Under the sound of violent shaking and wood collision, Lin Tian opened his eyes in a daze.

   It was pitch black that appeared in front of Lin Tian, ​​and at the same time, he clearly felt where he was, shaking for some reason.

   Before carefully observing where he was, the pain coming from his whole body made Lin Tian couldn't help clenching his teeth, and didn't make a sound. Being in a strange place, and in such a dark environment, made Lin Tian have to be careful.

   Although it was deep in the darkness, after adjusting to it, Lin Tian could still see his surroundings clearly.

   Now Lin Tian is sleeping on a hammock, and there is only one hammock in the whole room. Although the exact number is unclear, there are at least ten or more. There are some wine bottles that look like beer bottles, and some cold weapons like Japanese swords.

   After seeing no one around, Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief. After confirming that there was no danger, Lin Tian couldn't help thinking about what this place was.

  As an orphan, Lin Tian can be a very hard worker. Lin Tian, ​​who has experienced the cold and warm world since childhood, knows the darkness of the world better than anyone else.

   Lin Tian, ​​19 years old this year, is a very outstanding person in the eyes of others. Lin Tian, ​​who grew up in the orphanage since childhood, is different from other orphans. Lin Tian has been making money outside since he was a child. He wanted to pick up rubbish, post small advertisements, and do coolies. It can be said that as long as he can make money, Lin Tian has tried it.

   And Lin Tian does not make money for his own enjoyment, but saves a little bit for tuition. In this way, step by step, Lin Tian passed ten times the effort of ordinary people and was admitted to Yanjing University, and he was still the number one in the college entrance examination.

   Lin Tian, ​​who likes to travel, used the money he earned from this summer vacation to come to western Yunnan, which has not been developed much. In such a forest that was not considered damaged, Lin Tian walked alone in this dangerous, but with countless beautiful scenery.

   But being alone in such a virgin forest is very dangerous. Even if Lin Tian had been preparing for this for a long time, his manpower was always small in the face of natural disasters.

   No, Lin Tian encountered a few days of heavy rain, and all the roads became muddy. Originally, Lin Tian wanted to wait for the road to dry before setting off. But after being trapped by the heavy rain for too long, Lin Tian had to set off ahead of time and walked to the nearest town to supply supplies.

   But after these days of torrential rain, some hillsides are already very soft. Lin Tian, ​​who was driving **** the road, encountered a mudslide. Under the impact of the mudslide, Lin Tian was washed into a big river.

   It is reasonable to say that he encountered a mudslide and fell into a turbulent river. In this case, he should definitely die. It can be said that the probability of surviving is lower than winning the lottery.

   But looking at this situation, I did survive, and there was some pain all over the body, and it didn't hurt the internal organs. This is completely against common sense.

   "Boom" loudly.

   Lin Tian felt the surrounding environment shake violently, and he was lifted off the hammock.

   Falling onto a solid wooden board without any protection like this, Lin Tian was thrown on all fours, and the pain in his body became more intense. And this is not over yet, those bottles are also rolling directionlessly on the ground, and many bottles smashed on him.

   No way, Lin Tian had to hide behind a fallen wooden table. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief and wipe off the cold sweat on his head with his hand.

   At this time, Lin Tian suddenly realized a very serious problem, because when he wiped the sweat off his head, Lin Tian found that his head was different from the original one, and his head became smaller.

   Lin Tian realized that something was wrong, and immediately looked at his body. Only then did I realize that my body had become smaller, and I was wearing a piece of clothing I had never seen before.

  As an orphan who can only rely on himself, Lin Tian's will is much stronger than ordinary people, and he calmed his heart in an instant. After thinking about it, Lin Tian knew at once that he was rebirth, and only rebirth could explain it.

   How could I, who should have died, is still alive, and my body has become a child!

   After trying to understand everything, the fear in Lin Tian's heart disappeared, and all that was left was excitement and excitement. Things like this that only happen in novels, it's actually my turn.

   At this time, a powerful memory flow suddenly broke into his brain. Lin Tian suddenly felt as if his brain was about to explode, Lin Tian quickly covered his head and kept rolling on the ground.

   I don't know how long it has been. It may be a moment, or it may be dozens of minutes, before Lin Tian's brain calmed down.

   After accepting this memory, Lin Tian understood what happened.

   The person who owns himself is a bad luck, this guy is a ten-year-old kid. Originally living in a small town near the sea, but a group of powerful pirates came to his town a few days ago.

   killed many people, and this person’s parents were among them. I was even more unlucky. I was caught by a few pirates on the pirate boat to do some dirty and tiring work.

   yesterday accidentally smashed a bottle of wine of the captain of the pirate ship, but the captain furiously flicked a dozen whips and was possessed by himself at the last moment of death.

  The place where Lin Tian is staying now is a pirate ship, so when Lin Tian woke up, he felt the surrounding shaking constantly.

   After receiving all the memories, UU read, Lin Tian realized that his rebirth world was actually the world of One Piece.

  As a nineteenth teenager, how could Lin Tian not know the hottest teenager manga in the world-"One Piece".

   Although as an orphan, Lin Tian has not read all the comics of One Piece. But when I was doing part-time jobs in some bookstores in my previous life, I still secretly read a lot. The detailed content may be unclear, but the approximate time and the relationship between the characters are still clear.

   I was going to watch One Piece in college. But he didn't expect that he was actually reborn in this world, making Lin Tian feel happy and sad.

   What is happy is that One Piece World has many thrilling adventures, as well as the Devil Fruits that can gain powerful abilities after eating, and these many very beautiful beauties.

   But what makes Lin Tian sad is that this is an illogical comic book world, no matter how strange things can happen in this kind of world. And this world is terrible, and there are no powerful people.

The powerful admiral, the four emperors among the pirates, the seven martial arts, the five old stars, the world-ruling dragons, the revolutionaries, the three major artifacts that can destroy the world at random, and many hidden masters and ambitions Home…

   If you want to live well in this world, you must have a strong strength, or you will die if you are not careful.

   Although this world is extremely dangerous, it is much better than the previous life. It is a world where opportunities and crises coexist.

   As long as you are willing to work hard, why can't you break out of this world and see what the onepiece is in the mouth of Roger One Piece.

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