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Rebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning Over

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What should I do if I cross the body of a black, ugly and fat unruly village woman?

What should I do when I travel to a time when it is “hard for a strong man”?

If I win the lottery once and become a mother immediately, what should I do?


Thinking about the memory of the original owner, the twin babies in the future are really cute and pitiful, and the child’s father is also handsome…

Then she’ll barely accept it!

As for the black fat ugly, it doesn’t matter, just grab the golden finger that was cheated by my sister!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RFWTO
Alternate Title:重生七零:肥妻要翻身
Author:Li Baozhu
Weekly Rank:#258
Monthly Rank:#303
All Time Rank:#200
Tags:Complex Family Relationships, Cute Children, Farming, Fat Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Netorare, Pregnancy, Strong Love Interests, Twins, Ugly Protagonist, Ugly to Beautiful,
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39 Comments on “Rebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning Over
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  1. So-so. The 500+ chapters were good but now im already at 798 but getting tired of it. Author doesn't showcase FL ability as an elite lawyer. So far will still give it a chance hopefully won't be disappointed

  2. For me, it's just for me!!!!! it's frustrating.. it was good at first 100+ chapter, and then it gets more and more frustrating specially when the mc were dealing with the hua Shan fam. Like, shes powerful and w/ super natural. Someone was plotting about them but doesn't use her powers.. or they're attempting to kill them but they just let them. When in her last life she's an elite lawyer.?? I don't know what the author wants the mc to portrait, like semi virgin marry or a benevolent person. Special Xiaoyu. Always running around them like fly when in thier capacity it's so easy to solve. Ml too are almost none existence. I think he jinning were more powerful than them. Gonna rest from this story first, then comeback after it's my mood to this kind again.

  3. I honestly didn't like how author portrayed fl as flawless and made wen jing as jealous person. FL was from the start have her own way of thinking as she came from modern world but it was not the case for wen jing , she was raised in an environment where boys are above girls and where there was no pure family love. Author just made wen jing a stepping stone for fl. I honestly felt author made wen jing life so miserable and I am dropping this novel

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