Tuoba Dan determined: "Go home."

Wan Yan's stubborn lips froze slightly and said, "Okay."

"Well, let's go." Tuoba drew Wan Wan's arm intimately with one hand, covering one's face with one hand and five fingers, and said, "I am a super s-class wanted criminal in Guangtianhuari Station. Is it too arrogant here? "

But in fact, Tuoba is not as easily recognized as he imagined ...

If it is in the real world, a handsome redheaded man like Tuoba who has a good-looking figure and good temperament will instantly attract the audience's attention wherever he goes.

However, in the Marie Su world, even a npc passerby who is purely used to fill the world is the real world's first-rate reads in face value ;! The worst has to be enough for Qingxiu!

As for the various colors of hair, it is standard in Mary Su World.

There are so many handsome guys like dogs, and beautiful men walk around.

So Tuoba is actually not so noticeable in the crowd ...

Wan Xi, whose arm was held by Tuoba, confirmed unbelievably, "Let's go back to your house together?"

"Yes, accompany me to pick things up and return them one by one." Tuoba raised his eyebrows and smiled. "My marshal, are you stupid?"

Wan Yan's handsome face and his exposed neck turned red every inch. He was silent for a moment and asked in a low voice, "Don't you say that I don't take responsibility for you?"

Tuoba watched Wan Wei's slightly gambling look with amusement, and said, "I have seen all of your more than 20 cute little tentacles and the suckers on it, am I responsible for you head office? "

Man Ye: "..."

Tuoba Yu regretted: "In the future, the thief will have to walk through the flowers, and the leaves will not touch the body." After the speech, Tuoba touched the marshal's black hair, showing his love, "You Seeing you green, have you been single before? "

"... Yes." Wan Yan secretly gritted his teeth before solemnly establishing the relationship. "I have been single for 30 years, in part because I can't control myself on a full moon night or under extreme anger. The land turned into madness, killing all living creatures that appeared in front of me. I was afraid that one day I might hurt someone close to me because of this wrong hand ... "

Wan Ye described all of this with a heavy heart, but Tuoba waved his hands in disapproval, saying, "Dear, your slow little tentacle can't hit me at all."

Wan Wan, who was completely irrefutable: "..."

The force value is high and the speed is fast, so it is so confident, and it is not the same as those white rabbits who can only yell outside!

So, the marshal, who has been single for thirty years, was abducted by a thief and returned home!

On the night of the first full moon after the two established the relationship, Marshal Wan Mao locked himself in the basement of Marshal's Mansion in advance as usual.

This basement was specially built by Wan Cheng to make him come in crazy on a full moon night. The walls, ceilings and floors are made of a special alloy with extremely high hardness. There is a password lock on the door, and a password is required to enter and exit. The password is only Wan Ye knows that once he enters a state of madness, he cannot enter his password rationally, so this design can ensure that Wan Ye can only get out of the basement when he is awake.

The sun went down completely, a silver full moon appeared in the sky, and the marshal of the marshal began.

The thick and powerful tentacles slammed against the wall, and a light imprint was made on the solid alloy wall. The two green giant eyes were faintly reddened by the bloodthirsty thirst, which could bite off one bite. The blood basin of the cruise ship opened violently and growled, "Roar--!"

At this moment, the password door in the basement opened a gap silently, and Tuoba flashed in like a ghost against the wall.

Yes, there are no locks that robbers cannot open in this world!

Wan Ye still roared with blood in his mouth in front of Tuoba, and flirted with his tentacles. He usually disappeared with a gentle image in the calmness he showed in front of Tuoba ...

It's as embarrassing as a cute girl who is soft and cute in front of her boyfriend does not brush her face or wash her feet at home when she is hit by a boyfriend who happens to break into the house ...

Wan Min, who had lost his mind, faced Tuoba's huge mouth full of fangs, and growled heartbrokenly, "Roar--!"

Tuoba calmly shook out a small glass bottle filled with pink powder from his cuffs, pulled off the lid, and raised his hands into a huge mouth full of reads ;.

Wan Yan sneezed, a cloud of pink smoke spread out in all directions around his mouth, and the entire basement was shrouded in such smoke. Then, Wan Yan ’s entire body lost its strength and softened. Go on.

The Tuoba, which is resistant to smoke, is calm and unaffected.

"Roar ..." Wan Ye hummed twice weakly, his huge round head was paralyzed like a leaked water bag in more than 20 soft tentacles, and the entire monster turned into a huge pile. The gray plasticine stuck firmly to the ground, unable to move even the tip of the tentacles. It seemed fascinating and pitying.

"Don't have energy?" Tuoba walked over with a smile and patted Wan's huge face.

Wan Zheng was so weak that he could barely even open his eyes. Green round eyes were half-opened and half-closed, and his eyelids were stretched, as if sleepy: "Roar ..."

"I used this powder once for you. It is very toxic. It can be completely excreted after 24 hours. It has no side effects on the human body." Tuoba shook his wrist and turned it into a bottle and held it proudly. Akira said, "As long as there are as many as half a fingernail, you can lose your power in the shape of a person, and the whole bottle seems to be no problem to deal with the monster form."

Although Tuoba cannot use the power of the white lotus of love and hope to wash Wan Man's soul to calm his madness ...

But Tuoba can be poisoned!

"I don't have to worry about madness hurting me anymore." Tuoba kissed Wan Wan's blood bowl and kissed you quietly, "I don't take the opportunity to do something to your cute little tentacle. Already pretty good. "

Wan Yan's smooth head exuded cold sweat, and tried to shrink the tentacles that were paralyzed on the ground: "..."

Tuoba smiled happily!

In order to coax his little giant demon to be happy, Tuoba really kept his promise and began to return the things he had stolen over the years.

Those things Tuoba didn't really sell one thing, because his pirate grandfather found a lot of treasures left by unknown people on an island in his early years. The money left to Tuoba was wasted for eight lives. Need to sell booty.

In addition, the robbers are completely unconcerned about these babies. Many rare treasures have accumulated a thick layer of gray ...

It may be because of the richness and panic that Sanguan was brought up by the pirate's grandfather from a young age, Tuoba just embarked on the evil path of stealing treasures everywhere to find excitement!

The last thing stolen was also returned, and Tuoba ’s huge vault was half empty.

"Hey, when I get bored, I steal them back one by one," Tuoba said excitedly.

"No more stealing is allowed," Wan Yan banned solemnly, "this matter ends here.

"Then you make me a tentacle to play with me." Tuoba grumbled dissatisfied, pinching the marshal's finger.

Attracted by the cute little tentacles of the Beihai giant demon, the young man who has lost his foot is finally reluctant to correct his evil ...

Wan Ye changed one hand alone, and the whole hand suddenly thickened from the part of the wrist. Five tentacles instead of five fingers hovered at Tuoba's feet.

Tuoba's eyes suddenly became shiny!

However Wan Wan was not happy at all: "... What you like is my original form."

Not my human form at all!

"I like them all." Tuoba patted Wan Man's cheek gently, and put his lips on Wan Man's ears, whispering and kissing his auricle while whispering. Why did you hook up that day? Really when I was doing public welfare? "

So the Marshal was very happy again reads!

"I returned everything ..." Tuoba's dishonest hand ran across the marshal and touched him three times. "How can I reward me?"

The Field Marshal said solemnly: "I will find a way to revoke all countries' wanted for you when I return to the military."

The s-class wanted orders in thousands of countries will be revoked one by one, and the workload will certainly be unimaginable.

But for love Marshal Mandela said he was very willing.

"It's not this." Tuoba took his hands like the wind and stole the marshal's belt in an instant!

Man Ye: "..."

Tuoba tired and coquettishly said on Wan Li: "Will the tentacles play?"

Wan Yan looked steadfastly forward, with a smell of iron soldiers from his hair to his toes. His eyes were serious and solemn as if he was standing on the deck of a warship to lead the fleet. However, a slippery tentacle had passed from behind Tuoba. Going around, he picked up Tuoba's shirt and went into his pants.

The marshal after he opened the puppet was also quite unscrupulous!

"唔 ......" Tuoba's complexion was flushed, his white teeth bit his lower lip into a seductive shape, and the cloth conforming to the body's lines was propped up by a foreign body invading it, and that foreign body would soon have to be inch-length, not only More and more tangled up, but also smartly dropped Tuoba's outer pants down. At the same time, Tuoba's top was also lost, and the soft fabric was pushed under the jaw by the tentacles. A thick tentacle rolled Tuoba's waist in the air, and the other four entangled his wrist and The ankle made him forced to put a large font on his entire body, unable to move in the air.

Wan Xi has completely changed its original shape, and Tuoba's vault can fully accommodate a Beihai giant demon. The giant demon's huge head is slowly turning red due to excitement. After seeing the complete form of the giant demon, Tuoba He seemed to be more excited. He stretched out a small pink tongue and licked it on his lips, and murmured, "Master Marshal, invade me a bit more ..."

The pliable tentacles are entangled one by one. Gradually, every corner of the whole body seems to be occupied. The sensitive tentacles are rubbing and stimulating different parts at the same time. The surface of the tentacles secretes an unknown liquid. That is Never before when the Marshal turned, these liquids were evenly spread on Tuoba's body, and the white, jade-like skin surface was slightly shiny with a soft luster due to the wetness, and it looked more delicious ...

It ’s as if a layer of delicious sauce has been poured on the newly-made meat and bones, which makes the surface of the whole meat and bones look brighter and more delicious. The fat is thin and well-proportioned, and the smooth and delicate skin is fragrant. The smooth and clear bone sticks exude fatal temptations! The big dog who turned into a **** three-headed dog greedily covered the meat bone with three mouths at the same time, and three tongues licked the joints and skin of the meat bones at the same time, and even greedily penetrated and licked the meat bones. Abundant and delicious gravy, feeling the top-level deliciousness brought by five layers of three layers of tender, smooth and firm ribs. Each taste bud is shuddering in the thrill of appetite, and the three-headed dog can't help but scream of satisfaction!

Wan Yan's tentacles are thick and thin, but thin is only relatively speaking. In fact, the most "thin" tentacle exposed outside is enough to make Tuoba a pillow. However, when he was about to enter the topic, Wan Ye did not know where to find a completely different tentacle. The tentacle was not gray but showed a faint powder. The front end of this tentacle was not built in. The sharp toothed suction cup has a shallow groove that seems to be used for conveying liquids. More importantly, it is thinner than the thinnest tentacle of Wan Hao.

That different tentacle climbed Tuo Ba's thigh that was widened by other tentacles, and moved all the way upstream. Tuoba's handsome and charming face was stained with ambiguous red tide, making his face gorgeous and captivating. The green round eyes of the giant demon aimed at Tuoba's face. The pink tentacle action became more intense. I don't know how long, as the marshal With a low roar, the exposed part of the pink tentacles tensed, and at the same time, Tuoba screamed and climbed to the top ...

The **** three-headed dog licked enough, and then whine to bite the meat and bones in the food bowl, the bright saliva flowing down the hard and smooth teeth uncontrollably, and the meat and bones were also bitten to bursting juice!

It can be said that it is quite succulent and fragrant ... No, it is a fragrant scene!

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