The surrounding area will become a military restricted zone, and it is not possible for ordinary people to enter.

In this space, after being stripped out, Mu Yue made major changes to the space, especially water sources and other issues, and also ensured that the space can also be the same as the outside, with a network and various high-tech The use of equipment.

For this reason, three areas are mainly divided. One is to cooperate with the national special forces. In the future, this will be the area where they live and practice to ensure their confidentiality.

Another area is where the Xuanyi Sect is located. The headquarters of the Xuanyi Sect is in the space, and more and more Xuanyi Sect disciples will be developed in the future.

Among them, a large plot of land will be specially planted. The most important thing is to plant some rare and scarce Chinese medicinal materials. The Chinese medicinal materials produced in the space are better than those grown on the land found by Mu Yue outside.

Moreover, the spirit tea and medicinal liquor produced in the space are incomparable to the outside.

Therefore, in the future, the special spirit tea and medicinal liquor will not only be provided to the people in the space, but also provided to the outside world. However, the products in the space are considered to be special, and the price is naturally not low, and it can be regarded as a special product in the space. , Unique.

And this planting base of Chinese medicinal materials is handed over to the person responsible for the mysterious doctor.

The last piece is the living area. Mu Yue built small villas in the space, which can also be regarded as residential living areas. Like Guwujie, a small city in the space will also be developed.

However, the first residents of the living quarters were old people retired from the state.

Both the air and the environment in the space are better than the outside world. Moreover, the inside is like spring all the year round, and everything is controlled by Mu Yue, so there is no need to worry.

Therefore, Mu Yue invited these old people to live inside. As there were more old people, the life inside became more lively.

This is also one of the reasons why the wise old people in the country are willing to cooperate with Mu Yue, whether it is to enhance the country's strength or future retirement life is a very good place.

Moreover, the security inside the space is definitely much safer than the outside, which can reduce a lot of bodyguards and does not waste national resources.

Besides, for them, things in this space still have to be left. This will be their weapon. This is the strength that other countries cannot detect.

Therefore, as soon as the space was stripped away, Mu Yue placed him in a specific place, surrounded by mountains and a large plain.

Several checkpoints were set up around to ensure that ordinary people were not allowed to approach here. All the surrounding residents were arranged to be sent to other places, and all the villages were demolished.

Finally, for this purpose, buildings were built around as defensive buildings, as well as office buildings responsible for connecting the space with the outside world.

And in this space, Mu Yue built a castle in the living area of ​​ordinary residents.

The castle is something Mu Yue thinks must be needed. It represents the center of the entire space, and is responsible for managing the entire space as well as the living area of ​​their family.

In order to transport more things to the space, Mu Yue devoted a lot of time and energy to the space and the outside world, sending all the construction tools into the space one after another, reducing a lot of manpower, material resources and energy.

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