, but one person has taken the initiative to find the Straw Hat Pirates. This person is the world's largest swordsman Hawkeye Mihawk.

Hawkeye came to Sauron and became one of the crew of One Piece. Coupled with the record of killing the five old stars, Keiichi Sonobu, and defeating Yu no Hiru, Hawkeye believes that Sauron has finally challenged the throne of the world's largest swordsman. Qualifications.

After sitting in the strongest position for more than ten years, now there is finally a swordsman who can challenge the throne under his feet, and Hawkeye can't stand it anymore.

The New World, Modal waters, a very ordinary beach, not even a small island, not even a hundred meters long and wide, and there is no island on the calm sea like a glass mirror.

The Sonny and dozens of pirate boats in the area on the edge of the beach steadily docked on the sea. These are the Seven Large Pirates under the Straw Hat Pirate Group.

This is the battle between the world's largest swordsman. How could they miss such a grand event? The crowd gathered at the bow, tens of thousands of eyes staring at the two on the beach.

"It's such a strong sword, even if it's a few hundred meters away, I can feel a sharp sword aura hitting my face," Brooke said in surprise. That sharp sword was unheard of.

"Who do you think will win the battle?" Nami is a little worried. Although she has confidence in Sauron swordsmanship, Sauron is facing the world's largest swordsman and the strongest swordsman in the world, Nami. There is nothing in my heart.

Lin Tian's face was calm, and he said solemnly: "I'm not sure, Sauron's swordsmanship is already extremely strong, even surpassing me, but Hawkeye was the world's largest swordsman more than ten years ago. In recent years, Hawkeye's swordsmanship has changed. No one knows what it will look like. In short, it is extremely difficult for Sauron to defeat Hawkeye."

Hawkeye is the strongest opponent that Sauron has faced since his debut. In the East China Sea, Sauron and Hawkeye had a match, but at that time Sauron faced Hawkeye as a spike. Although Sauron is much stronger than Donghai now, Suo Long is very uncertain about winning.

"Don't worry, the guy with the green algae head will definitely win," Sanji said slowly, confident in Sauron.

"I have become the One Piece, and Sauron will definitely become the world's number one swordsman." Luffy also did, as if he was sure Sauron would win.

The scene turned around. On the beach, Sauron and Hawkeye stood on both ends of the beach. Neither sword was unsheathed. The sea breeze blew through. The two rustled, and the sharp swords erupted on the two of them. Don't give in.


Sauron took the lead in drawing his sword and said lightly: "Hawkeye, after all, I still have to call you a teacher. You have taught me swordsmanship for two years, but I won't have the slightest hand in today's battle."

As he said, Sauron bit the word Hedao in his mouth, and then removed the green turban on his left arm and tied it to his head. Wearing the turban meant that Sauron would go all out to fight.

"Come on, I won't keep your hand, just let me see how your swordsmanship grows!" Hawkeye shouted back.


With a flash of cold light, Sauron quickly pulled out the three generations of ghosts from his hand, a blood-red sword wave burst out of the sheath, setting off a layer of rolling sand, and a crack of tens of centimeters appeared on the beach under his feet, and the sword wave quickly approached the eagle eye. .

His eyes condensed slightly, and his sharp eyes flashed like eagle eyes. Hawkeye quickly pulled out the black knife and waved it out.

There was a metal collision sound, the sword wave was smashed by the eagle eye's sword, the dark sword body trembled, and there were bursts of crisp sword sounds, buzzing.

"What a strong sword wave!" Yingyan sighed secretly in his heart. Just after receiving the sword wave, the powerful force even the sword eye holding the sword could not help but tremble.

Hawkeye felt the blood burn, and endless fighting spirit rose from his heart. The stronger Sauron, the more excited Hawkeye was. Hawkeye hadn't fought a truly powerful swordsman for a long time.

Sauron’s face didn’t change much after he swung the sword wave and was crushed. Although the sword wave was strong just now, it was impossible to cause some damage to the eagle eye. However, this test made Sauron probably see the eagle eye. power.

"As expected to be the world's No. 1 swordsman, he is really strong, and such a powerful opponent is interesting", Sauron thought in his heart, pulling out the last ghost fire with a backhand scream, gently waving, a group of orange flames appeared in the void , The sword body was wrapped in burning flames and turned into a flame sword.


With a flick of both feet, powerful force gushes out from the soles of the feet, blasting a deep hole into the ground, yellow sand is flying, Sauron has already burst out, and the speed is extremely fast, like an arrow from the string, the two swords swing towards the eagle eye .

Almost at the same time, Hawkeye rushed towards Sauron with a black knife in one hand. The two were extremely fast, as if a stream of light, a short distance of 100 meters, almost instantly crossed.

"Three swords flow. Qinglong Lingshui!"

With a burst of shouts, Sauron's cyan vindictive spirit came out of his body, soaring to the sky as high as several meters, the cyan vindictive spirit tumbling and turning into a cyan long dragon, the long dragon looked up to the sky and howled, the sound of the dragon was deafening, and the void vibrated.

Facing the world's largest swordsman, Sauron is a powerful move when he makes a move. The powerful sword spirit dragon exudes endless power and kills Hawkeye.


After a pause, Hawkeye suddenly pierced out with a sword in both hands. The thorn was very tricky, and Sauron saw a flash of cold light and a clattering sound.

The long sword that was swayed was immediately resisted by a huge force, and at the same time the sword energy long dragon dissipated and turned into countless fragments scattered in the void. Sauron quickly lowered his head and saw that the tip of the black sword in Eagle Eye's hand was crossing against him. Between the two swords.

Sauron's face changed suddenly, and he said in disbelief: "How is it possible? You can actually see through my sword moves."

Although Hawkeye is the world's largest swordsman, Sauron believes that it is not bad for Hawkeye. Even if the East China Sea Hawkeye could easily see through his own swordsmanship back then, how could he see through his own swordsmanship so easily now.

"Have you forgotten? I have instructed your swordsmanship for two years, and I am already very familiar with your swordsmanship, and because it is my guidance, your swordsmanship has my shadow of swordsmanship on it," Hawkeye replied indifferently. Kai Sauron doubted.

Sauron studied swordsmanship under Hawkeye for two years. Hawkeye has greatly improved Sauron's swordsmanship. Naturally, Sauron swordsmanship is also taught by Hawkeye. Although Sauron is learning in combat, he has created something more suitable for him. Swordsmanship, but no matter how you change it, Sauron swordsmanship will more or less have the shadow of Hawkeye swordsmanship in it, so Hawkeye can easily see through Sauron's swordsmanship.


Bang! !

Hawkeye's arms shook, and a powerful force surged out, bombarding Sauron through the sword. If he was hit hard, Sauron would fly out like being hit by a high-speed train.

Rolling dozens of times in the air, Sauron fell to the beach with a bang, arousing a lot of smoke, and the entire beach trembled fiercely.

In the sound of friction, Sauron slid more than ten meters away from the smoke range against the ground, and slid to the edge of the beach before barely stopping.

Sauron just stopped, Hawkeye had already launched an attack, and saw that Hawkeye jumped forward, holding black knives in both hands, violent power poured into the blade, a jet black vindictive energy wrapped around the sword body, the sword aura raged, and the surrounding void Become distorted.

Like a great axe to open the sky, Hawkeye did not hesitate, and decisively chopped it down. The sword aura was like a dragon, extremely In the blink of an eye, a wave of sword aura of tens of meters flew out towards Sauron. Hack down.


Sword Qi smashed on the beach, making a loud noise. The sand mist tens of meters high rose up like a dragon, and the beach trembled violently, like an earthquake of tens of meters.

What frightened the surrounding crowd most was that this sword directly split the beach in half, and the hundred-meter-long beach was divided into two. What a terrifying power this is, it is incredible that many pirates were directly shocked.

The invisible shock wave has spread across the beach in all directions, and the calm sea suddenly trembles like boiling water. The waves are rolling, and the waves of several meters high are layered.

For a while, everyone on the Sonny became very worried, and the entire beach was chopped in half by Eagle Eye's sword, and Sauron was able to block this move.

Only Lin Tian and Lu Fei looked calm. They both knew that although Eagle Eye's sword was strong, it was impossible to solve Sauron with one sword.

Just as Lin Tian and Lu Fei expected, in the rolling sand fog, with a bang, Sauron broke through the sand fog like an arrow from the spinning, and swung his sword with both hands to kill the eagle eye.

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