On the cloud-like cliffs, there is a gust of wind on the cliff.

Chu Muyue stepped on the edge of the cliff, and the fine stones fell from the air towards the bottomless cliff.

"Hong Yushi! You... what are you going to do!" Chu Muyue tremblingly asked the girl standing in the middle in front of her.

Turning his head, looking at the little stones that had fallen and disappeared, the immature and beautiful face was full of fear and horror.

Hong Yushi, wearing a luxurious casual sportswear, passed through the middle of the two girls.

With a stern smile on his face, he grabbed a thick branch in his hands and poked it towards Chu Muyue's chest.

"Chu Muyue, do you know that I hate you so much and I wish you could die!" Hong Yushi gritted his teeth and stared at Chu Muyue fiercely.

Chu Muyue shook her head and looked at Hong Yushi in disbelief, "Why? I have no grievances with you, why do you hate me!"

Hong Yushi stared at Chu Muyue jealously. She was the daughter of the group boss. She was so rich in her family and she was still so beautiful.

Before I met Chu Muyue, he was the focus of all boys in school since childhood.

But since she was promoted to junior high school, Chu Muyue has been added to the school, and all the boys circled her, but she could only watch from a distance.

This kind of glory can only be possessed by her alone! How can you give such a poor little girl a movie!

"Why a humble person like you can have such a beautiful face!" Hong Yushi shouted at Chu Muyue angrily and unwillingly.

This is what makes Hong Yupo the most hateful. Chu Muyue's family is very poor, but she has such a pretty face.

Chu Muyue really did not expect that Hong Yushi would kill her just for this reason.

"Hong Yushi, you... do you know that you are killing someone, killing someone is to pay for your life!" Chu Muyue moved her feet back a bit, but she almost fell off the cliff with her body shape, holding back her heart. The fear, the reminder is a warning to Hong Yushi.

"Murder pays for life? Who knows that I pushed you down? Is there evidence?" Hong Yushi looked at Chu Muyue mockingly.

"Xie Jiarong! Huang Yaru!" Chu Muyue turned to look at the two young girls standing behind Hong Yushi.

"You don't need to call them, they won't speak out, if you say it out, they are also the same guilt!" Hong Yushi looked at Chu Muyue triumphantly, poking the branch in her hand on her chest, "As long as I say, you are not If you fall carefully, who wouldn't believe it!"

"You... how dare you..." Chu Muyue grabbed the branch that Hong Yushi poked with both hands.

She didn't want to believe that looking at Hong Yushi, she didn't expect that she really had such courage to kill people.

"Why don't I dare! Chu Muyue, I wish you a good journey!" Hong Yushi showed a triumphant smile on his face, letting go of the branches held by Chu Muyue with both hands.

Originally there was no focus, holding on to Hong Yushi to prevent herself from being pushed off the cliff. Now, Hong Yushi let go of her hands, and for Chu Muyue it was to walk her off the cliff with her own hands.

Chu Muyue only felt that her body was falling towards the bottomless cliff without her control.

"Ah!" Chu Muyue let out a desperate scream, staring angrily at the Hong Yushi standing on the edge of the cliff proudly.


Time travels in the bond between the two worlds. In the cold river water, a figure gradually sinks toward the dark bottom of the river. When a pair of dark eyes are closed, there is a flash of relief, and even a flash of regret. Not reconciled.

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