After all, if you want to promote TCM, TCM doctors are indispensable, not to mention that they will be transported and spread abroad in the future.

However, the new large-scale Chinese medicine university has to be put into use next year, and now it is still centered on the old Chinese medicine university.

In the second year after the original University of Chinese Medicine was established, every month, several old masters of Chinese medicine led the students he enrolled in the school to go to various poverty alleviation medical points for free clinics to increase their practical ability.

Now those Chinese doctors who graduated from the University of Chinese Medicine are all engaged in the ranks of Chinese medicine, and none of them are employed in other non-Chinese medicine jobs.

Many students have also joined Mu Yue’s poverty alleviation medical team to help more people in need of medical treatment.

In particular, the first batch of 50 specially selected by Mu Yue, all of them have become the youngest Ming doctors, and their medical skills are among the outstanding TCM physicians among the younger generation. They have completed their experience in medical poverty alleviation and are now in Mu Yue. Work in the TCM hospital established by Yue.

However, they are not proud of this, they are still learning continuously, and more are learning foreign languages ​​and integrating Chinese and Western medicine. In the future, they will become the first batch of Chinese medicine practitioners to promote Chinese medicine abroad.

Similar to these specially selected students are the children in the orphanage.

Most of the orphans in the orphanage established by Mu Yue have received education in Chinese medicine. Even if they have not yet taken the college entrance examination, their Chinese medicine skills are already comparable to those of the third and fourth students of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Moreover, many orphans in the orphanage have been learning the inner qi cultivation methods that Mu Yue gave them since they were young. As long as they are hardworking and persistent children, they can have a trace of inner qi at the age of seventeen or eighteen.

Many orphans who cultivated their inner qi, after Mu Yue inspected their behavior, they were confirmed, and they were allowed to join the Xuanyi Sect and become the future disciples of the Xuanyi Sect.

And Mu Yue, an orphan who had not cultivated his inner Qi, also asked them to go to the University of Chinese Medicine for a systematic study, so that they could learn better knowledge of Chinese medicine and treat more patients in the future.

The project results of the orphanage are very remarkable, and the orphanage is constantly expanding, and more orphans who are suitable to join the mysterious doctor will be selected to join.

Moreover, Mu Yue intends to continue to expand and develop a chain of Chinese medicine schools, not only teaching orphans, but also letting children in all society learn Chinese medicine from elementary school to university system.

The students in the school start teaching internal Qi from a young age, but whether they can develop internal Qi in the future depends on whether they can persist, and there is no guarantee that they can develop it in the future.

After all, with the support of internal qi in the future, Chinese medicine practitioners will become better and better, especially in acupuncture and moxibustion. The effect of acupuncture with internal qi is better than moxibustion.

Although this is a big project, it is very time-consuming, but the past ten years of practice has proved that the plan is feasible.

However, for the development of Chinese medicine, Mu Yue is willing to invest a lot of energy and is willing to wait. The successful case is right in front of him. Nothing is impossible.

Just like the space, Mu Yue has always been trying to peel him off from his body, and then place him in a certain place, just like the ancient martial arts world.

And this space has also been installed directly on the outskirts of the capital.

Because, Mu Yue spent a lot of energy in his free time, finally stripping out the space, and working with the State Special Forces Secret Service, which is the unit under the jurisdiction of Mu Haixuan and Xiao Junyan, and set an area to become The place where the space belongs.