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Rebirth After Divorce

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Luo Xiao never dreamed that his lover, whom he had been in love with for 7 years, would eventually get involved with the cousin whom he took care of. Moreover, what made him most unacceptable was that they were caught on the spot on their wedding anniversary.

He was hit hard for a while and he slammed the door and left the place where he used to live. He didn’t expect that his final ending would be pushed into the cliff. And before he died, he was told that he would “actively” divorce, “actively” give away all his property, and “actively” leave this place that made him sad.

Everything made Luo Xiao understand that this is a trap that has already been designed, but it is a pity that it is too late to know…

Luo Xiao, who was unexpectedly reborn, found himself back when he was ten years old. He looked at this strange and familiar place and made a decision in his heart: he would not prevent his parents from getting divorced, but could add fire!

Then, he wants to take his mother to make a fortune, and he must first stay away from the best relatives. After he has enough strength, he will count these debts as interest, and collect them all in one lump sum!

It’s just that he didn’t expect that there would be such a person who can accompany the old in his life. Although, the encounter between the two is really a dark history he wished to forget forever…

Ye Lan: Baby, baby, baby~~~ What do you love me most?

Luo Xiao: … (thinking)

Ye Lan: Ah~~ I know, you love me so much that you don’t know where you love me the most~~

Luo Xiao: … (No, you think too much!)

Ye Lan: Baby, don’t worry, I will always be yours, and I will always love you~~~

Luo Xiao: …(The silent mode is in progress)

Content Tags: rebirth, inspirational life, modern overhead, sweet text

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Short Title:RAD
Alternate Title:重生之离婚后
Author:Kiss Thorns
Weekly Rank:#60
Monthly Rank:#435
All Time Rank:#3179
Tags:Cultivation, Fantasy, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Rebirth, Second Chance, Shounen-Ai Subplot,
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14 Comments on “Rebirth After Divorce
  1. this one is Yaoi/Shounen-Ai. I requested this one (just want to share) But in reality i did not finish this and opted out for another rebirth story (which i also requested) Anyway just sharing some of my reads here (ranging from okay to great by my standards 😋)

  2. Add yaoi or shounen ai in the genre that's where i look if its straight or not after reading the description with it only having romance and drama make me misunderstand that the partner is the other gender and not the same gender

  3. i Thought its those rare male protagonist with a female partner and isn't a harem like most of the male protagonist that's straight without the shounen ai or yaoi or BL tag/genre

  4. Yeah i thought so .. co i cant tell either he or she ... 🥺🥺🥺just askin just read first chapter.. look intersting the plot..i like it specially this kind of novel rebirth.. hope theres more novel loke rebirth😘😘

  5. In case you're wondering, yes this is yaoi. I read 29 chapters and the MC is a guy and a gay, love interest is also a guy. MC is reborn in the 80s. The novel also features elements of fantasy, metaphysics, spiritual energy, outer space, etc.

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