With sufficient materials, the engineering staff accelerated the construction of villas, castle towers, and surrounding small villas.

Then there is the door of the Xuanyimen, the training office of the Secret Service, and three major projects were started simultaneously in the space.

All the engineering personnel were first sent in from the outside. Before entering the space, all the personnel let them in in a coma, and then began to work, speed up the construction of manpower, and build it as quickly as possible.

Afterwards, even people from the ancient martial arts came to support. A large number of engineers entered the space to help build the mysterious medical gate. For the ancient architectural style of the mysterious medical gate, they are the most suitable for construction.

At the first moment they entered, they were extremely emotional. They did not expect that there was another space outside the ancient martial world.

Seeing this fresh space, everyone in the ancient martial arts came to help out of curiosity, and some residents of the ancient martial arts will also be moved into this space.

Because the residents of the ancient martial arts seldom go to the outside world, many people have black hukou or do not have hukou. Therefore, living in space will be better in the future.

After the staff in charge of construction in the ancient martial arts entered the space, the construction of the city became more rapid.

The people outside are only responsible for delivering the materials near the gate and then leaving, and the people in the space will send the materials into the space, ensuring that fewer people know the existence of the space.

The construction of the Secret Service and the Xuanyi Gate was completed in less than a year. The follow-up work was still carried out by the decoration staff of the ancient martial arts. Those who were brought in from the outside world were all sent out of the space. They were from the beginning to the end. I didn't know the existence of the space, but thought it was sent to a remote and secret place to build a house.

Only the living areas of ordinary residents have not been fully constructed, leaving only some construction workers in the ancient martial arts to slowly build.

There are relatively few people who know the existence of the space and want to enter the space for the time being, and most of them are mainly elderly people. Therefore, Mu Yue can be slow but slow.

The Secret Service does not need too elaborate decoration. The first to complete the construction, it became the first group of people to settle in the space.

Because the people in the Secret Service knew the existence of the ancient martial arts, they were not surprised that they were going to live in the space. They were just shocked that besides the ancient martial arts, there was actually another space.

People inside and outside entered the space for the first time, and they were all shocked, especially those cultivators who could clearly feel the difference between the space and the outside world.

All the personnel of the Secret Service need all the equipment to be transferred into the space.

Mu Haixuan was also very busy during this time because of the relocation of the Secret Service, because he had to build a base in the space and then move all the equipment into the space.

However, they do not need to work too hard to move the equipment. The main thing is to dismantle the equipment first, and then return it to the space and reassemble it.

Although Mu Yue stripped the space out, there was still a lot of space left for her daily needs.

For everyone's convenience, Mu Yue also used to help carry things, especially the heaviest materials. After all, she could let everything enter the space with a single thought, and then move it out of the space.

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