With the destruction of the navy headquarters and the attacks of the pirates, hundreds of millions of residents of the Great Sea Route fell into extreme panic. Even the naval headquarters that insisted on absolute justice could hardly resist the erosion of evil. What forces in the world could resist evil.

On this day, the world's darkest day in the future, the world's largest justice organization is defeated by the evil, and the entire great route will fall into the pirate's evil claws.

For a time, the sky on the great route seemed to have lost its light, and was shrouded in an invisible dark curtain. Everyone was at risk. With some careerists behind the scenes, riots occurred in many cities and countries. Statistics from later generations On the day when the navy headquarters was destroyed, crime incidents on the Great Sea Route rose a hundredfold than usual.

No one thought that the destruction of the naval headquarters that implements absolute justice would cause such a huge turmoil on the great air route, which even the navy headquarters did not anticipate.

In the past, the people of the great sea routes thought that the navy was of little use, and they reported victories every day. However, the number of pirates was still so large that they did not decrease at all. There were also navies who went into trouble with the pirates and harmed the local people.

But when the navy headquarters were destroyed and the justice navy on this sea disappeared, everyone suddenly realized how much the navy had done for peace on the great sea route. Without the justice of the navy headquarters to eliminate the evil on the sea, this sea was so chaotic.

In fact, the chaos of the great sea route has nothing to do with the pirates. The Pirate World gathers more than 90% of the powerful pirates to destroy the navy headquarters, and the damage itself is serious. Whoever has nothing to attack any city and town, the strong We are all recovering.

The driving force behind these chaos is actually some small forces and the underground world. They are using the panic of the people to disrupt the great route and get more benefits.

I have to say that this helped the revolutionary army a lot, but it went beyond the expectations of the world government.

Originally, according to the plan of the senior officials of the world government, the uncontrollable group of pirates would be hit hard at the expense of the navy headquarters, so that they would not be allowed to make trouble during the war between the world government and the revolutionary army. The senior leaders of the world government would not forget the number one pirate in the world. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates regiment is the son of Long, the leader of the revolutionary army, and Lin Tian, ​​the deputy captain, is also a confidant of the world government.

However, the development of things exceeded their expectations. Instead of calming down the great route, it became more chaotic because of the loss of the naval headquarters that represented justice. This chaos swept the entire great route, and the world government could not come up with any effective means to prevent this from happening.

The backyard of the world government is on fire. Naturally, the revolutionary army will not let go of this excellent plan. A large number of troops have begun to gather on the great route. Pluto has already passed through the windless zone to Alabastan, and the king also flew through the windless zone into the great route. Go forward with the Holy Land Mary Joa.

The final battle is imminent!


On the eve of the outbreak of the war, a shocking news broke the peaceful world of pirates.

Since the Pirate King Roger led the Roger Pirates out of the misty sea 22 years ago, and another pirate ship came out, at first the pirates did not believe this spread of news, and thought it was another rumor.

But when the picture of a pirate ship sailing out of the misty sea revealed, the world had to accept this amazing news.

The pirate ship and the flying pirate flag in the photo are known to any pirate. It is the world's number one pirate group, and is now recognized as the strongest pirate ship and pirate flag of the straw hat pirate group in the world.

Seeing that the Straw Hat Pirate Group came out of the misty sea, many unbelievable captains showed a helpless wry smile.

The Straw Hat Pirates actually came out of the misty waters. What are they still not satisfied with? The Straw Hat Pirates are the strongest pirates in the world today. If the Straw Hat Pirates are not even qualified to cross the misty waters, which pirate still has ability.

The world is shaking, and since the Straw Hat Pirates can get out of the foggy sea, it shows that they have reached the final island of Lovedrew, to the end of the world.

After Roger Pirates traveled around the world, after many years, the Pirates finally completed the feat of traveling the world again.

In a certain sea area, the Kidd Pirates' resident, after the battle of the times, the Kidd Pirates was well-known and attracted many pirates to join. Coupled with the strong strength of the Kidd Pirates, after BIGMOM died, BIGMOM dropped to In fifth place, Kidd Pirates ranks fourth in the world pirates rankings.

The Straw Hat Pirates, the White Beard Pirates, the Bucky Pirates, and the Kidd Pirates are called the Four Kings of the Pirate New Era by the Pirate World.

Putting down the newspaper in his hand, Kidd closed his eyes tightly and remained silent. No one knew how Kidd was feeling at the moment.

Seeing that something was wrong with the captain, Kira asked carefully: "Captain, you...?"

Kira was the first to follow Captain Kidd. He clearly understood that Kidd went to sea for the rumored ONEPIECE, and knew exactly what Roger had placed at the end of the world. He obtained ONEPIECE and became the legendary One Piece, and now ONEPIECE is being used by the Straw Hat Pirates. Got.


Suddenly, Kidd suddenly opened his eyes and laughed. The smile was full of madness, disappointment, and helplessness... all kinds of emotions were mixed in it.

"I didn't expect you to be one step ahead, Straw Hat Boy! No, I should say One Piece!!"

When he said this, Kidd's hands hanging under the chair were clenched tightly, and a drop of crystal clear tears ran down Kidd's cheeks at the corner of his mouth.

Since Kidd called out Luffy to be the One Piece, it means that Kidd has already admitted the Straw Hat Boy's status as the One Piece.


With a light sigh, Kira shook her head slightly, turned around and walked out of the room to give Kidd a space for calm thinking.

Bucky Pirate Regiment!

Bucky, who is sitting on a rock by the sea, looked at the newspaper in his hand, and remained silent for a long time, but the members of the Bucky Pirates on the shore had already quarreled.

"Unexpectedly, that idiot straw hat actually did it, passing through the misty sea to reach the ultimate island of Lovedrew!"

To be honest, Bucky couldn't believe it. In his mind, he couldn't help but recall the first time Donghai and Luffy met. At that time, he was still laughing at Luffy for not knowing the heights of the sky. Now he really did this step and sit on the throne.

From the East China Sea, entering the great sea route, advancing the city, topping the war, and finally to the new world, it can be said that Luffy grew up under the witness of Bucky.

The Straw Hat Pirate Group is growing, and the Bucky Pirate Group is also growing. He has also grown from Qiwuhai to the Four Sovereigns.

After a pause, Bucky suddenly looked at the figure sitting on the reef next to him and smiled: "You are right, the straw hat boy is indeed the one waiting for the captain. It seems that I have to call that guy one piece, right? Shanks!"

That's right, it was Shanks sitting next to Bucky, the red-haired Shanks who was killed by Blackbeard, he did not die.

Shanks, who was severely injured at the end of the war, was rescued. That person was the third in command of the original Roger Pirates. He was at the same level of power as Pluto Raleigh. Raleigh was Roger’s right wrist. He is Roger's left arm.

That day Bucky suddenly left Dark Island in a hurry because he received the news that Shanks was still alive.

Now, Bucky has finally done what he wants to do all his life. He and Shanks jointly formed the Pirate Group to search for treasures in this sea. It was also Shanks who joined, and Bucky Pirates became the oppressive group The German Pirates became the third in the world.

Shanks is still as domineering as always~www.mtlnovel.com~ The cloak behind him flutters in the wind under the sea breeze, and his hair flies, revealing his dead left eye under his hair.

Looking up at the sea in the distance, Shanks whispered: "Luffy, you have finally come to this point. I am waiting for you to come to us and hand over the straw hat to me to fulfill the promise that year."

Kidd Pirates and Bucky Pirates both recognized the identity of Luffy One Piece, and the White Beard Pirates naturally admitted that all three of the four emperors recognized the identity of Luffy One Piece.

Even the strongest pirates in the world recognize the identity of Luffy One Piece, what qualifications do the other pirates have not to recognize?

At this point, the Straw Hat Pirates group that came out of the misty sea was recognized by the Pirate World, and the straw hat boy Lu Fei, as the leader, naturally became the King of Pirates, sitting on the throne of the Pirates.

Luffy finally fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming the One Piece, and countless pirates on this sea ushered in their king.

The straw hat boy sits on the throne of the king, which also represents the sweep of the entire Pirate World. The battle for the king of countless pirate groups has finally come to an end, and the new world that has been ravaged by war for half a year finally ushered in peace.

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