As a snack, since Ye Xi endured a horrible day of eating and drinking in the Marie Su world, he has become obsessed with food. For a long time, Ye Xi has three meals a day. Pulling Shen Xiulin to various stores to change tricks to make up for the misfortunes in the world of Mary Su!

However, the good times are not long ...

On this day, the two finished bathing in the bathroom, dried their bodies, put on their pajamas, and Shen Xiulin hugged Ye Xi horizontally and walked to the bedroom.

Passing by the electronic scale next to the bathroom door, Shen Xiulin suddenly said, "I think you seem to have been heavier recently."

"No, I never eat fat." Ye Xi patted his front chest with confidence, and broke free from Shen Xiulin's arms and stepped on the weight scale.

Three seconds later, Ye Xi jumped down and calmly said, "The scale is broken. Weigh five pounds more."

Shen Xiulin went up and said, "I'm the same as a week ago."

"Then why did you lose as much as five pounds a week?" Ye Xi thoughtfully. "It must be that you have worked so hard this week and can't care about eating."

Shen Xiulin picked a corner of his lips and poked on Ye Xi's bulging belly. His voice was pleasant: "Okay, I'll eat more in the future."

Xiao Xi, who tried to deceive himself: "..."

Then you still poke my belly!

Although it was originally dry and not fat, after all, eating too much these days, and the amount of exercise can not keep up, so the fat began to quietly attack the city.

"You just don't have enough exercise." Shen Xiulin put Ye Xi on the bed, whispering softly. "The treadmills I bought for you are all dusted out. I sit there and play games with a full stomach."

Ye Xi sat cross-legged on the bed, lifted his shirt, and looked at the little fat on his stomach, which was not so obvious: "..."

Before, I have never grown anything like fat, my mother has been worried that I will go to the hospital for medical examinations several times because I am not fat when I eat it.

"Come, baby, I will accompany you to exercise." Shen Xiulin pushed Ye Xi and let him fall on his back.

"You, this person." After Ye Xi was overthrown, he couldn't help showing a joke! "Can you just say what you want?"

Also turning corners!

"Which?" Shen Xiulin smiled darkly and held down Ye Xi's feet, a serious word, "First, sit up and read;"

Ye Xi: "..."

The atmosphere was suddenly awkward.

Ye Xi put his hands behind his head, struggling together, and made one. As soon as he sat up, Shen Xiulin's face quickly rushed forward and kissed Ye Xi's lips.

"It's true that you didn't let people do a good sit-up!" Ye Xi blushed and protested while making the sit-ups fast!

Be a kiss, then the handsome husband is waiting in front, it is quite motivated!

Twenty times later, Ye Xi collapsed and collapsed on the bed.

"Isn't it possible?" Shen Xiulin laughed and pinched the tip of Ye Xi's nose. The whole person was caged above Ye Xi. "It's my turn."

So, Shen Xiulin began to lie on Ye Xi's body to do push-ups, and kissed once.

The two husbands are really motivated to work out together!

When he reached the fiftieth, Shen Xiulin couldn't get up on Ye Xi, and he held Ye Xi kissed by his rosy and bright lips. After bending, Ye Xi became very unrestrained and immediately wrapped his legs apart Holding Shen Xiulin's waist, he enthusiastically used Shen Xiaolin with Ye Xiaoxi.

On the absolute pleasure obtained by Papapa is indeed more in the quest world, because there are many interesting things in the quest world, not only the lubricants are extracted from seven hundred forty-nine precious Chinese herbs, even In terms of fun uniforms, there are more than 100,000 sets in the closet of the new master's new house! No matter what common nurse police, even Transformers will not let go! Simply heartbroken! So when two people are okay, they often go in and play, and they are holographic games.

However, Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin both prefer to be in the real world with a real, real counterpart's skin, and they are more realistic with their arms separated from the exaggerated settings.

"Want?" She was seduced with enthusiasm, Shen Xiulin asked with a smile.

Ye Xi nodded, and took off his pants neatly, lying flat and infringing.

"Do you know why you're fat?" Then Shen Xiulin turned around holding Xi Xi, and lay down on her own after half a turn, saying, "Because you never ride."

Ye Xi blushed: "What does it have to do with that!"

Shen Xiulin sternly said: "For two times a day, forty minutes at a time, you do 80 minutes less squat exercise every day, just lying underneath me ..."

Ye Xi shot like a wind and blocked Shen Xiulin's mouth instantly!

Shen Xiulin turned his head a little, stubbornly continued: "You calculate how many calories this is, use more riding in the future."

So that night Ye Xi was forced to do a squat exercise on Mr. Shen's body well, and finally he was tired and his legs were soft.

It can be seen how hard the attackers usually work! It is totally individual work!

Little weak chickens like Ye Xi can't come!

In order to reduce the five pounds of fat he had eaten hard, Ye Xi also began to limit his meals a day, anyway, as long as the stomach is not hungry, the problem of mouth diarrhea can be solved through the task world. Eat, run after you finish, and wake up obviously without actually eating anything but full of satisfaction!

So the task world is actually a weight loss artifact ...

The two-pronged dieting movement soon disappeared, and five pounds of fat disappeared shortly. The abdomen was gone forever, and President Shen also unlocked a new posture as he wished.

It can be said that they are very happy!

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