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Rebirth Demon King: Choosing the Abyssal Dragon Demon King from the Start

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Novel Summary

Humans around the world have participated in a “Game of the Demon Kings and Warriors”.

Billions of people will be descended into another world to play the role of “devil” and “warrior”. Everyone must choose their initial race at the beginning.

After Zhang Mu was matched to the demon king’s camp.

He found that he could see hidden information that no one else could see.

[Slime Demon King], the blood of the lower Demon King…not recommended!

[*Head Demon King], the bloodline of the lower Demon King…not recommended!

[Dark Elf Demon King], medium demon king blood…you can choose!

[Bloody Giant Demon King], the blood of the high demon king… it is recommended to choose!

[Abyss Dragon Demon King], the strongest initial bloodline… It is strongly recommended to choose!

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Short Title:GDKSAD
Alternate Title:全球魔王:开局选择深渊巨龙
Author:Little magic fish
Weekly Rank:#346
Monthly Rank:#380
All Time Rank:#270
Tags:Army Building, Bloodlines, Chat Rooms, Clan Building, Cunning Protagonist, Demon Lord, Demons, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Evil Gods, Fantasy World, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Heroes, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Transported Individuals, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Special Abilitie, Survival Game, Sword And Magic, System, Time Manipulation,
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  1. it's really good, finally we have mc with brain... he didn't flaunt his wealth by taking pics of his city and upload them on chat group like some mc out there. i hope it will update soon

  2. depends on what type are they. Can ann elf that has just 200 year lifespan compare to evolving slimes that can tranfrom and are immortal? And can the latter slime be compared to godly elves that are one with nature, are immortal as concepts and almost omnipotent. not to mention that dragons can be weaker than lizards or strong like ao from dnd or aurelion sol from lol.

  3. That logic is very situational. Sure, generalizing the "elves > slimes" may not be true in some special cases but it is 100x better than your logic of "depends". Going by your logic, we will not be able to say that humans are smarter than monkey because some humans have special conditions. That's just a dumb logic of not being able to categorize *everything* because of an x% that is different.

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