In this way, the marshal and the robber lived a fairy-tale happy life.

One day, in an unknown sea ...

The warm sunshine in the summer warms the sea water. The giant monster of the North Sea is swimming in the sea with his head against his little one. More than twenty little tentacles are fully open and the speed is fast.

"Roar--" Probably this is it, Wan Ye stopped suddenly and put a tentacle staircase beside his big round head with ten tentacles.

Tuoba wore only a pair of swimming trunks, and deftly stepped into the sea with those tentacles, took a deep breath, and disappeared into the water.

Wan Yan also dived along, and the small fish and shrimp in the sea suddenly saw a Beihai giant demon near his home. All of them were scared and mad, turning around in the water. Wan Yan opened his mouth and shouted majesticly. The aquarists controlled by the giant demon all quieted down.

This area of ​​the sea is usually free of ships, and there are no inhabited islands nearby. The sea is quiet and clear, and there are many types of marine life. It is a very suitable place for snorkeling.

The sunlight penetrated the surface of the sea and rippled into the water, forming layers of soft and dreamy light waves in the seawater. Wan Ye stretched out a tentacle and wrapped Tuoba's waist to push him in the direction of swimming, allowing him to swim more Faster and easier. The soft white sand on the bottom of the sea and the turquoise water on top of the head make the sea look like another world. Colorful schools of fish shuttle between sea grass, corals and reefs, and they are filled with crystal-like bubbles.

"Roar roar--" The giant demon snarled open his blood basin.

As soon as the roar fell, many faint bright spots gradually appeared in the sea in all directions, and those bright spots became larger and larger, converging in the direction of Tuoba ...

Tuoba opened his eyes curiously, and saw the jellyfish groups that came from all over the sea in obedience to the orders of the giant demon.

The blue jellyfish is a silky paint that is dipped in a dark blue writing brush and then dispersed in the water. A white sea thorn jellyfish with a purple pattern carries a crab that co-exists on its own body from the side of Tuoba. Hurrying past, behind it is a group of mysterious jellyfish with a silver umbrella cover and a golden tentacle base. It looks very luxurious just by looking at the color! A row of semi-lived poached egg-like Mediterranean jellyfish with a round yellow bald head, playing with a white skirt around Tuoba and then leaving suddenly, dashed away a group of shining pearly halo, the skirt was full of Glowing jellyfish with dense fluorescent blisters ...

While the summoned jellyfish were performing for Tuoba, the Beihai giant demon danced with more than 20 tentacles, looking for beautiful sea corals around him. After finding it, he held a small cluster with the flexible tentacle tip. Coral, then pull it out of the delicate white sand on the sea floor.

It looks like a little girl who is walking around the mountains to pick wild flowers!

The corals that you have collected are arranged in a certain order. Wanhuang bright cup-shaped corals are placed in the middle as the main body. White lilac water turtle corals and feather-like feather-feathering feather feather gardenia corals are placed second. Layer, then take a few green finger corals and pagoda-like Christmas tree corals to casually wear them □□, tear off a large piece of blue leather mushroom coral as an outer package to wrap the “bouquet”, and finally grab a large number of transparent The bulb sea squirt, like a starry background, was stuffed into the remaining blank space.

That's it for a bunch of coral bunches!

Most stupid male humans like to use bouquets when showing love to their partners. Some creative ones will use chocolate beams, doll beams, and even homemade vegetable and fruit beams ... Beihai Giant Demon uses coral beams!

After doing this, Wan Yan turned back into a human form, holding a large handful of magnificent to unreal coral bundles, swimming in front of Tuoba, seeing that the other person ’s anger seemed to be insufficient, and then kissed without saying a word. A steady flow of oxygen to Tuoba.

Yes, the marshal can breathe freely in the sea!

After Tuoba changed his breath, Wan Ye dedicated the coral bunch in his hand, just like a human male gives flowers to his girlfriend, Tuoba took the coral bunch, and then bowed down and smelled like many girls received the flowers. , Then exaggeratedly performed a "good fragrance" intoxicated expression, Wan Yan would understand, the two looked at each other for a moment, both laughed.

A smile melting in the warm ocean current.

Immediately, Wan Zheng turned back to the Beihai Giant Demon, and boldly exposed his true appearance to Tuoba. For the Marshal, there is nothing better than that.

Over the beautiful coral beam, Tuoba gently touched the huge face with his lips.

A kiss freezes in the sea.

More than twenty tentacles protruded from Wan Yan's huge head, struck each other ...

Endless applause sounded from the magnificent and dreamy sea floor!

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